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Updated: 22nd January 2019

We are excited to say that, in collaboration with Dorset company Wessex Internet, an application has been submitted to the government for the a Gigabit Voucher Scheme funded installation of ‘fibre to the premises’ fibre broadband to over 80 homes and businesses on the North and West of Lytchett Matravers who have expressed interest. Wessex hope to have this installed by end 2018!

So what about the rest of the village?

BT has a program to provide super fast broadband by ‘fibre to the cabinets’ to people on the 01202 phone exchange where possible by mid 2019. However there are still a further 80 or so properties which are simply too far from the cabinets: typically the southern end of Wareham Road, western Huntick Road, and some more properties to the west including some (but not all) of Old Pound Close.

The solution for these last 80 is a DEFRA-funded internet program.

We understand funding has been secured, but don’t yet have details of the solution or timescale for these 80: watch this space for updates.

Unfortunately the Wessex internet solution is not really suitable for these areas although we will revisit them if DEFRA solution doesn’t work out.

If you have any questions, please contact Cllr Andrew Huggins  via the Parish Clerk.

To check if your property is currently included in any plans or not, please look up your address on

If it is not, whilst we hope the DEFRA funding will provide for you, you if you wish to accelerate progress you may also wish to register an interest with Wessex Internet on,  but be aware that they may respond that your address is not in their plan.

You can track progress of the scheme with Wessex Internet here:

Broadband to Properties outside of the heart of Lytchett Matravers
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