Lytchett Matravers Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting held on Monday, September 1st 2014, in the Sports Club Pavilion at 7.30p.m.


Cllrs I Maitland (Committee Vice Chairman), M Colvey, R Carswell, A Huggins, A Cottman, K Norris, A Bush, J Taylor

One member of the public was also present.

1. APOLOGIES. Cllr L Wilson.


Mr. Young asked how serious a problem was being caused by dogs on the Recreation Ground. It was explained that many complaints have been received from individual members of the public, as well as the Sports Club. These complaints are both about dog faeces on the playing pitches and elsewhere on the recreation Ground; and also about loose dogs causing a nuisance in or near the Children’s playing areas. It was explained that the fence around the children’s play area was only erected – at considerable expense – due to complaints about problems caused by dogs. Cllr Norris pointed out that there is an existing by-law which requires dogs to be on leads when on the Recreation Ground. The Council intends to enforce this to help address the problems – but with prior notification to the public. This notification will take the form of articles in the Lytchett Link and elsewhere, as well as renewing and extending the signage on the Recreation Ground.


4. MINUTES OF ENVIRONMENT AND AMENITIES COMMITTEE MEETING HELD ON 7th July 2014. Subject to the addition of one minor amendment, it was resolved to accept the minutes as a true record and they were signed by the Chairman.


The following comments on matters arising from the last E&A Committee meeting were provided.

Minute 6, 7 July 2011. Recreation Ground. Millennium viewpoint plaque. Cllr Bush indicated that he is to obtain longer bolts to enable it to be securely fixed. Ongoing.

Minute 6, 6th January 2014. MUGA Path Lighting. This matter was covered during the Full Council meeting of 19th August 2014 as part of minute 9. DISCHARGED.

Minute 2, 12th May 2014. Hedges and Ditches. DISCHARGED.

Minute 3, 12th May 2014. Dogs by-law enforcement: Subject to a separate agenda item – see minute 7 (Recreation Ground) below.

Minute 6, 12th May 2014. Royal British Legion Club premises. It was noted that nothing further has been received. DISCHARGED.

Minute 11, 7th July 2014. Complaint about possible water run-off from Rec Car park. Cllrs Colvey, Norris and Wilson are to visit the resident concerned prior to possibly raising the matter with the District Engineer.


The following items were discussed.

Recreation ground/car park.

(i) Dogs: Cllr Norris summarised the work so far on the proposed action to address the problems caused by dogs. He reminded all present that he had copied in every member to an email he had prepared to cover this work – which seeks to enable the by-law to be enforced by updating all signage and running a communications campaign. It was agreed to RECOMMEND the following to Full Council:

  • Replace and increase the Recreation Ground signs. Signs to read – “Dogs must be kept on a lead”
  • MUGA / Lytchett Astro signs to read – “No Dogs”
  • Obtain price for the above signs.
  • Obtain price for posts for all signs.
  • Obtain price for installing all of the above.
  • Obtain price for fencing along line of the dolly posts between the playing pitches and the southern part of the recreation Ground.
  • Obtain price for “wavy” fence around perimeter of the Skate Park.

(ii) Litter / Bins: Concerns were expressed about the amount of litter around the High Street car park end of the Rec Ground at certain times of the week. It was noted that the Village Handyman undertakes litter picks regularly at council expense. Action: Parish Clerk to ask Handyman for his comment on the level of litter and the use / adequacy of the bins.

It was noted that the litter bin near the Skate Park needs to be replaced. Action: Parish Clerk to obtain a price for a replacement.

(iii) Hedge: It was noted that the High Street hedge needs to be cut again. Action: Parish Clerk to contact the regular contractor to arrange for this to be done.

Row Park Paddock. Nothing to report.

Allotments. Council members were reminded that it had been agreed to hold a site meeting to help decide whether to go ahead with the previously discussed plan to remove the demolition rubble dumped near the “Pavilion” and back fill the area with chalk or crushed stone. However, it now was PROPOSED by Cllr Colvey to roll flat and then seal the area with a firm top dressing surface of some sort. It was AGREED that the Parish Clerk should ask the contractor who had previously quoted for this work to recommend a top dressing to produce an effective seal. Action: Parish Clerk to contact the contractor accordingly.

Regarding the identified safety risk represented by the “Pavilion” roof, Cllr Cottman agreed to visit and examine this to give a view on its safety. In the meantime a member of the public (an allotment holder) who was present at the committee meeting expressed the view that the pavilion should be taken down as it is not used and inside it is “falling apart” Actions: (i) Parish Clerk to forward a copy of the risk assessment to Cllr Cottman. (ii) Cllr Cottman to visit the site and prepare his comments and advice to the Council accordingly.

Library Walk. It was noted that the contractors have cut back the overhanging trees accordingly.

Memorial Green/War Memorial. Nothing to report.

Cemetery. Nothing to report.

Club Hall. Cllr Norris reported that he had been in touch with representatives from the Village Scouts regarding the project to take over this hall – but there was no progress to report.

Hedges and Ditches. Cllr Maitland commented on some issues he intends to raise – noting that blocked ditches remain a DCC Highways matter and the public should be encouraged to report such problems to DCC Highways via “Dorset Direct”. By so doing it is possible to obtain a job number for tracking purposes and to ensure that problems are formally logged by them.

Foxhills Open Space. In response to a question from Cllr Cottman about trees at the bottom of The Spinney, it was explained that the Parish Council (via its appointed contractor) is responsible for maintenance of the Foxhills Open Space. This responsibility includes any necessary cutting back of trees at the boundaries which may interfere with adjacent properties.

MUGA. Cllr Bush commented on the damage to the wire fence at the far end of the pitch, which is in need of repair. Cllr Colvey indicated that he would draw this fault to the attention of the Sports Club and also speak to the manager of the Purbeck Sports Centre to find out the details of the contractor who maintains their MUGA fence. Action: Cllr Colvey to act accordingly.

It was noted that the Sports Club have already arranged for a contractor to attend to some damage to the playing surface.

Regarding the problem of litter, the Parish Clerk explained that the Village handyman does a weekly litter pick at the MUGA. It was RECOMMENDED that a litter bin is installed in this location.

It was also noted that the overgrowing vegetation down both sites of the access path needs to be cut back. Action: Parish Clerk to arrange this with the contractor.

Village centre project. Subsumed into Neighbourhood Planning – DISCHARGE. .

Footpaths. The Parish Clerk reported that he had contacted the contractor who had constructed the Foxhills Open Space – Deans Drove path. He has confirmed that the extra length gravel board has been ordered and he will also supply the feather boards to fill the gap when the tree is removed. Regarding the fence capping, he will provide a separate quotation for this.

It was reported that a complaint had been received from the farmer who is the tenant of the land bordering one side of Jubilee Walk regarding dog faeces thrown off the path and onto his land. His concern relates to the health of his animals. It was suggested that Cllr Maitland would prepare an article for the Lytchett Link to educate the public on this matter. Action: Cllr Maitland to prepare the article accordingly.

Other open spaces. It was RECOMMMENDED to replace the broken flower box under the village name sign on Wareham Road over the winter – in time for spring bulb planting.

7. Progress update on DCC response to issues raised relating to Wareham Rd, Deans Drove and the school.

See minute 8 below.

8. Progress update on matters raised on visit by Peter Finney (DCC).

It was agreed that this and the preceding item could be treated together. The Parish Clerk referred the council members to the discussions which had taken place at the Full Council meeting on 18th August (minute 9) which had specifically requested that these matters were referred to this committee. Cllr Bush clarified a number of points which received strong support in a survey of primary school parents. These elements are to be included in the Neighbourhood Plan – and are intended to be developed further as proposed parts of a holistic approach to the problem:

  • Roadside yellow lines.
  • Establishing a drop-off zone.
  • Re-locate the bus stop.
  • Parking within the existing MUGA approach area.
  • Walking bus via Eldons Drove and the field behind the school.


Cllr Colvey reported on correspondence from PDC regarding a request from residents of Hann Close to purchase a section of the ransom strip at the bottom of their gardens. It seems the Dist Council is considering approving this.

The Parish Clerk reported on correspondence from a resident who is keen to restore the pump which is located on the corner of Eldons Drove and Middle Road. However, the ownership of the pump is unclear.


  • Cllr Taylor commented that the fly tipping at the bottom of The Spinney has now been removed.
  • Litter picking event: it is hoped to run this event on 26th October.
  • Mark Gracey is progressing with the new website.
  • Cllr Bush drew attention to the fact that the Village Library is showing its first downturn in usage numbers for several years. It was felt this needs to be discussed further.

The meeting closed at 9:25pm.

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Minutes of Environment & Amenities Committee meeting 1st Sept 2014