Held on Monday December 15th 2014 at 7:30 in the Sports Club Pavilion, High Street Car Park.

PRESENT were Cllrs: M Colvey, A Bush, A Huggins, R Carswell, I Maitland, K Norris, J Taylor, P Webb, E Wilson, and Mr T Watton (Parish Clerk).

One member of the public was also present.

1. REceipt of apologies for absence – A Cottman, C Wood and County Councillor F Drane.


There were none.

3. PUBLIC PARTICIPATION SESSION (Standing Orders Suspended)

There was none.


5. THE MINUTES of the Council meeting on November 17th 2014 were approved as a true record of that meeting, and signed by the Chairman.


  • Minute 13, 18th August 2014. Establishment of Google Diary. Cllr Carswell commented that he would develop and circulate some instructions to guide members in how to link their diaries to the online calendar on the Council’s website; and also how to add items to the website calendar. Action: Cllr Carswell to prepare and email this briefing.
  • Minute 14, 18th August 2014. Community support funding request for Village Hall toilets project – Camborne Energy. It was noted that a response to the formal request for the funding has still not yet been received from Primrose Solar. Action: Parish Clerk to contact Primrose Solar to obtain an update.
  • Minute 10, 15th September 2014. Litter bin for MUGA. The Parish Clerk reported that he has passed the vehicle gate key to Mr Homer.
  • Minute 12, October 20th 2014. Outstanding Risk Assessment for Recreation Ground. This is still awaited.
  • Minute 23, October 20th 2014. Response to Viridor Credits detailing the publicity plans for the Foxhills – Deans Drove path. Cllr Colvey reported that he has had a response to his letter to Viridor. This included the supply of a plaque. Arrangements for naming the path and for an opening ceremony have been referred to the Environment & Amenities Cttee.
  • Minute 23, October 20th 2014. DCC Consultation on litter and street cleaning. Following Cllr Norris’ response in November 2014 to DCC pointing out the inadequate timescale for this consultation and requesting that all consultations are sent direct to local councils rather than via DAPTC, it was noted that DCC had failed its own published standard by not meeting the 10 day response standard for correspondence. Cllr Norris has therefore written again.

7. District Cllrs report.

Dist Cllr Taylor reported on the following:

(i) An overspend by the Dorset Waste Partnership for the year to date of £1.3m. It seems the performance trend leading to this was not noticed until October. The underlying reasons for the overspend are being investigated, but it is understood that an over-estimation within their operating plan of the income from the sale of recycled materials has contributed significantly to this performance gap.

(ii) The “Chalk & Cheese” European funding for farming and forestry industry projects. There is a limited fund to draw upon – with the funding being limited to up to 40% of the cost of most projects. The remaining contribution is normally expected to come from private funds.

8. County Councillor’s report

County Cllr Drane was unable to be present, so no report was given.


Neighbourhood Planning Group.

Cllr Bush reported that the main Neighbourhood Planning Committee is meeting every 2 weeks, and is well attended. Regarding the Wessex Water reservoir scheme the NP group’s strategy is to work with PDC Planning rather than talking direct to Wessex Water on this matter. It was noted that a pre-application advice request has been submitted to PDC by the proposers. Comments have been made by the Neighbourhood Planning group to PDC along similar lines to those previously made regarding concerns about this proposal. Time has also been spent by the group looking at how other communities have approached the matter of housing development and it has been noted that Cerne Valley have prepared a “Basic Conditions Statement” to guide further work. It was felt that Lytchett Matravers NP group needs to prepare documentation which meets the same purpose. It was also felt that a separate Neighbourhood Planning page is required on the Council’s website.

Cllr Webb drew attention to the partial review of the Purbeck Local Plan – including the possibility that there may be the addition to it of the requirement for a large number of extra homes to be built up to 2031. He felt that it was necessary to anticipate the implications of this on the Neighbourhood Plan for Lytchett Matravers.

10. Recommendations from Committees:

(a) Finance & Policy Cttee – meeting 1st December 2014:

  • Receipt of bank reconciliation and update of the working accounts as attached at Appendix 1 to the minutes of the Finance & Policy Cttee meeting 1st Dec 2014.
  • To include sufficient money in the 2015/16 budget to print 1500 copies of Lytchett link per issue.
  • That the Parish Clerk be awarded a bonus equivalent to 10% of salary when the CILCA qualification is achieved; and to note that a pay award for Parish Clerks might be agreed at a national level between NALC and SLCC for the coming year.

It was RESOLVED to approve all of the above recommendations, and to accept the minutes of this meeting.

(b) Planning Committee –

The Council noted and RESOLVED to approve the following recommendations of the Planning Committee to be communicated to PDC Planning:

(i) 6/2014/0622 Ms Bronwen Harvey. 212 Wareham Road, Lytchett Matravers, BH16 6DU. Create new driveway with turning area. NO OBJECTION

(ii) 6/2014/0626 Mr Jackson. Old Coach House, Peatons Lane, Lytchett Matravers, BH16 6HW. Erect single & two storey extensions to rear of dwelling plus raised patio to rear. NO OBJECTION

(iii) 6/2014/0643 OOTA Property Ltd. Site rear of 1 Foxhills Crescent, Foxhills Road, Lytchett Matravers. Sever land and erect detached two bedroomed bungalow with rooms in roof with access to Foxhills Road. The council wishes to raise an OBJECTION on the grounds that the proposal appears cramped on this plot and thus an example of overdevelopment. Both the design of the building and its scale in relation to the size of the plot appear to be out of keeping with the surrounding properties and general street scene.

(iv) 6/2014/0645 Mr J Banfield. 24 Old Chapel Drive. Lytchett Matravers, BH16 6HA. Apply Marley Eternit Cedral Weatherboard to all elevations of existing house. NO OBJECTION.

11. Consideration of proposed budget and precept requirement for 2015-16. Cllr Bush summarised the process carried out by the Finance & Policy Committee in developing this proposal. After a brief discussion itwas RESOLVED to accept the proposed budget and a precept of £54,528.50 for 2015-16, as attached at Appendix 1 to these minutes.

12. Consideration and formal signature to Neighbourhood Planning Service level Agreement.

Cllr Bush explained the background to this subject. It is understood that PDC gains credit for the work it does with community groups to develop Neighbourhood Plans. Consequently a formal Service Level Agreement (SLA) between PDC and each community group it works with is an important means of regularising and governing that support relationship….including ensuring that PDC receive formal recognition for the work it does on it. It was unanimously RESOLVED to sign the SLA as attached at Appendix 2 to these minutes, and submit it to PDC. The Chairman duly signed it.

13. Receipt of remaining risk assessment.

Cllr Colvey advised that this was not available yet. Carried forward.


There was none.


Village Fayre DAPTC Footpaths Village Hall
School Liaison Youth Organisations Sports Club

Village Fayre: Cllr Maitland reported that the situation regarding volunteers had not improved. It was suggested that the Fayre may need to be a biennial event.

Footpaths: Cllr Taylor reported that he had spoken to Mr Williamson of DCC Rights of Way Dept and that he had examined both ends of Jubilee Walk. He stated that the entrance / exit had to be wide enough to comply with the relevant legislation regarding access. Mr Williamson also observed that the current signage is suitable.

School Liaison: Cllr Bush reported that following the letter to DCC Cllr Peter Finney, Mr Tomlinson is following-up with a further letter about the relocation of the bus stop adjacent to the school crossing and also about the route to school via Eldons Drove and a path across the field behind the school.

Village Hall: It was suggested that the council considers moving its meetings from Mondays to Tuesdays as this may be a quieter (and therefore more suitable) evening in the Village Hall. The matter of meeting dates and venues is to be included in on the agenda of the next Full Council meeting. Action: Parish Clerk to add this matter to the draft agenda accordingly.

Cllr Wilson reminded the Council that when a response is received from Primrose regarding the grant application for the toilets refurbishment, the Village Hall committee would like to know immediately.

Cllr Cottman indicated his willingness to be Sports Club representative. This was APPROVED.


Inv To Whom For What Net VAT Total
3396 T Watton Clerk’s salary – December (12 equal monthly payments by standing order) 878.20 0.00 878.20
3397 T Watton Reimbursement of office expenses incurred 136.20 7.50 143.70
3398 T Homer Handyman duties – November, plus cost of latch for play area gate. 216.24 0.50 216.74
3399 Continental Landscapes Grass Cutting, Southern end of Rec – November 20.00 4.00 24.00
3400 The Landscape Group Cemetery maintenance- November 303.49 60.70 364.19
3401 BT Payment Services Ltd Office phone and broadband 102.76 20.64 123.40
3402 D & P Warr Hedge Trimming – High St car park 60.00 12.00 72.00

It was RESOLVED to approve all the payments listed above.


The Parish Clerk reported on the following correspondence received:

A letter from PDC advising of consent for work to protected trees at the rear of 46-58 & garages, The Spinney.

A letter from PDC advising of receipt of application for works to protected trees at 7 Abbotts Meadow.

A letter and forms from PDC Financial Services to enable the council to advise PDC of the precept requirement for 2015/16.

Cllr Colvey reported on correspondence with a resident regarding poor mobile phone reception in the village. After a brief discussion Cllr Colvey indicated that he would raise the matter with Ofcom to see if it is possible to do anything.

Cllr Wilson referred to a complaint raised by a member of the Village Hall Committee regarding bags of rubbish left in the Recreation Ground car park adjacent to the Sports Club Pavilion, about youths loitering in the area of the car park, and about a large “van” which they felt was suspicious. The “van” was subsequently identified as the Youth Worker’s vehicle, and Cllr Wilson had replied to the correspondent on this matter. Regarding the bags of rubbish, Cllr Colvey had also noted about 12 bags of rubbish evidently containing kitchen and household waste, dumped next to the Sports Club bulk green bin. He had reported this to PDC Environmental Services, but before they could attend to pick it up it had been removed by persons unknown.

Cllr Norris felt that there was a need for the Council to develop a policy for how it will handle “blanket” correspondence – i.e. correspondence with identical material content sent to multiple council members. After a brief discussion the principle was agreed that such correspondence would be referred to the Chair of the most relevant council committee, or to the Chairman of the council for more general matters, to develop and send a reply.

Cllr Carswell reported on a conversation with a take-away food vendor who wished to operate in the High Street car park but was turned down by the Parish Council when they last applied. The Parish Clerk reminded members that the council has a policy of having only one take-away food vendor in the car park at a time. This operates under a renewable licence.


Cllr Maitland provided a brief update on the rural roads condition issue which he has been pursuing with DCC Highways. The matter is now with DCC Cllr Peter Finney and Cllr Maitland is awaiting his views.

Cllr Maitland also remarked on action by a landowner on Loop Farm Rd who reportedly is seeking change of use of an agricultural building to “residential” status.

The meeting closed at 9:00pm.

Annotated by/on …………………………….. Signed by/on …………………………

FullMinutes141215 Appendix 1(2015-16 Approved budget).xlsx

FullMinutes141215 Appendix 2 (Neighbourhood Planning SLA)

Minutes of Full Council meeting 15th December 2014