Lytchett Matravers Parish Council

Minutes of the meeting on Thurs 6th April 2017 in the Methodist Church, Wareham Rd, Lytchett Matravers at 7:00

PRESENT were: Cllrs R Carswell, A Cottman, M Colvey, A Huggins, P Webb, and Mr T Watton, Parish Clerk.

37 members of the public were in attendance.

1. APOLOGIES: Cllrs C Wood, J Taylor, E Wilson, and J Gracey.


3. Public participation (standing orders suspended). Mr Corbin noted that the council had arranged an extraordinary meeting in order to consider its response to the planning proposal for the development on land adjacent to Foxhills Rd and Deans Drove recently. He wondered if there would be a similar meeting to consider the application for land on the Wessex Water reservoir site. In response, Cllr Colvey he explained that the need for an extraordinary meeting of the Parish Council to consider that proposal had been entirely due to the timing of receipt of the proposal for the land adjacent to Foxhills Rd and Deans Drove and the deadline for that response to be received back by Purbeck District Council. Mr. Corbyn also referred to the Lytchett Matravers Neighbourhood Plan, and asked about its status and how it might help in the response to the Wessex Water reservoir site proposal. Cllr Colvey confirmed that the Neighbourhood Plan, if accepted by residents in the forthcoming referendum on 4th May, would indeed be helpful, since its contents can be drawn on to support arguments about location, densities and appropriateness of proposed developments, the types of dwellings include within them, facilities for parking and access and the overall impact upon the village and its community. He explained that the Neighbourhood Plan has reached a stage where it has been accepted by the inspector subject to some amendments, and is to be voted on by the community in a referendum to take place on 4th May 2017. He strongly encouraged all members of the Lytchett Matravers community to vote to accept it, so that PDC will then have to take it into account in their planning decisions. Cllr Webb added to this by confirming that for practical purposes from the 4th May the Neighbourhood Plan, if accepted, will have full weight of influence on PDC planning decisions. It provides some protection and will help in responses to the Wessex water proposals.

Mr. Corbin also stressed the need to look at the WW site proposal documents carefully – giving particular attention to the areas of highway, parking provision, pavements, footpaths and other public open space. He noted that the plans do not make any of this particularly clear. He also questioned what arrangements might be made to maintain this proposed open space and the trees within it. The Council acknowledged this point that there is doubt about who would own/manage the public rights of way across the development as it appears from the drawings that only the main road would be adopted. Cllr Colvey commented that it would be important that the Parish Council response to PDC should take into account the parking provision.

Mr. Ray Floyd commented that there appears to be considerable paperwork related to the Wessex Water proposal on the PDC planning portal website. He noted that the original proposal had been for 29 dwellings and that this is now been adjusted to 24. He also noted that the previous objection by the Parish council had been based primarily on the density of dwellings on the site and the TPOs on trees on it; and he wondered if these objections would still hold for this revised proposal. Mr. Floyd also wondered if the reservoir itself was still operational. In response, Cllr Carswell commented that the new proposal includes more green space and that this encompasses the area on which the protected trees stand; so arguments about the development affecting trees with TPOs may no longer be strongly relevant. However he did encourage everyone who is preparing to send a response to PDC Planning to mention the TPOs and their concerns about how the trees may be affected. Cllr Carswell also confirmed that the reservoir is still operational but only as reserve capacity which Wessex Water want to retain in an operational state. The main supply for Lytchett Matravers is now from Sturminster Marshall.

Mr. Trevor Taylor expressed concerns about how the trees on Purbeck Road it might be affected. He recalled that around the time of the original proposals a tree had been claimed to be diseased and was cut down. He feared that similar reason might be given to remove further protected trees. Mr. Geoff Linton also commented on the matter of trees. Cllr Carswell reiterated his advice that in a formal response is to PDC Planning, residents should mention their concerns about how the proposal might affect the trees on the site and its surrounding area.

Mr. Michael Redfern explained that he had lived adjacent to the proposed development site for 14 years and was concerned about how the proposed dwellings would be likely to overlook his property and affect his privacy when the hedge is removed. He also feared that during construction and subsequently the current peacefulness of the area would be likely to be badly affected. He recalled that when purchasing his property the estate agent had given assurances that no development would take place on the site. Cllr Carswell pointed out that the land had never been protected against development.

Mr. Phil Ellard was concerned about removal of trees and how this and other ground works connected with the development may affect the water table, risk of flooding, and the stability of pre-existing properties in an area which is already known to be naturally very wet. Cllr Carswell commented that this is an engineering problem which the developers and the Environment Agency will no doubt focus on and apply engineering solutions to. However he emphasized that, in responses to PDC Planning department it is worth mentioning this concern. He also stressed that where actual evidence of flooding is available, residents should include the details of this with their responses to PDC. Cllr Webb explained that during the process of consideration of the application by the Planning Authority, the District Engineer will be asked for his opinion – and therefore submitted evidence by residents will be valuable to focus his attention and the subsequent discussion on this point.

Ms Velma Cox observed that this proposal is for two story houses in an area largely surrounded by bungalows. She felt that this makes the proposal somewhat out of keeping. Cllr Colvey observed that it is likely Wessex Water have made a commercial decision for a proposal for houses since this will yield more money. Cllr Huggins explained that the Planning Authority will take into account how the proposal fits within a wider street scene; so it will not just take into account comparisons with properties in the approach roads, but also more widely the surrounding area – which is a mix of houses and bungalows.

Mr. Jim Cunningham picked up the point about the extent to which the proposals may be considered to be out of keeping with the surrounding area. Referring to Anncott Close, he commented that the two storey buildings there are lower in roof height in that the upper rooms are dormer style. In Fry’s Close they are also lower in that there are dropped eaves and the roofs slope at around 30° in contrast to the buildings on this proposal site where the roof heights are higher and the pitch of them is at 45°approx. He made a particular point about the impact on his property which would be adjacent to the proposed units 6, 7 and 8. His overarching point was that these taller buildings with steeper roofs are indeed out of character with the pre-existing surrounding dwellings. In response, Cllr Webb pointed out that the developers and Wessex Water might argue that Lytchett Matravers is already made up of ideas diversity of styles within the village, and that this contrast between their proposal and the immediate surrounding area is merely another example of that diversity.

A comment was made about the large “planning statement” document within the set of materials available on the planning portal website. It was observed that this document seems to be largely concerned with justifying the philosophy of this proposal. It was observed that its uses the results of a public consultation exercise related to 19 dwellings as justification for this latest approach. This would seem to be somewhat misleading and unreasonable use of such “evidence”. Cllr Colvey commented that the Parish Council is not aware of any other further consultation which the developer or Wessex Water intend to carry out, but the Council would be happy to ask for such further public consultation to take place.

4. Minutes of meeting held on 2nd March 2017, were unanimously agreed as an accurate record and were signed by the meeting Chairman.


6/2016/0513 Mr A Scrimgeour. Huntick Farm, Huntick Road, Lytchett Matravers, BH16 6BB. Variation of condition 7 of planning permission 6/1984/0743 (Use land to extend existing caravan/tent camping site) to extend the available season for touring caravans or tents. PASS shows that this application has now been withdrawn.

6/2016/0721 Mrs Kathleen Bradley. Caroline Cottage, Prospect Road, Lytchett Matravers, BH16 6ED. Subdivide plot and erect single dwelling in front garden of existing cottage, and single dwelling in rear garden of existing cottage with new access from Prospect Road and associated car parking. PASS shows that PDC has still not yet determined this application.

6/2016/0686 J. Farrah. Larks Rise, Dolmans Hill, Lytchett Matravers, Poole, Dorset, BH16 6HP. Erect a single storey side extension and single storey rear extension involving alterations to elevations. PASS shows that PDC has now approved this application.

6/2016/0752 High Street (Land to rear of Chequers Inn), Lytchett Matravers, BH16 6BJ. Dwelling no. 3 as approved under grant of permission 6/2015/0755 to be raised to accommodate site topography. PASS shows that PDC has now approved this proposed alteration to dwelling #3.

6/2016/0633 Mr Kearn Maguire. Blandford Road (Plants Direct Woodlands Nursery), Lytchett Matravers, BH16 6AG. Erection of two storey extension to form disabled toilets, storage, office and training facilities & retention of cafe. PASS shows that PDC has now approved this application.

6/2017/0002 Mr Nicholas Rubenstein. Foxhills Farm, Foxhills Road, Lytchett Matravers, BH16 6BD. Demolish existing dwelling & erect two 4 bed dwellings with garages & associated parking. PASS shows that PDC has not yet determined this application.

6/2017/0018 Mrs Meehan. Halls Road (Quarr Farm Bungalow), Lytchett Matravers, BH16 6EP. Demolish existing bungalow & garage & erect new dwelling. PASS shows that PDC has now approved this application.

6/2017/0025 Mr & Mrs D & R Mason. La Retraite Burbidge Close, Lytchett Matravers, BH16 6EG. Alterations and extension to an existing building comprising – demolition of conservatory, erection of single storey extensions (to front and rear), and new roof lights/door. PASS shows that PDC has now approved this application.

6/2017/0010 Mr Neville Logan. Land Off Foxhills Road, Foxhills Road, Lytchett Matravers. Change of use of set aside farmland to the flying of model helicopters for more than the permitted 28 days per year. PASS shows that PDC has not yet determined this application.

6/2016/0593 Mr Christopher Ryan. The Latches, Middle Road, Lytchett Matravers, Poole, Dorset BH16 6HJ. Demolish existing garage store at front of property and erect new 2 storey double garage. Erect a rear conservatory, including a rooftop balcony, ground floor balcony/terrace. PASS shows that PDC has not yet determined this application.

6/2016/0784 Mr Ian Fendley. Glenwoods, Poole Road, Lytchett Matravers, BH21 3RP. Demolish existing dwelling and garage, erect a new dwelling and detached garage. PASS shows that PDC has refused this application.

6/2017/0061 Mr & Mrs Kevin Rigler. Northouse Farm, Huntick Road, LYTCHETT MATRAVERS. BH16 6BB. Outline Planning Application to demolish existing barn and remove existing mobile home and erect a detached 2 storey building comprising of 2 holiday cottages with associated parking and access. PASS shows that PDC has not yet determined this application.

6/2017/0079 Mr Rigby and Ms Lewis. Land to east of Marshcroft, Castle Farm Road, Lytchett Matravers, Poole, BH16 6DA. Temporary rural workers dwelling and ancillary farm workshop/office on land adjacent to Castle Farm Road, Lytchett Matravers, Poole, Dorset, BH16 6DA. PASS shows that PDC has not yet determined this application.

6. 6/2017/0109 Mr & Mrs S & E Risk. Wellincroft, Wimborne Road, Lytchett Matravers BH16 6HQ. Erect a first floor side extension and new enlarged pitched roof front porch. NO OBJECTION

7. 6/2017/0079 Mr Rigby and Ms Lewis. Land to east of Marshcroft, Castle Farm Road, Lytchett Matravers, Poole, BH16 6DA. Temporary rural workers dwelling and ancillary farm workshop/office on land adjacent to Castle Farm Road, Lytchett Matravers, Poole, Dorset, BH16 6DA. The Parish Council wished to register an OBJECTION to this proposal on the grounds that it noted that a 150sq metre temporary building does not seem to be justified by the reasoning provided in the proposal documents with regard to the space provided and the likely number of people who might be employed on the site. The Council also does not understand how the proposed building can be described as “temporary”. If the Planning Authority is minded to grant permission, the Parish Council would ask that such permission is itself temporary and will be later reviewed in the light of actual use and business viability.

8. 6/2017/0120 Nest Homes. Land adjacent to Wessex Water Reservoir, Purbeck Road, Lytchett Matravers. Erection of 24 new dwellings with associated access, car parking and landscaping. The Parish Council wished to register an OBJECTION on the following grounds:

· Overdevelopment, in the sense that the number of proposed dwellings on the site is too high and leaves insufficient open space.

· That the dwelling density and the design of the properties is out of keeping with the general street scene and surrounding area. In particular, as well as the total number of properties, that roof heights and pitch of roofs are both greater than the other two storey dwellings adjacent and near to this site.

· The placing of higher two-storey properties adjacent to pre-existing lower height properties, coupled with the proposed landscaping, will create overlooking and loss of privacy.

· The off-street parking provisions are insufficient, and are likely to result in significant on-street parking in their surrounding area.

In addition, the Parish Council wished to express concerns about how this additional development in this vicinity will affect the ground conditions and risk of flooding. The area is known to be very wet, and there is already evidence of flooding of surrounding properties, which is likely to get worse if this site is developed.

The Council also wished to express concern about potential damage to the protected trees on this site. It was also noted that many of the protected trees will remain at the edge of the development, but that there are several trees that have been identified within the site that will not be retained.

Finally, the Parish Council noted that there are no affordable dwellings included within this scheme – which does not comply with Purbeck District Council’s own planning guidelines for schemes of over 10 dwellings.

9. 6/2017/0152 OOTA Property Ltd. 86 Wareham Road, Lytchett Matravers, BH16 6DT. Demolish existing buildings, erection of new building to include a ground floor shop and coffee shop and flat, with 2 flats above, and a detached single storey building at the rear comprising 2 flats together with associated access and parking. The Parish Council wished to register an OBJECTION to this proposal on the basis that it provides for insufficient off-road parking to support five dwellings and a shop. The Parish Council also has concerns over safety risks arising from the additional traffic exiting this site immediately opposite the school and school crossing in an already very traffic congested area with a record of parking problems.

10. 6/2017/0161 Mr A Scrimgeour. Huntick Farm, Huntick Road, Lytchett Matravers, BH16 6BB. Variation of planning conditions 2, 3 and 7 (planning permission 6/1984/0743) relating to use of land as caravan/tent camping site. NO OBJECTION

11. 6/2017/0151 Mr & Mrs C & R Inman. 4 Scutts Close, Lytchett Matravers, BH16 6HB. Erect a single storey rear extension. Due to the absence yet of the hard copy of the proposal plans and other supporting papers, it was agreed to defer consideration of this proposal until the Full Council meeting on 24th April 2017. Action: Parish Clerk to add this to the agenda of the full council meeting on 24th April 2017.

12. PDC Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment sites consultation – consideration of response to inclusion of land off Castle Farm Rd. (see email to members on 22/03/17). It was noted that Purbeck District Council had previously advised that this site was not appropriate for development. Consequently the Parish Council wished to seek clarification from PDC as to what has changed to alter that opinion. This clarification is needed before a further response can be made. Action: Parish Clerk to write to Purbeck District Council accordingly.

13. Consideration of a draft response to PDC Planning Officer Sylvia Leonard regarding her reply to Cllr Wood’s questions about lack of adherence to their own published processes for an RES. DISCHARGED

14. Consideration of publicity for Neighbourhood Plan referendum. It was noted that there is an urgent requirement for expenditure to publicise the Neighbourhood Plan Referendum. It was recognised by the members present that the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group is a community group formed with the sole purpose of developing the Neighbourhood Plan, and its purposes and operation are supported by the Parish Council. After a brief discussion it was agreed to RECOMMEND to Full Council to make a grant of £300 to ensure that sufficient communication and publicity material is prepared and distributed to ensure that public understanding of the issues and purpose & importance of the Neighbourhood Plan; and that participation in the NP Referendum on the 4th May, is maximised.

15. CORRESPONDENCE. There was none.

16. MATTERS OF INTEREST. There was none.

The meeting closed at 8:30pm

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Minutes of Planning Committee meeting 6th April 2017