Full Council: meeting of the Parish Council will take place on Wednesday 25th August at 7:00 p.m. in the Village Hall .

As usual, the formal meeting will be preceded by a Public Participation Session which is an opportunity for members of the public to ask questions, raise issues of concern, etc. There will also be a series of reports from your local Dorset Councillors.

The main agenda includes updates from the village environment WG, climate change emergency WG and a proposal for fencing of a Dog Exercise Area on the Recreation Ground and how to publicise the village defibrillators more widely

To meet social distancing requirements, the meeting can only accommodate up to 4 members of the public. If you would like to attend the meeting in person, please contact the Parish Clerk in advance who will be able to let you know if space is available.

Full Council Meeting, 7pm, Wednesday 25th August 2021
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