Lytchett Matravers Parish Council - Annual Parish Meeting 2019

Panel 4: Take the 'Church Walk'

Photo of the Church Walk path
Photograph of a church for decorative purposes

Church Walk runs from Colehill, just past Jenny’s Lane, down to the church. It passes the Parish Cemetery (Row Park) and also links to another path across to Peatons Lane. Church volunteers and the Parish Council have worked together to clear the path and open it up as it used to be.

It’s a beautiful walk and is also a chance to see the Church of St. Mary and the Virgin. The west tower, nave and chancel date back to 1200, when Sir Walter Maltravers was crusading across the Holy Land with Richard the Lionheart. Later, Sir John Maltravers was reputed to have murdered Edward II, pardoned by Edward III and buried in full armour in the tomb at the centre of the church.

And, if you are wondering why the church is so far away, it because the villagers gave up their cottages by the church around 1348 because of the plague.

Being 800 years old, the church is currently working through a plan of major renovation work. It remains a vibrant part of village life, a beautiful place to get married and a great place to get afternoon tea in the summer.

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