Photo showing the path alongside the War MemorialSeveral teams out this morning. First, the bus shelter demolition crew. The bus shelter on Lime Kiln Road is no more. The asbestos roof went a couple of weeks ago and today the walls came down. We now have a flat concrete plinth waiting for inspiration.

The High Street team cleared all the weeds alongside the War Memorial, in the gutter and by the fence.

The Wareham Road team tackled overhanging branches and brambles.

The Blaneys Corner team also tackled overhanging brambles as well as tidying the verge after DC’s visit last week. Lime Kiln Road from end to end is now looking probably its best for many years. Just got to try and keep it that way.

And Tesco Island has been given a closer shave!


Guerrilla Gardener’s Diary: 28th June 2022