Wednesday 23rd March 2022 at 7:00 in the Village Hall.

PRESENT were A Bush (Council Chair), A Huggins, K Korenevsky, P Webb and Mr T Watton (Parish Clerk).

Also present: Dorset Cllrs A Starr and B Pipe.

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION SESSION (Standing orders suspended)

There was none.


No reports were submitted in advance of the meeting. Dorset Cllr Pipe provided a written report at the meeting, a copy of which is associated at Appendix 1 to these minutes. There were no comments or questions on this.

Dorset Cllr Starr provided a brief verbal report on Dorset Council responses to the humanitarian crisis arising from the war in Ukraine. It was noted that, as well as the Government appeals for people to sponsor / host refugees, people who can speak Russian, Ukrainian, Polish or Hebrew are needed to act as interpreters. Volunteers who can speak any of these languages are asked to contact Dorset Direct or visit the HM Government webpages dealing with the crisis.

1. To receive and consider apologies for absence.

Cllrs V Abbott, R Aspray, M Attridge, B Barker, M Colvey, H Khanna, and K Morgan.

2. To receive any declarations of interest, and consider any requests for Special Dispensations under Section 33 of the Localism Act 2011.


3. To receive and resolve to approve minutes of Council meeting held on 23rd February 2022.

It was RESOLVED by all present to approve the minutes as a true record of the meeting.

4. To receive and consider reports of past subject matters (for the purposes of report only).

It was RESOLVED to receive and note the contents of the following report, which had been prepared and circulated in advance of the meeting by the Parish Clerk. Italics below indicate additional comments made during the meeting.

  1. Minute 21, 22nd September 2021 – signage for BMX / cycle dirt track. This signage has now arrived and will be has been put in the Parish Council Office ready for installation. The Parish Clerk drew members’ attention to insurance issues related to BMX tracks which he had picked up from other Parish Councils. In the light of these it was decided to ask PBS to arrange for a dedicated ROSPA inspection of the track as soon as possible. Action: Parish Clerk to contact PBS accordingly. In addition, it was agreed that the groundsworks contractor should be consulted. Action: Cllr Bush to speak to him.
  2. Minute 26 21st Feb 2022 – repair to allotment gate padlock. This has now been re-fitted to the gate.

5. Chair’s announcements (for the purposes of report only).

The Council Chair reported on the following:

  • The litter pick held on Sunday 20th March had been a great success. All 18 areas were covered and the bags of collected rubbish were picked up by Dorset Waste Services as arranged on the Monday morning.
  • Cllr Khanna and Cllr Bush had a meeting in the village with members of the Talbot Village Trust on Wednesday 23rd March. This was primarily to view the path between the library and the pharmacy, in connection with the grant request. However they then also toured the recreation ground and discussed the other initiatives in hand there. The next decision meeting of the Trust is in May 2022.

6. To receive and note the content of the minutes of the Finance & General purposes committee meeting on 9th March 2022 (for purposes of report only).

It was RESOLVED to receive and note the contents of these draft minutes.

7. To consider the following recommendations from the Finance & General Purposes Committee

7.1 Acceptance of review of burial records. RESOLVED to APPROVE

7.2 Adoption of reviewed Standing Orders. RESOLVED to APPROVE

7.3 Adoption of Reviewed Financial Regulations. RESOLVED to APPROVE

8. To consider planning application P/VOC/2022/01291 164 Wareham Road Lytchett Matravers Poole BH16 6DT. Variation of Condition 2 & 5 of planning approval 6/2020/0314 (sever plot and erect a detached two storey dwelling with associated access, parking, landscaping and amenity space) to agree to the new building location 700mm further forwards towards the highway and the new foul water drainage connection.

The Council members noted that the submitted documents did not include a revised site plan despite the siting of the building relative to the frontage being the key issue. The Council members were concerned that by bringing the building forward, the porch will be sited tight to the two ‘nose-in’ parking spaces. As a result of this it seems very likely that cars will not be parked fully inside those two spaces and will therefore impinge on the pavement. Consequently the Council wished to register an OBJECTION to this proposal on the grounds of the insufficient room for the planned parking spaces which be likely to result in impinging on the pavement. The Council’s priority is to keep this pavement free because its use as an important route to school is a safety priority.

9. To consider planning application P/FUL/2022/01095 Land at Blaneys Corner To the east of Wareham Road and south of Wimborne Road. Lytchett Matravers. Erect 25 dwellings (C3 use class), new vehicular and pedestrian access onto Wimborne Road and other associated works including landscaping and open space.

It was noted that present planning policy identifies this site as outside of the Settlement Boundary. It is designated as Green Belt. Consequently this application is reliant on an anticipated re-designation as set out in the draft Purbeck Local Plan (PLP), the content of which is then expected to be then incorporated into the Dorset Local Plan. However, since the appointed Inspector has not yet ruled on the PLP any such change of status for the land remains speculative only.

In the light of the above, the Parish Council considered that it wished to OBJECT to the proposals – primarily on the grounds that it is inappropriate development in the Green Belt. Whilst discussing this application however, concerns and objections were also expressed about a range of other matters as follows:

  • It was noted that no mention is made in the application of the Wyatt Homes proposed site at Flowers Drove with particular reference to the exit from that site. The 2 Wyatt Homes sites will create new road junctions exits into one of the main traffic (including buses) routes into the village from the conurbation. The Parish Council feels that it is critical that a full analysis of the whole area be a pre-requisite to review Highways and traffic considerations.
  • Access to the site of this proposal is close to an existing junction on a blind bend. No consideration appears to have been given to traffic calming or similar measures. Adding a pedestrian crossing in Wimborne Road at the exit of the blind bend without adequate warning will create a black spot.
  • The Parish Council had requested that Wyatt Homes consider a pedestrian exit from the proposal site to Wareham Road – that would link to the path through to Paddock Close. This would emphasise and enhance the connectivity and integration of the site by providing safer and more direct walking routes to the village centre and on to the Recreation Ground and school. This would be much preferred alternative to having a crossing adjacent to what will become an even busier junction than now.
  • The Parish Council feels that the plan needs to include link pathways to the Jubilee Walk public footpath to again enhance the connectivity and integration of the site.
  • It is also mandatory that the plan includes sufficient parking for all houses and all visitors. There is no possibility of permitting any parking on surrounding roads because of the junction congestion caused by these 2 potential sites. In relation to this the Parish Council considers that there are insufficient visitor parking spaces adjacent to proposed dwelling numbers 1, 2, 3 and 22-25. On-street parking at the junction will cause both blocking of the road for 2-way traffic and raise the probability of attempted parking in Wimborne Road itself.
  • The Parish Council carried out a parking analysis of 7 recently developed sites within Lytchett Matravers – which were presented to Wyatt Homes to demonstrate house/garage layouts that had been proven to cause overparking on the street. This was caused by having garage blocks situated remotely from front doors. The plan for nos. 22-25 are perpetuating those planning and design errors and needs to be addressed.
  • The Parish Council considers that the positioning of the children’s play area on a small open space adjacent the junction between two busy roads is inappropriate and dangerous.

Finally, in the light of the size and complexity of this application, the significant level of public interest in it, and the likelihood of planning policy changes, the Parish Council considers that it would need to look in more detail at the proposals within this application concerning layout, connectivity, housing mix, effect on neighbouring properties, etc. In addition, the parish is in the process of formulating a new Neighbourhood Plan. The Parish Council therefore wishes to reserve the right to further consider it and respond again as more detail emerges at later stages during the process. Later responses may also refer to content of the parish’s new Neighbourhood Plan.

10. To receive a report from the Climate Change Emergency Working Group (for purposes of report only).

A summary report had been made available to all members ahead of this meeting and the contents were noted. A copy is associated at Appendix 2 to these minutes. It was noted that SSE were required to approve the connections for the heat pump – which they have now done.

11. To receive a report from the Huntick Road Cycleway Working Group (for purposes of report only)

No written report – nothing further to report this month.

12. To receive a report from the Village Environment Working Group (for purposes of report only)

A summary report had been made available to all members ahead of this meeting and the contents were noted. A copy is associated at Appendix 3 to these minutes. It was particularly noted that Cllr Korenevsky had obtained three quotes for the groundworks for the exercise trail. It was also agreed that the same three contractors should be asked to quote for the Library path. It was clarified that the specification for the path should be similar / in keeping with the current path.

13. Receive a report from the Neighbourhood Plan 2 Working Group (for purposes of report only).

A summary report had been made available to all members ahead of this meeting and the contents were noted. A copy is associated at Appendix 4 to these minutes. Members’ attention was drawn to the fact that notes on Green Belt erosion had been sent to the appointed Barrister for review.

14. To receive, consider and approve a budget proposal from the Queens Jubilee Working Group.

A paper containing a proposed budget for Council expenditure to support the Jubilee celebrations, and also giving an update on the arrangements to date, had been made available to all members ahead of this meeting. A copy is associated at Appendix 5 to these minutes.

It was RESOLVED to allocate a budget of £2K – primarily to meet the cost of sound equipment, staging and main musical performer(s).

Cllr Korenevsky asked for confirmation of the size of the stage. This information is needed by the primary school – for their choirs.

15. To receive a report of the proposed clearance work on the Huntick Road Common Land (for purposes of report only).

It was clarified, with reference to the Dorset Explorer map, that this concerns a triangle of common land adjacent to Huntick Rd opposite the entrance to Northmoor Farm. During the discussion on this matter Cllrs Huggins and Webb expressed some concerns. They agreed to visit the site to examine it more closely and then to come back to a later meeting with their views.

16. To discuss and decide on suggestions for the name of the new road serving properties on the new housing development on the Wessex Water reservoir site.

After brief discussion it was RESOLVED to respond to Dorset Council with the suggestion of ‘McDonald Place’. It was noted that this would be particularly appropriate, given the emphasis Mr McDonald had placed during his many years of District and Parish Council service on the importance of provision of an adequate supply of social housing for local people.

17. To resolve to approve the following payments already made:

To Whom For What Net VAT Total
Octopus Energy Sports Pavilion electricity charge for period 1st- 28th Feb 2022 79.39 3.97 83.36
British Telecommunications Office phone and broadband – Feb 2022 44.02 8.80 52.82
21CC Group Ltd Supply of Platinum Jubilee beacon 490.00 98.00 588.00

It was RESOLVED to approve the above payments already made.

18. To resolve to approve the following payments due:

To Whom For What Net VAT Total
T Watton Clerk’s salary – March 2022 (12 equal monthly payments by SO) 1039.25 0.00 1039.25
Dorset County Pension Fund LGPS pension contrib March 2022 383.38 0.00 383.38
Idverde Ltd Cemetery maintenance Feb 2022, Inv 10834403 303.49 60.69 364.18
Printerbase Ltd Printer toner cartridges 113.32 22.66 135.98
DAPTC Course fee – New Cllr Induction Cllr Rob Aspray 35.00 0.00 35.00
The sign Shed Ltd Supply of BMX track sign and fixings 68.24 13.65 81.89
Hampshire Flag Company Ltd Supply and install 8m aluminium flagpole plus fixings 669.94 133.99 803.93
HMRC Quarter 4 2021/22 PAYE/NI 779.40 0.00 779.40
Dorset Planning Consultant Ltd Neighbourhood Planning project work plus travelling costs and disbursements 2960.60 592.12 3552.72
Pamela White Accountancy Services Final invoice – payroll services April 2021-Mar 2022 and preparation of all documents for its handover

Adjustment for under charging of VAT on invoice 21001 (28/06/2021)











Dorset Council Remembrance day stickers 2021 33.00 6.60 39.60

It was RESOLVED to approve all of the above payments.

19. To note any training undertaken by members or the Clerk in the past month (for purposes of report only).

Cllr Aspray has completed part 1 of the New Cllr Induction course. Cllr Huggins has been involved in the delivery of a course to P&TC representatives on behalf of DAPTC.

20. To note any decisions and / or action taken by Parish Clerk under “Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014”, Part 3, Paragraphs 6-10, Record of Decisions and Access to Documents (for purposes of report only).

There were none.

21. Correspondence (for purposes of report only).

Cllr Huggins reported that he had been informed that Openreach currently have no plans for further broadband enhancement in the village. However a company called Gigaclear are planning to do a widespread broadband rollout in Lytchett Matravers in 2023.

22. To note date of next meeting and items for future agendas.

The next full council meeting is scheduled to take place online on Wednesday 27th April 2022 at 7pm in the village hall.

The meeting closed at 21:05 Annotated by/on ……………………………..Signed by……………………



Report to Lytchett Matravers Parish Council for 23 March 2022

From Dorset Councillor Bill Pipe

May I start my report by offering my apologies for the last two meetings of your Parish Council. Last month I was away working in London and the previous month, I must admit to having completely forgotten about the meeting.

Bin collections There have been no complaints to me in reference to missed bin collections over the last 6 Weeks – surely a good sign!! I would urge Members and members of the public to contact me if collections have been missed. Dorset Council assure me that the "problem" at the Westminster Road Depot is now sorted.

The planning application for the solar farm on the Lees Estate has now been altered so that no panels are now planned for the area immediately to the south of the Royale Heights caravan park and the battery storage site has been changed/will be changed to reflect the new layout of the solar farm. Feedback from members of the public would appear to be positively in favour of the farm, particularly now that the nation is looking to become self-sufficient in its energy needs.

Upton Together continues to meet the needs of our more disadvantaged and socially isolated residents and our volunteers continue to give 100% to our community and to those in neighbouring villages, including Lytchett Matravers, Slepe, Sandford and elsewhere. With the unanimous agreement of all councillors, Upton Together made a financial donation to Sarah Fudge’s "Ukrainian Relief’ fund. The money was spent on sanitary products, nappies, toothpaste, toothbrushes and other essentials which were then transported to the Ukrainian/Polish border.

Mineral extractions No application has been put in to BCP Council by the Rothschild Estate to extract gravel from its Upton Heath site/holding. I have an assurance that any application is likely to fall at the first hurdle because of the protections enjoyed by Upton Heath.

Upton The approach to the Aldi supermarket to open a rear access to the store through the skate park, an approach made by me towards the end of last month has involved me, Cllr McKell, Robin Wilcox [S.W Regional area director for Aldi Stores] and Dorset Highways in discussing an appropriate route. Highways are also involved in discussions with Cabinet Members over the provision of a pelican crossing to replace the pedestrian refuge.

Aid to Ukrainian Families: The U.K Government are asking local people throughout the country to open up their homes to displaced persons from the Ukraine. If you have spare capacity in your homes; one room, two rooms or more; you can register your availability and willingness to take in a person, child, children or a family on the ".gov" website or google

Cllr Bill Pipe, Dorset Council Councillor


Climate & Ecological Emergency Working Group – Summary Report, March 2022

Working Group Objective:

Following the Parish Council declaration of a Climate Change Emergency, identify, assess, and implement measures within the parish to reduce the carbon footprint of both LMPC and the community.

Working Group Participants:

Rob Carswell, Alf Bush, Beverly Barker


  1. Sports Pavilion full building upgrade with Low Carbon Dorset (LCD).
  2. Youth Hall full building upgrade – deferred until DC transfer and building business plan is approved.


  • Delivery of PV batteries (long delays due to Brexit)
  • SSE inspection and sign-off

Status/Next Steps:

Works already completed:

· Air-to-air heat pump (to provide instant heat in main user space), replacing gas boiler.

· Solar array (26 PV panels)

· Replacement of old, inefficient radiators & pipework

· New thermally efficient doors, including fire door to comply with Building Regulations

· Installing loft and cavity wall insulation, fitting thermostats & controls + cage around ASHP unit

· Fit PV diverter unit to directly heat hot water from PV-generated energy

· LCD have made partial payment for work to date

Works to come:

· PV battery storage / SSE sign-off – still waiting on supplier

· Business plan for Youth Hall to determine next, if any, steps

Financial Forecast:

(£000’s, excluding VAT)

2020-21 2021-22 2022-23
Expense to date 37K less 14K LCD payment(1) 0 0
Forecast 8K LCD payment 0 0
Total 27K 0 0

(1) Low Carbon Dorset grant = 40% contribution.


Village Environment Working Group – Summary Report. March 2022

Working Group Objective:

To identify areas of concern/opportunity within the physical environment of the Village and propose responses. Due to other pressures a Progress Mtg has not convened since the Nov PC mtg.

Working Group Participants:

Ken Morgan, Alf Bush, Andrew Huggins, Karen Korenevsky, Vicky Abbot, Hannah Khanna, Martyn Colvey (+ co-opted advisers Geoff Holland, Dr John Holland)


1. Rec Area Projects:- Exercise Trail/Outdoor Gym Equipment – Dog Exercise Area –Picnic Tables x4 + Benches x4 – Boules/Petanque Pitches.

2. Community Garden adj fence at top of Pond Walk – Martyn Colvey has met with participants.

3. Trees – Rec + generally– Seek sponsorship. Also sw attenuation + murals?

4. Hannams Close entrance enhancement. Discuss with management company.

5. Wareham Rd/School traffic/parking – DC/WSP proposals discussions ongoing. – New Car Pk?

6. Eldons Drove Pond – Ongoing Japanese Knotweed delay.

7. Finger post Renovations – Blaneys Corner pilot complete. Vol Training + sponsorship. Progress on upper cross roads sign.

8. Library Green Path – DC agreed so can proceed. Invite tenders from 3 x contractors.

9. Pharmacy Steps Planting – underway.

10. High St Crossing –

11. Tesco frontage – Acceptable design agreed with DC. Suggest joint Tesco/DC/PC funding.

12. Sports/Scout Bldgs ‘backside’ to High St. Short term Ideas + longer term workplace opportunity.


· Dorset Council Highways + Planning/LP. Flow of CIL monies.

Status/Next Steps:

· Equipment – revised quotation received. Also three quotes for associated groundworks. KK to advise.

· Exercise Dog Area fencing + gravel Eldons Drove C Pk. Firm up price/date.

· Community Garden – Await further proposals from participants.

· Work up designs for Sports Area, Boules, Hannams/Rec entrance + Rec landscaping/tree planting.

· Push Tesco/Highways re shop frontage funding.

· Investigate Grants/Funding/Sponsorship/Lottery/ Local Trusts + Loans/Mortgage possibilities.


Neighbourhood Plan 2 Working Group – Summary Report. March 2022

Working Group Objective:

To renew the Lytchett Matravers Neighbourhood Plan (LMNP) in readiness for the Dorset Local Plan.

Working Group Participants:

Ken Morgan, Micki Attridge, Karen Korenevsky, Alf Bush, Peter Webb, Ian Taylor.


The current LMNP was limited in scope by Purbeck District Council and further by the examiner. The plan was prevented from identifying any type of development and in addition many policies/strategies for the community were removed. e.g. infrastructure and employment requirements.

A renewed LMNP is required to address the chronic erosion of the green belt over the last 40 years, to ensure development is beneficial to the community in addressing its needs i.e. sustainability, CCE net zero, design standards, local employment, community infrastructure and amenities.


· PLP2 adoption

· JR review decision

· DLP next consultancy stage

Status/Next Steps:

· Met with Planning Consultant Mar 3rd and 23rd.

· Selected Stephen Morgan as barrister to advise on potential JR. Draft notes prepared for review and sent for initial review. Note: Cllr K. Morgan is RIBA qualified and will coordinate.

· Reply received from Wyatt Homes – non-committal

· Letter sent to Dorset Council re: Wareham 95 – no response but letter added to application

· Letter sent to Cllr David Walsh on clarification of PC role in Planning (Dec. 21). Follow up sent March 22.

· PC has joined CAN/CPRE campaign to reduce the number of houses in the DLP from 39,000 to 22,000.

· NP2 WG to develop core objectives – draft policies underway, discussed Mar. 23rd.

· PC has applied for and received Locality grant for consultant expenses to end March


Queens Jubilee Celebrations

Date of report: 23.3.22

Proposal to allocate a budget for Queens Jubilee Expenditure

Reported by: Beverly Barker

Subject Status: Initial outlines for the proposed celebrations include:

Village community Queen’s Jubilee celebrations will take place between 2nd and 5th June 2022:

· Thursday 2nd June 2022: Lighting a Beacon on the Rec at 21:45pm.

  • Cllr Huggins has organised the Beacon (see separate report).
  • Refreshments: The Chequers will provide a bar in/around the Sports Pavilion. Jo Meade will provide the Fish&Chip van on the lower Rec car park.
  • Village Hall & sports Pavilion booked
  • To be considered:

§ Preparation and tidy-away and other safety measures

§ Additional food/refreshments trader.

§ Musical entertainment/background music

§ Based upon advised from Beacon Event Guide To Taking Part’ (see copy in Dropbox and via https://www.queensjubileebeacons.com ) we also need to consider specialist public liability covers for beacon/bonfire events and registering involvement with brunopeek@mac.com by 1st June 2022 if we want to be included in media listings.

· Sunday 5th June 2022: Big Jubilee Picnic to be held on the Rec between 2 & 6pm

  • Village Hall has been booked
  • Refreshments: Cllr Bush has confirmed that Rose & Crown will provide a bar, probably in the Village Hall (TBC). Greywood Café to produce pre-order collection of picnic boxes.
  • Entertainment: Cllr Khanna has liaised with Chris Manning who can provide a variety of music from 2-5pm. Frayed Strings Ukulele 3-3:30pm. Awaiting confirmation on Two Man Travelling Medicine Show to perform 5pm to 6pm. Cllr Bush has written to Primary school to see if any of their singing groups/musicians might wish to play.
  • To be considered:

§ Preparation and tidy-away and other safety measures including mowing the Rec before event, possible rental of haybale seating, hire of marquee, gazebos, trestle/tables, litter bins/recycling stations, bunting & other site decoration, etc.

§ Additional food/refreshments trader.

§ Relevant insurance.

Financial Impact: Budget of £2000 approved at Full Council February 2022

Current cost considerations:

Hire of PA/engineer equipment

Payment for musicians


Staging: 2 quotes have been received for providing PA/staging/set-up/engineer, etc.

  • Soundline Hire: Portable Stage Truck with lights, full backline and PA. £1950
  • The Charitable Emporium (Hawkeye Houlahan/Wonky Donk festival): fixed/covered stage 6m x 6m with full
  • PA system, backline, 32 channel mixing desk with qualified engineer. 17m Star Tent.
  • Chris Manning Band: Play between 2-5 including set of Bublé/ Swing Classics, Keys and Sax Duo and provision for hosting Karaoke. £400.


The recommendation is to accept two quotes:

· The Charitable Emporium which is lower cost and more comprehensive offer for staging equipment £1250 plus VAT

· Chris Manning Band to provide comprehensive entertainment from 2-6 where needed – alongside other artists £400

Status/Next Steps:

  • Council members to consider quotes for PA/staging systems
  • Discuss additional considerations listed above

Full Minutes 220323.docx

Full Council minutes 23 March 2022