Notes from Meeting with Lytchett Matravers Allotment Holder on 23rd March 2017

Only Steve Mills attended to meet Keith Norris (KN) and Liz Wilson (LW) from the Parish Council (PC) despite this meeting having been booked and recorded in the notes of the last meeting on 29/9/16.

  1. Vacant plots – there are 9.5 plus 4 existing holders who have yet to pay their rent.
  2. Tree growth from Dyetts Wood – the undergrowth has been removed by the owner and Martyn Colvey has since asked him if the large trees will be lopped once the nesting season is over.
  3. The Roadside Hedge – there is still some work outstanding presumably because of equipment access problems. Action: Parish Clerk to contact Dave Warr and decide next steps.
  4. Grants for Drainage

Since the last meeting Steve Mills and Stephen Lee have met Natasha Senior of Dorset Community Action (DCA) who has confirmed that the Allotment Society template constitution is strong enough to apply for grants.

This means the following steps have to be taken before grant applications can be made:

  • Allotment Society Constitution adopted with officers duly appointed – the next Allotment Society meeting on 27/4/17 looks like ideal timing
  • Bank Account in place with at least 2 signatories
  • Upto date Accounts to support grant applications.
  • Statement from the Parish Council to support the bona fides of the Allotment Society and their application for Drainage and/or Waterless Toilet grants.

Sources of Grants (i) Lottery – Grants for All (£300 to £10K) – this was the source of Upton`s Waterless Toilet (ii) Waste disposal companies and others – Natasha Senior to supply a list.

A key to success is identifying the benefits any grant will help achieve.

Stephen Lee is preparing a questionnaire to obtain the views of allotment holders in support of any bid and will send a note explaining that it is from the Allotment Association and that the Parish Council is just helping with distribution. It will go out with the allotment payment receipts.

  1. Recent Vandalism

One holder reported the recent damage to his plot to the police and the Parish Clerk has advised that it might be advantageous for other victims to quote the same incident number 55170038899 when they make their reports.

  1. Date of Next Meeting – Please let the Parish Clerk know if you think there needs to be one. An alternative could be keeping in touch via email with meetings as and when required.

NB This note of meeting is being sent to all allotment holders along with allotment receipts and the questionnaire mentioned at 4. Above.

Minutes from the last meeting (23rd March 2017)