UPDATE: This post has been updated to reflect a change of date for the next Parish Council meeting, should you wish to discuss the ash dieback plans

Following a routine assessment of the trees around the proposed dog exercise area on the Recreation ground, we have been informed that a substantial number of the trees overhanging the Eldons Drove car park and along the southern fence line are Ash trees and are showing signs of dieback.  This has now been confirmed by three independent tree surgeons.

They have recommended that the trees are felled as a public safety measure and regrettably we need to follow their advice to ensure the safety of the public, and their dogs, as they use the Rec.

There are also some mature Oak trees present in this area that will require a little reduction work by around 1-2m on the adjacent branches to the Ash trees, together with some selective pruning to offer good clearance above the dog exercise area of around 4m and remove any limbs that are susceptible to failure.

The work is planned for later this month, and as we get nearer to that date, you will notice these trees being marked up, potentially with blue spray, to indicate the felling.

If you have any questions about this please pop along to the F&GP meeting on Wed 14th September Wednesday 28th September at the Village Hall and we can talk you through the reports.

Ash dieback hits trees on our Rec
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