Photograph of some firework debris found on the recThere was lots of advice this year from Litter Free Coast and Sea, the Urban Heaths Partnership and Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service about the safe and responsible use of fireworks.  In addition to the risk to health from fire and burns, there are many associated noise problems that badly affect both people and animals.  However, as they noted, there is also increasing evidence of harmful debris.

Sadly, we know that people have found evidence of some plastic shards on the Recreation Ground (the Rec) and elsewhere around the village, this week. We have joined with other villagers to try and look for these bits and pieces.  If you are on the Rec, or elsewhere, please keep a look out to ensure we all stay safe.

“Fireworks contain non-biodegradable plastics that, following a firework being launched, are dispersed over large areas before returning to the ground. This results in the wide scattering of plastic debris, polluting the environment and harming wildlife that mistake the plastic as food. This littered plastic can persist in the environment for a very long time and is often lightweight, so even if it is inland, can be easily transported by wind and rain, down drains, into local waterways, ultimately ending up in the sea”

Firework Debris on Rec
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