Held on Monday July 21st 2014 at 7:30 in the Sports Club Pavilion, High Street Car Park.

PRESENT were Cllrs: M Colvey, A Bush, I Maitland, K Norris, J Taylor, C Wood, Mr T Watton (Parish Clerk). These were joined by R Carswell and A Huggins after item 2 below.

Also present were County Councillor F Drane, three members of the public, and two candidates for consideration for co-option to the Council.

1. REceipt of apologies for absence – Cllr E Wilson, P Webb and A Cottman.

2. Co-option of Councillors.

The Parish Clerk reported that four applications had been received by him by the agreed deadline. Accordingly, the council members RESOLVED unanimously to co-opt the following to the Council: R Carswell, A Cottman, A Huggins and P Webb.


The Chairman wished the council to guard against attempting to take on too many things at once. He pointed out that the Council has limitations as to its time, money and meeting space. He also wished the Council to strive to be particularly welcoming of approaches from members of the public. He noted that most contact tended to be in the nature of complaints, but that these should be responded to positively and used to help develop better knowledge and opinions of the Council amongst the public.

4. Receipt of VICE CHAIRMAN’S acceptance of office

Cllr Bush duly signed this declaration.

5. PUBLIC PARTICIPATION SESSION (Standing Orders Suspended)

Mrs Hampshire commented on the field hedge overhanging Foxhills Road immediately the south of the junction with Deans Drove. She also reported that she has not consistently received copies of Lytchett Link. Commenting on a visit to Rocket Park play area, she noticed that the gate latch is broken again. She recalled that at a previous meeting an allotment holder had complained about poor drainage on the Allotments site. She suggested that this was not surprising given that Castle Farm Road used to be known locally as Slug Pond Lane.

Mr Aspray drew attention to the fact that the new early morning bus service commences on Wednesday 23rd July. He offered a flyer leaflet for this service. Cllr Norris offered thanks to Mr Aspray for his involvement in this service. Mr Aspray went on to speculate on the lack of viability of the services provided by More Bus Co, but indicated that he had been considering a back-up service plan. He also commented on a possible additional service on Fridays.


7. Review of appointments to COMMITTEES:

The following memberships were RESOLVED:-

Environment & Amenities – R Carswell, A Cottman, A Huggins, I Maitland, K Norris, J Taylor, E Wilson

Finance & Policy Committee – A Bush, M Colvey, I Maitland, K Norris, P Webb, C Wood

Planning Committee – R Carswell, A Cottman, A Huggins, J Taylor, P Webb, E Wilson, C Wood

8. THE MINUTES of the Council meeting on June 2nd 2014 were approved and signed by the Chairman.


· Minute 24, 20th January 2014. Condition of Cypress Leylandii trees on southern side of Recreation Ground. The Parish Clerk reported that this work will now take place in September after the schools go back.

  • Minute 18, 19th May 2014, point 4 – investment transaction with Prudential. It was noted that the documents confirming the investment have been received. Cllr Bush has raised a point with Mr Pincott concerning possible compensation due to loss of earnings on this investment as a result of the delays incurred. It was agreed that the signatures requested by Mr Pincott would be provided when this aspect is resolved.
  • Wareham Rd / Deans Drove traffic / parking – site visit by Andrew Brown of DCC: A question was asked regarding where and how the matters raised at the recent site meeting would be progressed. Such issues include the bus shelter, the hedge, possible yellow lines. possible use of Lytchett Astro land, etc – all of which were summarised in an email by Cllr Wood. It was clarified that this meeting was prompted by receipt by DCC of a petition from Deans Drove residents; and it was noted that no responses have been received to the email yet. Cllr Wood agreed to re-send the email to all concerned. As an aside, it was noted that the Neighbourhood Plan activity encompasses some of the above aspects only – but is a parallel initiative and not a substitute for an appropriate follow-up by DCC. It was agreed that these matters would be brought up with County Cllr Finney when he visits the village on 6th August with County Cllr Drane. In preparation for that it was agreed to hold a pre-meeting on 22nd July.
  1. District Cllrs report.

Dist Cllr Taylor reported on the following:

The PDC Dog Warden Service which was introduced in 2012 with a budget of £32,000 currently includes no provision for holiday or sick absences – thereby resulting in gaps in service provision; or enforced costly coverage by senior managers where urgent and important matters arise. In an effort to address this, an additional part time post at 18.5 hours per week (£5,800 per annum) has been agreed.

Changes have been proposed by the PDC Planning Policy Development Panel. This includes the introduction of a mechanism by which Parish Councils can request their District Cllr to ask for any application of concern to them to be referred to the Planning Board rather than merely being delegated for determination by a Planning Officer. This proposed change has been agreed by PDC.

Cllr Colvey added to the above report by drawing attention to the planning training provided each year by PDC for as many Parish Council members as required, for a fixed one-off £50.00 fee.

  1. County Councillor’s report

County Cllr Drane reported on the following:

  • He had attended the DCC Adult and Community Overview Committee and noted a matter concerning Library Services. DCC intend to explore collaboration with Bournemouth and Poole Borough Councils with regard to library services. Some concerns emerged about how this might affect DCC libraries on the boundaries with Poole (i.e. Upton and Lytchett Matravers Libraries). Assurances were given that the findings of this initiative will be brought back to the Overview Committee for consideration.
  • He also attended a meeting of the Executive Advisory panel on Periodic Electoral review. Cllr Drane is seeking clarification about what might happen to his current Area – encompassing Upton, Lytchett Minster and Lytchett Matravers, as it is the largest DCC single representative area in Dorset.
  • A resident had drawn attention to the fact that Upton school holidays are different to other parts of Dorset, which causes problems for some families. Cllr Drane will take this up at the DCC members meeting on 24th July.
  • Finally, Cllr Drane reported that he had requested that a DCC Cabinet member visits Lytchett Matravers to discuss with the Parish Council a number of issues and concerns. He confirmed that Peter Finney, DCC Cabinet Member, had agreed to attend and would bring DCC Officers with him. The meeting is to take place on Wednesday 6th August commencing at 10am – initially meeting outside the Lytchett Matravers Village Hall. Parish Council members noted this opportunity and agreed to arrange to meet prior to this to agree the issues they wished to cover on 6th August. Issues already flagged up by Cllr Drane include the long standing problems with condition and maintenance, congestion around the Primary School, and safety issues on Huntick Rd.


Cllr Bush summarised the approach to the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan. This work is broken into three sub-sections, being worked on by three separate working groups : (i) Housing, (ii) Amenities, and (iii) Schools and Traffic. There is also a fortnightly meeting of the core team; with the next meeting being scheduled to take place on Tuesday 22nd of July at 7.30 pm in the Rose & Crown public house. Cllr Bush commented that the subgroups would benefit from more members.

Cllr Bush then went on to comment on meeting held two weeks previously with officers from Purbeck District Council – which had provided new insights into what is required for the Neighbourhood Plan in terms of its preparation, format and supporting evidence. The meeting also stressed that the Neighbourhood Plan is subordinate to the national, county and district development plans – and therefore must fit within the provisions of these documents. This has a particular bearing on the subject of land for development.

Regarding the draft Service Level Agreement which PDC have offered, Cllr Bush commented that this was reviewed section-by-section during the meeting with PDC. He confirmed that the Parish Council is required to accept and sign this document.

14. Recommendations from Committees:

(i) Environment & Highways Committee – meeting 7th July 2014: There were none.

(ii) Finance & Policy Committee – meeting 14th June 2014:

It was recommended to the Council that the four grant requests listed on the Grant Control Form attached at Appendix 2 the minutes of the Finance and Policy committee meeting be approved and paid. It was RESOLVED to pay these. The Parish Clerk then reported that he had received two further requests – from the Purbeck Film Festival and St St John’s Ambulance South West. After a brief discussion it was RESOLVED to pay £100 to the Purbeck Film Festival. Regarding the request from the St John’s Ambulance, it was agreed to ascertain what demand there might be in the village for a First Aid Course to be held locally and run by this organisation which could be funded by the Parish Council in the form of a grant. All of the above is included in the updated Grants Control Form which is attached at appendix one to these minutes.

(iii) Planning Committee – meeting 7th July 2014: There were none.

15. Receipt of remaining risk assessment.

Cllr Colvey confirmed that he would forward this to the Parish Clerk on 22nd July.

16. Update – footpath between Foxhills Open Space and Deans Drove.

The Parish Clerk referred to an e-mail from Tony Bird of Purbeck District Council to July Dyball on 21st July. The e-mail states that the £1000 contribution arising from the development at September Cottage in Deans Drove had been received by PDC some time previously, and that Mr Bird did not know why this money had not been transferred to the Parish Council as agreed. However, he would ask a Planning Officer to investigate the matter. It was reported that the concrete posts and a few of the boards for the fence are now in place.

  1. Camborne Energy – community support funding, (i) update from Village Hall committee (2) consideration of quotations.

No representative from the Village Hall Committee was present, so this item was deferred until the next meeting.


It was noted that Mark Gracey has put forward a proposal to design and set up a website along similar lines to the format, software and operational features which were proposed by Cllr Taylor; and that Mr Gracey would manage the domain. It was noted that he would undertake this for the same costs as Cllr Taylor had projected. It was agreed to ask Mr Gracey to amend the original proposal to reflect the changes and return it ready for consideration by the Council. Action: Cllr Norris to contact Mr Gracey about this to confirm what he is proposing (copied to all council members).


It was agreed, in principle, that the Council should aspire to using an online calendar. Cllr Carswell agreed to set up a working version for further consideration. Action: Cllr Carswell to set up an online calendar accordingly.

19 Progress report on work towards Clerk’s CILCA qualification.

The Parish Clerk reported on the structure and assessment criteria for the CILCA qualification – which requires the compilation of a portfolio of “evidence” similar to that of an NVQ. He reminded members that a CILCA-qualified Clerk is one of a number of requirements for a Council to apply for “Quality” status and thereby be able to use the “General Power of Well Being”. There are 24 topic areas within CILCA, organised into 6 sections. The first three of these sections (Roles & Responsibilities, Law, and Procedures) account for 18 of the topic areas. The Clerk explained that he had completed two thirds of the evidence (in draft form), with the remainder in various stages of compilation. The Clerk anticipates that the entire portfolio will be ready for submission for assessment in the autumn.


There was none.


Village Fayre DAPTC Footpaths Village Hall
School Liaison Youth Organisations Sports Club

It was noted that there is a Purbeck Area DAPTC meeting week commencing 28th July.

22. Council to approve the following payments ALREADY MADE: –

Inv To Whom For What Net VAT Total
3334 Brighstone Landscaping Ltd Pruning work – Foxhills Open Space 150.00 30.00 180.00
3335 Tracie Tucker Hand delivery of L Link 80.00 0.00 80.00
3336 The Landscape Group Cemetery Maintenance – June 14 303.49 60.70 364.19
3337 NW Adams Annual safety check and reports – play areas 252.00 50.40 302.40
3338 HMRC P32 PAYE & ENI Quarter 1, 2014/15 888.92 0.00 888.92
3339 S Masters Repairs to Rocket Park Fencing plus spare palings 33.44 00.0 33.44

It was RESOLVED to approve all the payments listed above.

23. Council to approve the following payments due: –

Inv To Whom For What Net VAT Total
3340 T Watton Clerk’s salary – July (12 equal monthly payments by standing order) 878.20 0.00 878.20
3341 T Homer Handyman duties – June, plus reimbursement for timber purchased 297.45 0.00 297.45
3342 Continental Landscapes Grass Cutting, Southern end of Rec – June 20.00 4.00 24.00
3343 Wessex Water Allotment water supply 20/12/13-27/06/14 184.52 0.00 184.52
3344 Southern Electric Car Park lighting – Quarter 1, 2014/15 16.58 0.82 17.40
3345 Brighstone Landscaping Ltd Foxhills Open Space Maintenance: Apr-June 2014 560.93 112.19 673.19
3346 K Johnson Allotment – first prize 15.00 0.00 15.00
3347 A White Allotment – second prize 10.00 0.00 10.00
3348 S Cullen Allotment – third prize 5.00 0.00 5.00
3349 Mr & Mrs RP Ball Supply of water to standpipe – Row Park cemetery April 13- Mar 14 100.00 0.00 100.00
3350 Purbeck Citizens Advice Bureau Grant 2014 1400.00 0.00 1400.00
3351 Lytchett Minster & Upton Age Concern Grant 2014 800.00 0.00 800.00
3352 Lytchett Matravers Twinning Association Grant 2014 300.00 0.00 300.00
3353 Purbeck Film Festival Grant 2014 100.00 0.00 100.00
3354 Pamela White Accountancy Services Year-end procedures and preparation of Financial Statements, internal audit, payroll services for 2013/14 1250.00 240.00 1490.00

It was RESOLVED to approve all the payments listed above.


The Parish Clerk reported on an email quotation from Brighstone Landscaping Ltd in response to a request from the Council to review and make a recommendation regarding the trees overhanging Library Walk. The recommendation suggests that the Oak tree in question is crown lifted to 3-4m over the footpath and to prune away from adjacent buildings to give 2-3 metres clearance. (£250 + VAT); plus removal of larger dead wood (£150 +VAT). It was RESOLVED by a majority (4 in favour, 3 abstentions) that the Clerk should ask the company to go ahead with this work.

Cllr Norris reported on an email received from Mr Douglas Neville-Jones, of Preston Redman Solicitors, Bournemouth, concerning the British Legion Hall and land at Blaneys Corner. In a letter to Mr Miller, Mr Neville-Jones advised that, in principle, the landowner supports the ideas for the Hall which the Council has suggested. It seems that the landowner is consulting the Royal British Legion on the matter, but the letter is rather unclear as to what she or her solicitor expects to happen next.


The Parish Clerk advised of the cover arrangements for his holiday in August which will affect the Finance & Policy Committee meeting on 11th August and the preparation for the Full Council meeting on 18th August.

Cllrs Bush and Taylor drew attention to a pile of earth which appears to have been dumped in the Eldons Drove car park of the Recreation Ground. However, a council member has the registration number of the vehicle used. It was agreed that this would be passed on to the local police.

The meeting closed at 9:45pm.


Minutes of Full Council meeting 21st July 2014