Public Liability Insurance for Neighbourhood WatchThe national Neighbourhood Watch scheme are offering all informal volunteers, the opportunity to join them as part of their emergency local response. By joining as a member you do not have to alter the current work you are doing, but you will be covered by their Public Liability Insurance and have their back up if you need it.

More detail is available:

Joining takes a couple of minutes and will also give you additional benefits:

  • There are resources on the Our Watch website to help you protect your neighbourhood from the fraudsters that are trying to take advantage of COVID-19 confusion and panic
  • Toolkits are available to support people who are affected by Domestic Abuse and other types of crimes
  • You will have access to local Neighbourhood Watch newsletters and alerts about local crime from your police force
  • There are practical benefits, such as exclusive discounts and offers.

You can get involved with Neighbourhood Watch here, for for more information email

Access to Free Public Liability Insurance for all Informal Covid-19 Volunteers (Neighbourhood Watch)
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