A cartoon image for decorative purposes showing faces asking questionsMany of our residents are shielding due to this pandemic and resulting lockdown. Side by side, we also have many volunteers who have ‘befriended’ their local neighbours and are generously helping to make sure that those who are ‘shielding’ and vulnerable are able to continue to live independently in their homes.

But because this situation has been going on for nearly three months  and is likely to continue for a while yet, Dorset Council and Age UK North, South & West Dorset, are concerned that people, particularly the elderly who are shielding, may be becoming more frail or prone to falls because of their reduced ability to exercise and keep active while staying at home.

As a result, they would like to remind people about the range of reablement services that are on offer from the council’s care provider Tricuro.  There is no charge for this service and a wide variety of support is on offer – ranging from simple information and guidance, through to practical support such as equipment to improve independence and increase confidence at home.

If you think you would benefit from help please visit reablement services or call on 01305 221 016

If you are a volunteer ‘befriender’ you should  listen out for the key words and phrases which might indicated that a person will benefit from help to get more active, such as:

  • ‘frail’
  • ‘weaker’
  • ‘less balanced’
  • ‘likely to fall’

You can also ask the person you have befriended something like this:

  • Has there been any change to your ability to get about since you have been self-isolating?
  • Has there been any change in your ability to complete your usual activities, such as leisure activities or housework?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘Yes’, you can tell them about these services and, if it helps, ask if they consent to you referring them.

Calling all Shielding residents and Volunteer ‘befrienders’
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