have your sayFor the Annual Parish Meeting on April 20th at the Lytchett Matravers Library you will have your chance to comment on various past and future Parish Council activities. We have set up a number of display boards upon which you will  be able to place stickers to show approval and post-its for suggestions.

If you miss the boards at the library, and by way of offering an alternative, you can also comment online. Below is a list of the various boards that will be available in the library, replicated, here for you to read and comment upon. You can click a link to a particular board, or you can work your way through all or a number of boards by following the "previous" and "next" links at the bottom of the pages.

This is what the Parish Council has been doing this year

These are the projects and plans that have evolved from the Neighbourhood Plan

Many of these projects will cost significant amounts and we need your feedback to tell us if these are the right things to do. The Parish received money (Community Infrastructure Levy) from new houses being built. This has to be used for improving the village infrastructure so tell us what is the best use for those funds.