Lytchett Matravers Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 3rd March 2014 in the Sports Club Pavilion, High Street car park at 7:30 pm



Cllr L Wilson (Chairman), Cllr A Bush, Cllr R Miller, K Norris, Cllr M Colvey, Cllr I Maitland, Cllr J Taylor, Cllr P Talbot and Mr T Watton (Parish Clerk).


One member of the public was also in attendance.


  1. APOLOGIES: Cllr J Dyball


  1. PUBLIC PARTICIPATION (standing orders suspended):

There was none.


  1. Declarations of pecuniary Interest; and consideration of requests for Special Dispensations under Section 33 of the Localism Act 2011. There were none.
  2. minutes of the meeting held on 6th January 2014 It was RESOLVED to accept the minutes of the meeting on Monday 6th January as a true record. They were signed by the Chairman.


  1. MATTERS ARISING and Action Point update

The following comments on matters from the minutes of the last Environment & Amenities Committee meeting were provided:

Minute 6, 7 July 2011- Recreation Ground: Millennium viewpoint plaque. This task is with Cllr Bush for attention.

Minute 6, 4th November 2013 – Rocket Park fencing. It was noted that Cllr Taylor has still to organise a working party to screw the palings in place.

Minute 6, 6th January 2014 – MUGA Path Lighting. The Parish Clerk is still to obtain an update from the Sports Club about this. In the meantime Cllr Bush had suggested that it may be better to install the lights just inside the school grounds, on the other side of the adjacent chain link fence, which would afford some additional protection against vandalism. Actions: (i) Cllr Bush to speak to the School Governors about this idea; (ii) Parish Clerk to raise this suggestion with the Sports Club.

Minute 8, 6th January 2014 – Review of Burial Records: in hand by Cllr Wilson.



The following items were discussed:

Recreation Ground / Car park – It was noted that the Sports Club are still in negotiation with the contractors regarding the completion of the playing surface after installation of the drainage system. It was noted that despite the very wet winter there is currently no water in the attenuation pond.


Allotments – The Parish Clerk reported the following:

  • Eleven of last year’s allotment holders have not yet responded to the letter sent on 9th December 2013 by paying their rental payments for the 2014 calendar year to renew their tenancy.
  • Of these, two are understood to be “cash-only” payers and, despite advice, may be unsure how to contact the Parish Clerk to do this. It is intended that visits will be made to these two tenants.
  • The renewal letters sent to two other tenants have just been returned to the Council by Royal Mail marked “gone away”. Further investigations will be made in to the circumstances of these.
  • Chaser letters have been sent to the other seven tenants requesting their urgent attention and payment by 21st March.
  • There are currently 4 vacant plots, two of which (18 and 31) have been repeatedly turned down by prospective tenants due to underlying problems – (waterlogging, etc.)
  • Two recently vacated plots (50 and 60) have already been re-let.

The Parish Clerk also reported that Mr Warr had provided a quotation of £720 including VAT for removal and approved disposal of the demolition brick rubble which had been deposited adjacent to plot 47. However this remedial work cannot be undertaken until the ground is dry. It was resolved to RECOMMEND to Full Council the acceptance of this.

It was also resolved to RECOMMEND that Mr Warr is asked to provide a separate quotation for backfilling the area in question, and then to add a top surface of road scrapings to it. The top surface of scrapings is also to be extended along the vehicle access track to the vehicle gate and the existing car park area.

Row Park Paddock – Nothing to report


Library Walk – Nothing to report.


Memorial Green / War Memorial – Cllr Taylor indicated that he would carry out some further work investigating possible initiatives to mark the centenary of the First World War.


Turbetts Green – Nothing to report.


Cemetery – Nothing to report.


Club Hall – Cllr Colvey reported that he had not yet had a response from his contact regarding a bat survey. Cllr Talbot indicated that he would make a separate enquiry to identify a suitably qualified person to carry out the required survey.


Hedges and Ditches – Cllr Talbot advised that he had discovered that DCC Highways currently has a budget and is under pressure to ensure it responds positively to reports of ditches needing clearance. It was resolved that Cllrs should contact Cllr Talbot by the end of the week with details of any roadside ditches in the parish which need attention. Cllr Talbot will then collate the details and report the locations to DCC Highways.


Foxhills Open Space – Cllr Maitland reported that he had received a complaint from a resident regarding the amount of dog mess on the Foxhills Open Space. It was pointed out that there are adequate dog bins in the area. Cllr Norris advised that he would contact the PDC Dog Warden to ask for visits to the area. With regards to the wider problem in the village, Cllr Norris said he would provide an update on the ongoing “dogs” project.


MUGA – Nothing to report.


Village Centre Project – Nothing to report.


Footpaths –

Jubilee Walk. It was noted that vehicle access to the Huntick Rd end of the path has now been blocked. Foxhills Open Space – Deans Drove. Cllrs referred to updates provided in recent emails by Cllr Dyball. The estimate for the construction of the path has been held for over 12 months and is now out of date. The revised cost is £500 more than the original estimate. It was clarified that the Viridor grant offer expires in May 2014. It is understood that the matter of the dispute over the boundary between Brookside and the adjacent land does not affect the path construction and is a separate matter for the two parties to resolve with their legal advisers. Cllrs were reminded that there is a S106 contribution to this project due from the owner of the property on the western side of the brook, which it is understood will not be released to the Council until that property is sold. Cllr Webb has sought to confirm that there is enough “undisputed” land for the path construction to go ahead without encroachment into the disputed area.

Subject to confirmation that sufficient undisputed land is available, it was resolved to RECOMMEND to Full Council that the construction of the path is completed, with the funding shortfall being provided by the Parish Council in the interim.


Other Open Spaces – Cllr Bush summarised his findings on the Risk Assessment carried out on pubic benches in the village. He referred to four which need attention:

  1. Bench on Recreation Ground with a plaque to commemorate the Queen’s Silver Jubilee: broken concrete end; rotten wooden rails. Consider removal of bench.
  2. Bench on corner of Huntick estate / Huntick Rd: overgrown with brambles. Grounds maintenance contractor to clear.
  3. Bench of recreation ground near Scout Hut: warped rails need to be replaced.
  4. Bench on Middle Rd, opposite junction with Old Pound Close. Consider replacing remaining three remaining original rails.

It was resolved to RECOMMEND the above indicated actions to Full Council.


  1. Planning for Litter Pick event.

Cllr Norris led a review of the plan, which included the following:

  • Planned date for litter pick: Sunday 6th April 2014.
  • Risk assessment – Jill Jackson (PDC Environmental Services) to provide an example.
  • Safety briefing – to be based on what is used by the Upton Group.
  • Group size – estimated at a max of 25 volunteers, plus council members. Insurance cover cost to be established by the Parish Clerk.
  • First Aider – to be identified.
  • First aid kit – to be provided by First Aider or purchased by the Council.
  • Hi Vis vests and litter picker sticks – suppliers and costs to be investigated by Parish Clerk and Cllr Wilson.
  • Heavy duty back litter bags – supplier and costs to be investigated by Cllr Wilson.
  • Publicity: press realise and notices to be prepared by Cllr Taylor.
  • Disposal of collected litter – arrange with DWP by Jill Jackson (PDC).
  • Date for litter pick to be confirmed to Cllr Miller by 15th March so that it can be announced in his Village Magazine article.



There was none.



Cllr Taylor showed the work he had done on the proposed replacement website. It was resolved to set up a Working Group which would meet to discuss this in May. In the meantime Cllr Taylor will circulate a link to all Cllrs so they can view the website and make comments back to Cllr Taylor.


The meeting closed at 9:08pm

E&A Minutes – 3rd March 2014

E & A – March 2014