Lytchett Matravers Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting held on Monday, March 6th 2017, in the Methodist Church, Wareham Rd, Lytchett Matravers at 7.00p.m.

Cllrs E Wilson (Committee Chair) R Carswell, M Colvey, A Huggins, K Norris, and Mr T Watton (Parish Clerk)

No members of the public were present.

1. APOLOGIES. Cllrs J Taylor, A Cottman, A Bush

2. PUBLIC PARTICIPATION. There was none.

3. MINUTES OF ENVIRONMENT AND AMENITIES COMMITTEE MEETING HELD ON 9th January 2017. It was RESOLVED to accept the minutes as a true record, and they were signed by the meeting Chairman.


Minute 6, 4th July 2016: Foxhills open space – tree overgrowth. The Parish Clerk had previously reported that the work has been completed. However one tree which he thought had been included in the quote had in fact not been. He reported that he had written to Brighstone Landscaping about this and Brighstone had replied with a further quote for the additional work to remove it. Given that the quote is for £144 + VAT and the tree is not actually interfering with the house it was suggested that the cost of this work cannot currently be justified from public expenditure. DISCHARGED

Minute 6, 4th July 2016: footpaths – bridleway between Dolmans Hill and Morden, the footpath known as “Gypsy’s Path” which runs between Dolmans Hill and Middle Road, and a green lane running from Peatons Lane to Dolman’s Hill, all affected by fallen trees. Cllr Bush was able to confirm that the tree which has fallen over the green lane running from Peatons Lane to Dolman’s Hill has not yet been removed. The Parish Clerk reported this matter again online to DCC Rights of Way department under ref 20170113/0916 but received no response. Consequently it is again to be re-reported. Action: Parish Clerk to re-report this. [NB this has been subsequently reported by the Parish Clerk and logged by DCC Rights of Way Dept under the new ref no 20170308/0452.]

Minute 5, 5th September 2016 – ROSPA safety inspection report: A review of the 2016 ROSPA report has been undertaken by members of the Council and is now covered under item 7 in these minutes. DISCHARGED.

Minute 11, 5th September 2016 – Bus shelter, Wareham Rd – removal of tree. It was noted that this matter is being reported direct to Full Council – most recently under minute 6 (ii) at the meeting on 20th February. DISCHARGED.

Minute 12, 5th September 2016 –Ash tree at library walk. The Parish Clerk reported that as the PDC Tree Officer, James Bennett, had not responded to his request for advice on this matter he had now chased this again and spoken to Mr Bennett’s assistant. He has been assured of a response from Mr Bennett as soon as possible.


Recreation Ground / car park.

a) The Parish Clerk was asked to speak to Mr Mills regarding the removal of the small hedge at the eastern end of the High Street car park as it is incomplete and looks untidy. The Parish Clerk reported that on speaking to Mr Mills he confirmed that he could take this hedge out if this really is necessary. However, it is currently neatly trimmed, looks OK and provides some cover for birds. He wonders if this was really what the Council wished to do. On reflection, the members present decided that it should not be removed, provided it is kept trimmed. DISCHARGED

b) The required cross hatched area which is needed to keep a clear access to the tarmac path around the Recreation Ground will be painted by Cllr Cottman in the Spring. NB the access point is at the top end of the car park nearest to the Village Hall. Action: Cllr Cottman to arrange this painting in due course.

c) Regarding the previously reported idea of painting distance marks on the tarmac path at 100 metre intervals for the benefit of walkers and joggers, it was ACCEPTED by Full Council that this work is undertaken internally by a Council member during the Spring / Summer 2017.

d) The Parish Clerk reported on the quotations received for the grass cutting work for the Southern part of the Recreation Ground. It was agreed to RECOMMEND to Full Council the acceptance of the quotation of 21.50 +VAT per cut by The Landscape Group. This price per cut is conditional on it being cut on the same visits as those for cutting the main sports field for the Lytchett Matravers Sports Club.

e) The Parish Clerk has requested quotes for repair of the damaged section of the fence to the Children’s play area i.e….. gantt rails to be replaced where damaged, palings to be re-affixed with screws rather than nails and a second skin of palings to be fitted to the inside also using screws. This is to be a trial for the damaged area and if successful can then be duplicated for the currently un-damaged area.

f) The Parish Clerk reported that a resident whose family had donated a bench which was installed near the pavilion was disappointed that it had been vandalised and has said that she is arranging for it to be removed. Action: Parish Clerk to arrange for the Handyman to cut off the mounting bolts flush with the ground.

g) The members present discussed the matter of adopting a “house style” of benches. They favoured benches constructed of recycled plastic in view of its assumed durability and resistance to the attention of vandals. Action: Parish Clerk to gather together a representative sample literature covering the benches available.

h) Cllr Huggins reported that on Tuesday 14th March 2017 he has a site meeting arranged with a tarmac contractor to obtain some rough figures for a 90deg re-orientation of the basketball court. The same contractor will also visit the Lytchett Astro to provide indicative figures for surfacing trackways and the land adjacent to the pitch and trackway for car parking.

Row Park Paddock. Nothing to report.


The Parish Clerk reported that there remain eleven full plot and one half plot vacancies as a result of plot holders giving up. There is no common theme in the reasons given for giving plots up, so it would appear that popularity of allotment gardening is currently on a declining trend. There are no names on the waiting list and a vacancies notice has been on display on the noticeboards and website since mid-summer 2016. Holders of a total of 52 plots (out of the 59 occupied plots) have paid their 2017 rental fee. All outstanding fees have been chased.

On the matter of declining uptake of lettings, Cllr Colvey suggested that existing allotment holders be asked at the forthcoming liaison meeting on 23rd March 2017 what practical action can be taken to attract new holders. Action: Cllr Norris to ask those present at the liaison meeting for their suggestions on this point.

Memorial Green/War Memorial.

The Parish Clerk reported that Deed of Dedication for protection of this open space under the Centenary Fields scheme has now been signed off and recorded as such at Full Council. Completion of the necessary Land Registry forms by FIT is awaited.

He also reported that the insurance claim on the damaged railings is progressing. The nominated repair contractor has visited the site and provided a report back to the insurers. Notification of go- ahead of the actual repairs is awaited.

It was suggested that Mr Mills is asked if he can obtain soil to fill in the depression and re-seed it. Action: Parish Clerk to contact Mr Mills about this.


The Parish Clerk reported that Mr Mills has not yet installed the replacement pedestrian gate. Action: Parish Clerk to contact Mr Mills about this.

Club Hall.

The Parish Clerk reported that there has been no further correspondence with a nearby resident who had complained about vehicle being driven up to the doors of the Club Hall.

A neighbour has recently had their fence replaced between their property and the car park.

The annual fire equipment inspection has been carried out by Churches Fire Security Ltd and the certificate is on file (cc to the Lighthouse Family Church). The lighthouse Family Church have been requested to complete the annual fire risk assessment for display in the building and with a copy also forwarded to the Parish Clerk.

Hedges and Ditches.

Nothing to report.

Foxhills Open Space.

Members were reminded about the rotten railway sleeper which forms the central section of the bridge over the stream. The Parish Clerk had previously indicated that he would identify a contractor to replace this, however the usual contractor for heavy timber work is not available so another must be found. Action: Parish Clerk to approach Woodlands Nurseries to see if they can supply and fix this.


It was confirmed that the nominated contractor to repair the section of fence at beside the goal at the western end of the pitch has been in touch during February to say that the necessary fencing has now been obtained and a visit to undertake the repair is due imminently.

Replay Ltd, the regular maintenance contractor, visited in early February to undertake its half yearly maintenance visit for the playing surface and surrounds.


Nothing to report.

Other open spaces.

Nothing to report.

6. Report from Huntick Cycle Way working group.

Cllr Huggins commented that he had nothing further to add at this time to the report he had provided at the February Full Council meeting.

7. Receipt of members’ review of play areas ROSPA report 2016/17.

Cllr Huggins circulated this report in advance of the meeting. He went through the report item by item and a number of decisions were taken and RECOMMENDATIONS were made. These are recorded in the revised copy of the report attached at Appendix 1 to these minutes.

8. Review of Handyman ad hoc task list.

Currently outstanding ad hoc tasks in priority order:

a) Removal of the concrete ends of the damaged bench at junction of Huntick Rd and Huntick Estate – TH.

b) Refurbishment of benches – team working by TH and SM. Replace all timbers on other benches where rot is present. Wood treatment to all benches which are still sound. NB: Bench in front of Tescos to be refurbished by the Local Conservative Association.

At this meeting the following additional items were added:

High priority for safety reasons – cut off the protruding bolts from the base where the bench has been removed from the recreation ground.

Investigation to see if the broken facia of the Basketball goal can be removed. Cut off the protruding bolts on the back of the board.

9. UPDATE ON Annual risk assessments of Council physical assets.

It was noted that the following are due to be completed outstanding:

– Benches…..Cllr Bush.

– Old School Green….Cllr Taylor.

– Allotments….Cllr Cottman.

– Recreation Ground….Working Group from E&A Cttee.

– Cemetery…..Cllr Wilson.

– Bus Shelters…..Cllr Norris.

– Club Hall….Cllr Wood.

– Foxhills Open Space……

10. Club Hall – request from the Scouts to approach DCC about the lease (see email 22 Feb 2017)

As background to this item those present were reminded that in preparation for the meeting at the hall between the Scouts and representatives of DCC in the autumn of 2016, the Scouts had asked that DCC reps come prepared to respond to requestes and questions. At that meeting, when asked if they would be prepared to extend the lease to a 50 yer term to assist the Scouts in seeking grant funding, the DCC reps had responded by saying they felt this to be unecessary. They also turned down a suggestion that the land in question be given to the Parish Council.

After a brief discussion it was AGREED to approve the letter prepared by Mr Vivian to be forwarded to DCC. A copy of the letter is attached at appendix 2 to these minutes.


There was none.


Cllr Huggins commented on his effort to report an apparently regular incident of fly tipping – however DCC responded by saying that it was not possible for them to progress and investigation unless eye witnesses to the actual fly tipping were available.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 8:55pm.

EnvAmenitiesMinutes 170306 Appendix 1 (Feedback on proposed actions – 2016 ROSPA report)v2.doc
EnvAmenitiesMinutes 170306 Appendix 2 (letter from Scouts to DCC).doc

Minutes of Environment & Amenities committee meeting 6th March 2017