Lytchett Matravers Parish Council is run by residents for residents

Parish Councils were established in 1894 to give local residents an opportunity to express their views and wishes about their community. LMPC works to represent those views with Dorset Council (previously Dorset County Council & Purbeck District Council).

In consultation with residents, LMPC developed the Neighbourhood Plan which was formally adopted by the District Council in 2017. LMPC continues to work with the Dorset Council on all planning applications to ensure that resident’s views are represented at Council planning meetings. It is now working with residents to update the new 2022 Neighbourhood Plan NP2.

Lytchett Matravers Parish Council is a fully qualified parish council with a CiLCA qualified parish clerk, and day to day the Parish Council manages:

  • Public open spaces (Recreation Ground, Foxhills Open Space, the Lytchett Astro, the War Memorial)
  • The Youth Hall in the High Street
  • The Sports Pavilion on the Recreation Ground
  • All children’s play areas (Rec and Foxhills)
  • The cemetery in Row Park next to Church Walk
  • The allotments in Castle Farm Road
  • All benches and bus shelters
  • Litter bins and dog bins
  • Verge and hedge cutting with Dorset Council
  • Licencing of vendors on the Recreation Ground
  • Maintenance of public footpaths and rights of way in conjunction with Dorset Council
  • Working with Dorset Council on issues such as fly-tipping, highway management problems, traffic congestion around the school, street cleaning and lighting, etc.
  • Awarding grants to village facilities and organisations

In addition, we have a number of working groups that are undertaking longer term projects designed to help with the infrastructure and daily running of the village. You can read more details about these under the Council Projects menu heading above.