Lytchett Matravers Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting held on Monday, November 2nd 2015, in the Methodist Church, Wareham Rd, Lytchett Matravers at 7.00p.m.
Cllrs E Wilson, (Committee Chairman), A Huggins, K Norris, A Cottman, M Colvey, J Taylor, A Bush and Mr T Watton (Parish Clerk).

1. APOLOGIES. Cllrs R Carswell and P Webb had given their apologies.


No members of the public were present. However, Mr Young provided a brief written comment to report that he felt that the allotments were in good condition.

3. MINUTES OF ENVIRONMENT AND AMENITIES COMMITTEE MEETING HELD ON 7th September 2015. It was RESOLVED to accept the minutes as a true record, and they were signed by the Chairman.


Minute 6, 1st September 2014 – Recreation Ground: Litter bin near skate park. The Parish Clerk reported that the bin is with the Village Handyman, awaiting installation. CARRIED FORWARD

Minute 6, 1st September 2014 – MUGA: damaged pitch fence. It was noted that this fence has now been replaced. DISCHARGED.

Minute 6, 1st September 2014 – MUGA: damage to pitch (split seam). The Parish Clerk reported that in the light of the scheduled site visit by the Football Foundation and the absence of remedial action by the Sports Club he had arranged for a specialist contractor to visit to provide an assessment report on the condition of the pitch, the required repairs to the carpet, and the requirements for a programme of ongoing regular maintenance. This will include quotations for each element. This initial report by Technical Surfaces Ltd is awaited. At the Football Foundation site visit a second specialist contractor was suggested, and so the Parish Clerk has also asked this company to provide a similar assessment report and quotations.

Minute 6, 1st September 2014 – Footpaths / Jubilee Walk – communication to footpath users about the risks to farm animals from dog faeces: it was noted that an article was produced and published in Lytchett link. DISCHARGED.

Minute 6, 3rd November 2014 – Other Open Spaces – overgrown brambles at corner of Huntick Rd and Huntick Estate: Cllr Taylor reported that he had again taken this up with Synergy Housing and they had agreed to attend to it; but had not yet done so. He confirmed that he would approach them again. Action: Cllr Taylor to approach synergy housing about this.

Minute 6, 11th May 2015: Allotments, dog nuisance. The Parish Clerk had prepared the intended short article for allotment holders. DISCHARGE.

Minute 6, 11th May: Foxhills Open Space – Investigation of cost of installing kissing gates or other suitable barriers to each end of Willow Walk. The Parish Clerk reported that the contractor had installed a single barrier at the Deans Drove end, but would now install a second barrier there to create a chicane effect to prevent horses being taken through, and having the effect of restricting access and speed for cyclists etc. DISCHARGE.

Minute 3, 6th July 2015. Receipt of Committee Chair and Vice Chair acceptance of Office. This had been completed. DISCHARGE.

Minute 4, 7th September 2015: Priority list of Handyman Tasks. It was noted that the Rocket Park gate latches have been attended to and the litter bin has been installed at the Lytchett Astro. The resultant remaining list is as follows:

1. Recreation Ground litter bin installation

2. Refurbishment of benches on Cllr Bush’s risk assessment list

3. Wareham Rd noticeboard installation

However the Parish Clerk commented on the limited availability of the Handyman for ad-hoc tasks such as these due to the time absorbed by his normal routine work on the Council’s behalf. He suggested that it might be appropriate to try to identify an experienced and insured “Ground Works” contractor who may be in a position to take on relatively small tasks of this type from time to time. Cllr Norris remarked that he may know someone suitable and indicated that he would advise the Parish Clerk of the contact details. Action: Cllr Norris to advise the Parish Clerk accordingly.

Minute 5, 7th September 2015: missing litter bin from Recreation Ground adjacent to the end of Hannams Close. The Parish Clerk reported that he had received a report from the Village Handyman that this bin was removed by the DWP or PDC staff who clear the litter bins. It seems this action was taken because it was being used to dispose of household waste. Action: Parish Clerk to write to PDC Environmental Services and DWP to point out that this bin is Parish Council property and has evidently been removed without and formal reference to the Parish Council.

Minute 5, 7th September 2015: Landers Reach Roundabouts. Cllr Huggins reported that he had again been in touch but had not had a further response from the volunteers.


Recreation ground / car park. The Parish Clerk reported that phase 1 of the dog signage had been ordered.

Regarding the apparent attempt to compromise the Recreation Ground boundary, it was suggested that the Parish Clerk write to the occupiers of the adjacent property to point out the effect of the dumping of rubbish and planting of trees at this location. Action: Parish Clerk to write to the occupiers accordingly.

Row Park Paddock. Nothing to report.

Allotments. A brief discussion took place regarding the Allotment rental renewal letter due to be sent out at the end of November. It was suggested that the letter be amended to include the following: “….despite work undertaken and in prospect for next year, we are pleased to tell you that the rental cost will remain unchanged.” Action: Parish Clerk to amend the letter accordingly.

Regarding the project to attend to the tree and shrub etc overgrowth on the Allotment / Dyetts Wood boundary, Cllr Colvey reported that he was now leading the liaison with two contractors to provide quotations for this work and that initial estimate put this between £2K-£5K. One solution includes the involvement of 2 or 3 volunteers assisting the contractors (and working under their direction, safe systems of work and public liability insurance) by bringing the cut material to the “Chipper” machine. It was noted that one of the Contractor companies has agreed to work with the Tree Officer to develop the required application for works on the protected trees (i.e. the wood is protected en bloc). Cllr Colvey indicated that he would approach the owner of Dyetts Wood to explain the problem and clarify his intentions in the light of this. He also acknowledged that three formal quotations for the work are required. Action: Cllr Colvey to liaise with the three contractors regarding the quotations and application for tree works and contact the owner of Dyetts Wood.

Memorial Green/War Memorial. Cllr Colvey reported that the wreath had been ordered for the Remembrance service. Road closure permission had been granted by DCC Highways and the road closure signs had been collected from the DCC Charminster depot by the Village Handyman. It was noted that the hedge needs to be cut. Action: Parish Clerk to contact Mr Mills to request that he cuts the hedge.

Cllr Norris has approached Mr Richard Conway at PDC regarding any By-laws which may apply to the use of this space for general leisure activity such as picnics etc.

Cemetery. The new section of the cemetery is now open and three burials have taken place in it.

Club Hall. The Parish Clerk is to contact the Lighthouse Family Church to obtain an update on the repair to the roof, ceiling and wall in the back room. Action: Parish Clerk to contact LFC accordingly.

Hedges and Ditches.

It was noted that the hedge opposite the Methodist Church in Wareham Rd North has again overgrown and is obscuring road signs. Action: Parish Clerk to write to the landowner about this.

Cllr Taylor reported that the hedge at the end of a garden in Penrose Close where it backs onto Dillons Gardens. He indicated that he would send the Parish Clerk sufficient detail for him to be able to write to the occupiers. Action: Cllr Taylor to provide the details to the Parish Clerk accordingly.

It was reported that the trees and hedge adjacent to 35 High St are overgrowing the pavement. Action: Parish Clerk to ask Mr Mills to trim these.

The information provided by the Land Registry to a resident of Hannams close regarding responsibility for an open space near the junction with Wareham Rd does not provide any useful evidence. In the light of this, it was RESOLVED to accept a proposal by the Parish Clerk that Mr Mills adds to his regular maintenance list the section of hedge overgrowing the pavement at that point. Action: Parish Clerk to inform Mr Mills and ask him to attend to this as soon as possible.

Foxhills Open Space. Nothing to report.

MUGA. The Parish Clerk advised that the pitch fence has now been repaired. It was the view of the members of this committee that the Sports Club should be asked to meet this cost – in line with the tripartite agreement related to the operation of the Lytchett Astro.

Reflecting on the Support Visit from the Football Foundation in October, Cllr Bush stressed that the Football Foundation expect to see evidence of the Council, the Sports Club and the School holding the quarterly liaison meetings which are part of the process set out in the tripartite agreement. It was noted that all council members need to be able and prepared to attend to ensure that these meetings take place. Action: Parish Clerk to establish a schedule of these meetings for consideration of Council members, the Sports Club officials and School representatives.

Footpaths. Referring to Jubilee Walk, Cllr Norris remarked that the clearance work had been effective. However, it was observed that a solution still needs to be found to prevent access on horseback and cycle. The Council still needs to consider and develop a range of options for this. Action: Council members to consider this and put forward suggestions.

Other open spaces. The Parish Clerk indicated that he would chase-up on the supply of the replacement notice board to be installed on Wareham Rd near the school entrance.

6. Members’ views on priority activities for 2016/17 (for budget preparation purposes).

Cllr Norris explained that he had reviewed all responses submitted by Council members. It was stressed that a main purpose of undertaking this review now is to identify projects which will need to be factored into the budget setting round for 2016/17 which takes place during the next 6 weeks. Aer a brief discussion the following three projects (in priority order) and related urgent actin points were agreed:

  1. Neighbourhood Plan. A “given”; with its own budget funded from grant monies.
  2. Sports Club Governance investigation and project. It was recognised that there are a number of significant costs, including establishing a sinking find for the MUG playing surface, MUGA playing surface immediate repairs, the establishment of a professional regular maintenance project for the MUGA, remedial work on the recreation ground drainage system, establishment of a playable cricket wicket, etc. It was noted that due to the complexities involved, rough financial estimates (only) may be necessary in the short term.
  3. Recreation Ground Security project. A decision is urgently required whether this will be comprised of rocks, bund or both – so that a detailed costing can be developed and put forward for budgeting purposes by the beginning or December 2015 Action: Cllrs Cottman and Carswell to prepare and formally propose this ASAP.
  4. SHMA. Council members were referred to Cllr Webb’s email on this subject. No budget effect offered. .
  5. School / parking project. Members were referred to the correspondence with DCC member Peter Finney. No budget effect offered.
  6. Communication Audit. To be led by Cllr Colvey who will propose any budgetary effect for Council consideration in time for the December 2015 F&P Cttee meeting.

NB – the deadline for proposed budgetary effects for all of the above is the December 2015 F&P Committee meeting.


There was none.


Cllr Cottman commented on the request from the WI for reserved use of a number of High St Car Park spaces on 21st November. He confirmed that he had advised the Sports Club of this – for their awareness only. It was noted that the WI should make their own arrangements to cordon off the necessary spaces at the Village Hall end of the car park.

Cllr Cottman also confirmed that the date for the Village Fete had now been set for 14th May 2016.

In response to a question from Cllr Norris, it was established that an initial meeting of the Working Group managing the Village Hall toilets refurbishment project would meet at 6:30pm on 5th November 2015. Cllrs Colvey and Wilson would represent the Council. It was also reiterated that the contractor had indicated that the work should be complete in 2 weeks or less; but would not commence until after Christmas.

The meeting closed at 8.55pm.

Minutes of Environment & Amenities committee meeting 2nd Nov 2015