Meeting of the Parish Council – Weds 25th October 2023 at 7.00 p.m. in the Sports Pavilion, High Street Car Park

Tim Watton, Parish Clerk. Council Office, Vineyard Close, Lytchett Matravers BH16 6DD.

Email: lytchettmatravers or call 07596 885667.

Copies of related reports for the items below are available on request to the Parish Clerk by 7pm on Tuesday 24th October 2023


All Council decisions must give due consideration to their impact on the community’s carbon footprint.

Report by Dorset Councillors (Standing Orders Suspended)

Public Participation – (standing orders suspended).

1. To receive and consider apologies for absence.

2. To receive any declarations of interest, and consider any requests for Special Dispensations under Section 33 of the Localism Act 2011

3. To consider any applications for the casual vacancy on the Parish Council.

4. To receive and resolve to approve minutes of the Full Council meeting held on 27th September 2023

5. To receive and resolve to approve minutes of the LM Staffing Committee meetings held on 5th September and 10th October 2023.

6. To receive and consider reports of past subject matters on the minutes of the Full Council meeting (for purposes of report only).

7. Chair’s announcements.

8. To receive and note the content of the minutes of the Finance & General Purposes Committee Meeting on 11th October 2023 (for purposes of report only)

9. To consider the following recommendations from the F&GP Cttee meeting on 11th October 2023

(i) That an order is placed for a suitable quantity of play area bark chips to be delivered during November.

(ii) That the bench on Middle Rd at the junction with Old Pound Close is reinstated.

10. To consider planning application P/HOU/2023/05756 29 Rozalia Meadow Lytchett Matravers Dorset BH16 6GE. Removal of existing closeboarded fence to rear garden and install new fence and gate.

11. To receive a report from the Village Environment Working Group (for purposes of report only).

12. To receive a report from the Highways Working Group (for purposes of report only).

13. To receive a report from the Neighbourhood Plan 2 Working Group (for purposes of report only).

14. To receive a report from the Lytchett Matravers Youth Hall Working Group (for purposes of report only)

15. To consider a recommendation on the management and organisation of LMYH via the proposed Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

16. To consider a request from Purbeck CAB to allow them to park their advice bus in the High St lower car park on a Monday afternoons in order to provide CAB advice sessions ther in place of the session currently offered in the Library on Fridays (see proposal emailed to members on 28th Sept 2023.

17. To note and consider for approval St Mary’s Church’s preferred contractor for the repairs to the Churchyard / cemetery wall, at a cost of £3385 (car park / churchyard wall) and £3180 (churchyard / cemetery wall) excluding VAT.

18. To receive and note the current Clerk’s handover document – preliminary pre-audit version

19. To consider a request from a resident to purchase and have a memorial bench installed on the Recreation Ground.

20. To resolve to approve the following payments already made:

To Whom For What Net VAT Total
Casterbridge Land Surveys Ltd Fee for topographical survey 995.00 199.00 1194.00
BT Office phone and broadband fee 55.98 11.19 67.17
SSE Car park lighting quarter 2 2023/24 15.61 0.77 16.38
Aerial Direct Monthly payment for 02 mobile phone monthly charge 11.00 2.20 13.20
Propel Finance Plc Monthly repayment for LMPC Clerk’s mobile phone – Oct 7.42 1.48 8.90

21. To resolve to approve the following payments due:

To Whom For What Net VAT Total
T Watton Clerk’s salary – Oct 2023 Includes pay in lieu of leave not taken. 1633.89 0.00 1633.89
HMRC PAYE & ENI – Oct 2023. 603.21 0.00 603.21
Dorset County Pension Fund LGPS pension contrib Oct 2023 602.77 0.00 602.77
T Homer Handyman duties, Sept 2023 307.39 0.00 307.39
Idverde Ltd Cemetery maintenance Oct 2023 Inv 10895166 350.60 70.12 420.72
T Watton Reimbursement of expenditure incurred on behalf of Council TBA TBA TBA
Caloo Ltd Inspection & Maintenance of exercise equipment 445.00 89.00 534.00
D & P Warr Trimming hedges – High St Car park and Eldons Drove rec boundary 125.00 25.00 150.00
K Morgan Reimbursement for expenditure on the Council’s behalf on materials for Youth Hall refurbishment (fire escape) June – Aug 2023 184.85 36.99 224.84

22. Training by members or the Clerk in the past month (for the purposes of report only).

23.To note any decisions / action taken by Parish Clerk under “Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014”, Part 3, Paragraphs 6-10, record of decisions and access to documents (for purposes of report only).

24. To note correspondence received.

Members are reminded that the Parish Council has a general duty to consider the following matters in the exercise of any of its functions: Equal Opportunities (race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status and any disability); Crime & Disorder; Health & Safety; and Human Rights.

Signed: T Watton Date: October 2023

FullAgenda 231025.docx

Full Council agenda 25th October 2023 commencing 7pm in the Sports Pavilion