Meeting held on Wednesday July 8th 2020, at 7.00 p.m. online.

PRESENT: Cllr R Carswell (Vice Chair) M Attridge, A Bush, M Colvey, A Huggins, P Webb and Mr T Watton (Parish Clerk). No members of the public were in attendance.


Apologies.Cllr B Barker.

Declarations of Pecuniary Interest; and consideration of requests for Special Dispensations under Section 33 of the Localism Act 2011.There were none.

To receive and approve minutes of the Finance & Policy Committee meeting held on 10th June 2020.

The minutes were ACCEPTEDas a true record and were forwarded to the meeting chair to sign and return.

To receive and consider reports of past subject matters.

The following matters were included in the Clerk’s report of past subject matters. [nb: comments made or decisions taken at the meeting are shown in italics]

i. F&GP Cttee, 12th June 2019, Minute 20 Role of Parish & Town Councils in the planning consultation process – Cllr Bush reported that he had spoken to DC Councillor David Walsh about this and Cllr Walsh had promised to prepare something for Parish & Town Councils to clarify this matter. Despite chasing this, the promised communication had not yet been received. It was remarked by a member that they think there may have been have previously been motions put forward at the DAPTC AGM on this subject. Consequently, the Parish Clerk has been in contact with DAPTC and confirmed that there are no motions related to this matter so far put forward for this year’s DAPTC AGM in November. These points were noted and it was suggested that the Council consider developing a motion for the DAPTC AGM on this subject. Action: Parish Clerk to verify with DAPTC the closing date for receipt of motions for the AGM; and also to add an item to the July Full Council agenda to consider the detail of this.

ii. F&GP Cttee 4 December 2019, Minute 8. Remedial actions required as a result of worsening cracks and slippage in the wall behind the war memorial. The Parish Clerk has requested quotes for this work from Greenhall Landscapes, Classic Landscaping and Wycliffe Landscapes to demolish, remove and rebuild the wall. A further idea was reported at the May 2020 F&GP meeting however that, given that the wall is not actually in danger of collapse, it would be better value to council tax payers to plant ivy to cover the wall. Cllr Bush has visited the memorial and confirmed that it will be feasible to plant ivy at the base of the wall – which he will now do. DISCHARGED.

iii. F&GP Cttee 11 Mar 2020, Minute 9. Clerk to obtain quotes for clearance of Jubilee Walk to a width of 2 metres. (See F&GP Minutes for draft spec). Outstanding, due to workload capacity issues / prioritisation of other tasks as a result of the current international health crisis. Cllr Attridge had previously reported that he had recently walked this path and saw that it was now clearer. It had been suggested that this may be due to additional use as a result of lockdown and residents taking exercise walks, and that it might therefore be worth putting this action on hold for a period. The members decided at the July meeting that in view of the lifting of many elements of lockdown, it may now be appropriate to arrange for Paul Kitchen, DC Rights of Way Ranger, to undertake the planning assessment. Cllr Huggins indicated that he would take a lead on this and would begin by walking the path himself to do an initial evaluation. He will then speak to the Clerk to contact Mr Kitchen.

It was also noted that the lower section of Church Walk, which is also subject to the SLA with Dorset Council, is becoming overgrown again.

iv. F&GP Cttee Planning application responses sent to the DC Planning Team:

Planning application 6/2019/0455 Treetops, Flowers Drove, Lytchett Matravers, Poole, BH16 6BX. Single storey side extensions. Erect detached carport with office above. DC planning portal shows that this application has still not yet been determined.

Planning application 6/2019/0530 Lewis Wyatt (Construction) Limited. Land off Flowers Drove, Lytchett Matravers. Change of use of land to Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG) & associated car park. DC planning portal shows that this application has still not yet been determined.

Planning application 6/2019/0585 Bracken Developments Limited. Former Royal British Legion Club, Wimborne Road, Lytchett Matravers, Poole, BH16 6HQ. Erection of 9 dwellings with car parking and landscaping. Members were concerned to note that theDC planning portal shows that this application has now been approved.

Cllr Wood commented that this represents a precedent in that Dorset Council appears to have overturned a decision by the Planning Inspector regarding the incorporation of designated greenbelt into this development. There was some discussion about approaching the Dorset CPRE for support. It was decided to speak to Ms Anna Lee of Dorset Council to ascertain what had caused the change of opinion on this matter. It was also noted that Cllr Bush has asked David Northover is there is an appeal process which can be used. The Council Chairman subsequently approached DAPTC to request legal advice from NALC about the feasibility of requesting a Judicial Review. As at the date of the meeting no response had been received. At the May 2020 meeting Cllr Webb had indicated that he would speak to Anna Lee to pursue the reasoning behind the change of view to now treat this land in question as “infill” despite it not being enclosed by any other development. He reported back that he had spoken to Ms Lee and understood that the reason that it had come back to DC was because weight could now be given to the emerging Local Plan (judged by the Inspector to be sound, subject to some local amendments). It was understood that there is little scope for further challenges or the possibility of overturning the decisions which have now been made.

Planning application 6/2020/0204 Oak Ridge, Flowers Drove, Lytchett Matravers, BH16 6BX. Alterations to existing dwelling and sever land to form new dwelling and garage at rear.DC planning portal shows that this application has not yet been determined.

Planning application 6/2020/0206 38 Hannams Close, Lytchett Matravers, Poole, BH16 6DN. Replacement front porch & demolish front wall to create new vehicular access & driveway. DC planning portal shows that this application has now been approved.

Planning application 6/2020/0213 Selbys Yard, Huntick Road, Lytchett Matravers, Poole, BH16 6BB. Change of use of site to light industrial (use class B1), general industrial (use class B2) and storage and distribution (use class B8). Erect 15 industrial and storage units and a ‘welfare unit’ to serve the site. DC planning portal shows that this application has not yet been determined.

Planning application 6/2020/0242 Lyndale, Middle Road, Lytchett Matravers, Poole, BH16 6HJ. Replacement dwelling & garden works to form a terrace. DC planning portal shows that this application has not yet been determined.

Planning application 6/2020/0258 Southern Electric Power Distribution Plc. Caroline Cottage, Prospect Road, Lytchett Matravers, Poole, BH16 6ED. Overhead line from existing pole 1 to existing pole 2 serves 1 connection. Proposed to now serve 2 customers. DC planning portal shows that this application has not yet been determined.

Planning application 6/2020/0159 The Cottage, Loop Farm Road, Lytchett Matravers, BH16 6B. Erect a first floor extension with an increased roof height & new rooflights & internal alterations. Form 2 new parking spaces with stepped access to dwelling. DC planning portal shows that this application has not yet been determined.

Planning application 6/2020/0250 12 Foxhills Crescent, Lytchett Matravers, Poole, BH16 6BE. Proposed loft conversion with front & rear dormer to form accommodation. DC planning portal shows that this application has not yet been determined.

To receive and note the latest 2020-21 bank reconciliation (for purposes of report only).

A copy of the bank reconciliation is attached at Appendix 1 to these minutes. Members had also been sent copies of the relevant bank statements. It was RESOLVED to accept and approve this reconciliation.

To receive and consider a report covering latest 2020-21 council income and EXPENDITURE (FOR PURPOSES OF REPORT ONLY).

The reports were circulated to all members by the Parish Clerk. It was RESOLVED to accept and approve these. The income and expenditure report is included in Appendix 1 to these minutes.

To consider a paper from Cllr Huggins containing a proposal for dropping and static posts at the western end of the High Street carpark on Village Hall land. A copy of the paper prepared by Cllr Huggins is attached at Appendix 2 to these minutes. It was RESOLVED to approve the proposal for Cllr Huggins to meet with the Hall Committee to put forward for their approval the option for one drop post and static posts.

To consider planning application 6/2020/0241 Highwood, Foxhills Road, Lytchett Matravers, Poole, BH16 6BD. Construct front dormer window to facilitate loft conversion. Erect a front porch. NO OBJECTION.

To consider planning application 6/2020/0274 AJ Land Consultancy Ltd. 27 Huntick Estate, Lytchett Matravers BH16 6EB. Sever land and erect pair of semi-detached houses with access, parking and new dropped kerb. The members wishes to register an OBJECTION to this proposal on the grounds that it is overdevelopment of the site and out of keeping with the surrounding street scene – which is characterised by a very consistent pattern, design and size of dwellings throughout the whole of Huntick Estate. In addition the proposal offers inadequate off road parking which is contrary to the minimum two spaces per dwelling requirement in the Lytchett Matravers Neighbourhood plan. Finally, the Parish Council was also disappointed in the poor quality of the plans – which they felt were inadequate in terms of detail to support this application.

To consider planning application 6/2020/0279 Tall Tree Cottage, Lime Kiln Road, Lytchett Matravers, Poole, BH16 6EL. Remove rear porch and erect single storey rear extension. NO OBJECTION.

To consider planning application 6/2020/0297 86 Wareham Road, Lytchett Matravers BH16 6DT. Alterations to existing building to form additional ground floor 1 bedroom flat and reduce size of shop unit. Installation of rooflights to South elevation to serve shop. The Council members wished to register an OBJECTION to this proposal on the following grounds:

  • The Council members noted that this proposal reduces the available retail area from 84 square metres to a residual 29 square metres, which renders it no longer viable as a shop. This is contrary to the terms of the pre application advice given in response to the original planning application. This draws on PLPP1 Policy CF – community facilities and services and requires there to be a retail unit on this site.
  • The removal of viable retail premises results in the elimination of employment opportunities linked to it.
  • The off-site parking available as part of this development is insufficient, which is contrary to the requirements in the Lytchett Matravers Neighbourhood plan.

To consider tree works applications as follows (details circulated to members by email on 3rd July 2020:

· TPO/2020/064 – Dyett’s Coppice, adjacent to allotment gardens, Lytchett Matravers. NO OBJECTION

· TPO/2020/062 – Land adjacent to Selbys Yard, Huntick Road, Lytchett Matravers. The Parish Council members wished to draw the Tree Officer’s attention to the fact that the trees in question are on the boundary between a sensitive residential development on Huntick Rd by Wyatts / Morrish which is already approved (6/2018/0063), and an industrial development proposal which has only recently been submitted and is still to be considered by the Dorset Council Planning Committee (6/2020/0213). The Council is concerned to ensure that any works to the trees in question are not detrimental to their effect as a screen between the planned residential development and Selby’s Yard.

To consider a proposal to approve temporary funding of £1,000 – £145.20 April to June water bill = £854.80 to Lytchett Matravers Sports Club during lockdown. RESOLVED to recommend this to full Council.

To undertake a review of Earmarked Reserves and Project Finances.

Cllr Bush referred to an update he had prepared and circulated to members ahead of this meeting. This had been prompted by receipt of the latest valuation of the Council’s investment with Prudential International. It was noted the valuation showed a small increase over the valuation in March 2020. Members noted this. A copy is attached at Appendix 3 to these minutes.

To consider items for the next Parish Magazine

Discussion took place concerning the next Parish Magazine. The following matters were identified for consideration for the Parish Council article:

· A further Council vacancy.

· A possible article from one of the council members who have recently stood down, giving an insight into the activities of a Parish Councillor.

· A possible article on the replacement fence for Rocket Park, depending on the forecast installation date.

To note correspondence received.

(i) The Parish Clerk reported that he had received confirmation from Bracken Group that the road serving the new dwellings on the former British Legion Club site will be named Poppy Place.

(ii) Cllr Huggins provided an update on the correspondence regarding the tree to mark Dr Adams’ retirement. It has been agreed that a small ornamental cherry tree will be planted on Old School Green in the autumn.

(iii) Cllr Bush referred to correspondence from Dorset Ward Cllr Alex Brenton regarding the Wessex Water sewerage pumping station at Bulbury Lane, which serves Lytchett Matravers. It is understood that this pumping station is regularly overwhelmed by the volumes it has to cope with; and that consequently it overflows on 40+ days per year. Cllr Bush will circulate a copy of this correspondence to all members. It was noted that the Dorset Council Planning department will need to take this into account when considering development proposals. It is unclear yet what remedial action Wessex Water are taking.

(iv) Cllr Colvey referred to complaints about an overgrown residential garden hedge on Huntick Estate which is causing inconvenience to pedestrians. The Parish Clerk is to write to the occupiers of the property concerned.

The meeting closed at 20:17

Annotated by/on …………………………. Approved by/on ………………………

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FinanceGenPurposesCommitteeMinutes200708 Appendix 1 (Bank rec and budget reports June 2020).pdf (PDF)

Finance&GenPurposesCommitteeMinutes 200708 Appendix 2 (Village Hall -Rec Bollard Proposal 4-Jul-2020) (Word)

Fin&GenPurMinutes 200708 Appendix 3 (Earmarked Reserves Actual April 2% Forecast) (Excel)

Finance & General Purposes Committee minutes 8th July 2020