Held on Wednesday August 22nd2018 at 7:00 in the Blanchard Room, Village Hall, High St, Lytchett Matravers.


PRESENT were Cllrs A Bush (Chairman), M Colvey, A Cottman, A Huggins, K Norris, J Taylor, R Watts, P Webb, and C Wood and Mr T Watton (Parish Clerk).


Also present: Michael Tomlinson MP, Dist Cllr W Meaden, and 2 members of the public.


Update from Michael Tomlinson MP

Cllr Bush explained that he wished to introduce this session with summaries of two key initiatives currently underway within Lytchett Matravers:

  1.  Safe crossing of Wareham road. Cllr Bushcommented on the community activity concerning a safe crossing of Wareham Road adjacent to the school which had been initiated by two local school parents who organized a petition which secured more than 50 signatures and thereby initiated a formal review by Dorset County Council.  As a result, DCC Highways Department had become involved and has identified some funding for facilitation of a community project to explore the options available. It is expected that the DCC representatives will come back to the Parish Council with some form of planned approach to this community involvement during September.
  2. Broadband improvement project. Cllr bush invited Cllr Huggins to provide a verbal update on the Broadband Improvement project. Cllr Huggins advised that Wessex Internet had been approached to consider the options for provision of improved broadband for parts of the village not covered by the BT Openreach initiative – i.e. for addresses served by the Sturminster Marshall and Morden exchanges. The Wessex Internet project is hoped to provide improvement to around 80 addresses in Lytchett Matravers parish, through fibre direct to premises part funded through an application to central government under the “Gigabit Voucher Scheme”.  It is hoped that a response to the application will be received during September so that the company may then be able to progress the project to completion before the end of 2018. In the meantime there are some final contractual issues to be resolved with local landowners regarding cabling – however it is not anticipated that this will present any particular problems.  Cllr Huggins pointed out that the Wessex Internet project does not cover a ring of properties served by the 01202 exchange which are the greatest distance from the telecoms cabinets. This includes Old Pound Close, Scutts Close and parts of Huntick Road. For these remaining properties it will be necessary to initiate a separate project to see if it is possible to obtain funding from DEFRA. Members noted that Mr Bartlett, Superfast Dorset Project Officer at DCC, is working with Michael Tomlinson MP on this.


Mr. Tomlinson remarked that Westminster is currently consumed by issues related to Brexit and he therefore felt it was more appropriate to focus on local matters for this “update”. He wished firstly to pick up on the two issues summarised above:

Regarding the matters concerning the safe crossing of Wareham Rd and other linked issues, he noted the need to pursue improvements around congestion and parking, which he felt were not insoluble. He emphasized that if the Parish Council required some formal support from him on this matter he would be happy to do so.

Mr Tomlinson noted that the Council hopes Wessex Internet project should be completed before the end of 2018 – and he applauded this aspiration, with a note of caution. Concerning the DEFRA funding, he indicated that he was aware that this had now been made available nationwide, but he was not sure whether it included any money allocated to Dorset. He advised that he would check on this. For those premises on the 01202 exchange served by long cable-runs from the cabinet, he indicated he was happy to pick up on this issue, if required. He commented that this may not result in fibre to premises, but it should be possible to seek some improvements. He also drew attention to the fact that anyone receiving download speeds of <10Mb/sec can claim under the terms of the Universal Service Obligation.


He then turned to the matter of local government restructuring in Dorset.  He noted that this represents a challenge to parish and town councils and how they might see their role in future. He noted that councils will need to consider whether they want to take on additional responsibilities for service delivery and be given greater powers. He would like to receive feedback from the Parish Council on this matter. On the related subject of ward boundaries, he noted that he had not received many representations from within his constituency. In response, members of the Parish Council drew attention to issues raised by the nearby communities of Wareham St Martin and Bloxworth. The deadline for such representation is the 27thof August and Mr Tomlinson assured the Parish Council that he would check what representations had been received. Related to this matter, Cllr Wood expressed concern about the anticipated reduced level of principal authority member representation in the planning process. She noted that the District Council currently has 11 members on its Planning Committee and she wondered what the effect would be within the new authority due to the overall reduction in the number of members overall – as it would seem this will reduce the number of members due to consider applications – and therefore concentrate greater decision-making power within the hands of fewer members. Cllr Wood wondered what the new authority would do with the planning process to ensure adequate debate, and to protect the democratic process.  In response, Mr. Tomlinson commented that he could not give a detailed answer, but he remarked that an underlying principle of the restructuring was that more decision-making was intended to be local. He advised that he would take up the question of the level of representation and the quorum arrangements.


Mr. Tomlinson made a particular point of offering recognition and thanks to the Parish Council for the role it plays in local government, and for the commitment of its members.


In response to Mr. Tomlinson’s above points regarding the future role and responsibilities of Parish and Town councils, Cllr Huggins referred to the forward planning session undertaken by Lytchett Matravers Parish Council members earlier in the year when they considered the list of services and what the Parish might like to have greater Influence over in the future. Cllr Bush summarised this by reminding those present that there were three areas where the council had hoped to increase its influence: (i) planning, (ii) environmental issues, and (iii) licensing. The Parish Council had however subsequently recognised that Licensing has quite a high level of technical and legal dimensions, which Parish and Town Council members do not have the resources or expertise to undertake.  Regarding environmental matters, Cllr Watts remarked that there is a desire to monitor to ensure that standards are maintained over services such as the maintenance of roadside verges, etc.


Cllr Norris sought Mr Tomlinson’s stance on fracking. In reply, he indicated that he supports this in principle, but recognises that Dorset is not geologically suitable for such initiatives.


Cllrs Webb and Wood raised the issue of the government drive for increased house building. Cllr Wood pointed out that due to local market conditions and demographics the current approach does not produce affordable houses within Purbeck – and therefore some adjustments are needed to the process to better support a drive to produce the right kind of housing, rather than merely increased housing numbers in total.  In response, Mr. Tomlinson indicated that he accepts this point. He expressed the view that local provision of housing is the key to this.





There was none.


District Councillor’s Report

Cllr Meaden’s and Cllr Webb’s joint report is attached at appendix 1 to these minutes. There were no questions.


County Councillor’s Report

Cllr Wharf‘s report is attached at appendix 2 to these minutes. There were no questions.


  1. TO RECEIVE AND CONSIDER APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE –Cllrs B Barker, R Carswell, and County Cllr P Wharf.


  1. TO RECEIVE ANY DECLARATIONS OF PECUNIARY INTEREST; AND CONSIDER REQUESTS FOR SPECIAL DISPENSATIONS UNDER SECTION 33 OF THE LOCALISM ACT 2011. Cllr A Bush declared a pecuniary interest in item 8 below (planning application 6/2018/0419) and left the meeting for that item.



It was RESOLVEDto approve these as a true record of the meeting; and they were duly signed by the Council Chairman.



It was RESOLVED to receive and note the contents of the following report, which had been prepared and circulated in advance of the meeting by the Parish Clerk. The italicsbelow indicates additional comments made by members at the meeting.

  1. Minute 7, 17thJanuary 2018 – research of grant funding for defibrillator by Cllr Cottman. At a previous meeting it had been resolved that Cllr Cottman would consider specific properties belonging to the local Housing Association as potential locations for a further defibrillator. He reported that his approach to Aster Housing Association on this matter had proved successful in that they had agreed to permit the Council to install a defibrillator on the outside wall of Abbotts Court or Friars Court – making a total of three agreed well-distributed sites across the village. The members noted that Cllr Cottman had identified a source of grants of up to £10,000 on offer for such projects.  
  2. Minute 13, 28thMarch 2018 – members to seek public opinion on uses for the redundant telephone kiosk opposite the Rose & Crown PH. The Parish Clerk reported that in recent correspondence with BT he had discovered that BT has decided that it intends to retain the telephone box opposite the Rose & Crown in operational use. DISCHARGED
  3. Minute 10, 25thApril 2018 –Security of fences at Jubilee Walk.As resolved, this was reported to the local DCC Rights of Way Ranger for attention. In response to a request for a progress update from DCC the Parish Clerk was informed that the matter of removal of the tree had to involve DCC in consulting solicitors. Since then no further news had been received from DCC. The Parish Clerk reported that he had therefore contact the relevant ROW Ranger again requesting a progress report or confirmation of the resolution of the matter.
  4. Minute 11 iv, 23rdMay 2018 –invitation to tenderletter to 5 solicitors. A local law firm has now been appointed. DISCHARGED.   
  5. Public Participation, 25thJuly 2018 –condition of Church Walk. In response to concerns expressed by a resident regarding the poor condition of Church Walk due to overgrowth and surface erosion Cllr Norris had made a suitable approach to DCC ROW department accordingly.  This point was noted be the members present and in subsequent discussion it was proposed to ask the F&GP Committee to consider the establishment of a community working party to cut the undergrowth back each side for the length of the path to create increased path width and thereby relieve the erosion of its surface. Action: Parish Clerk to add this to the next agenda of the F&GP Cttee; and also to check with the Council’s insurers what types of work related to thus may be undertaken within the current Public Liability cover.  



There were none.



It wasRESOLVED to receive and note these. Cllr Wood drew attention to the following points:

  • F&GP Cttee resolution to ensure that at each meeting of the F&GP Cttee the bank statements used for the related bank reconciliation will be printed out and signed at the meeting by all members present.
  • Members’ disappointment that the vandalism incidents at the children’s play areas is continuing.
  • She is waiting for a response from Rev. S Partridge regarding the George VI coronation commemorative plaque.


  1. TO CONSIDER PLANNING APPLICATION 6/2018/0287 NEST HOMES.Land adjacent to Wessex Water Reservoir, Purbeck Road, Lytchett Matravers. Amendments to proposal for construction of 25 dwellings and associated access, car parking and landscaping. Amendments are an altered red line, some changes to design and alterations to flat layouts.

Amendment 1 – changes to entrance area – no objection.

Amendment 2 – removal of chimneys – no objection.

Amendment 3 – changes to appearance of block 16-19 – no objection.

Amendment 4 – number of people expected to occupy 1 / 2 bedroom flats – this causes the Parish Council great concernin terms of parking provision, as per its previous objection sent to PDC Planning on 2ndJuly 2018.


  1. TO CONSIDER PLANNING APPLICATION 6/2018/0419 MR & MRS A & R BUSH.The Shooting Box, Middle Road, Lytchett Matravers BH16 6HJ. Listed Building consent related to a non-material amendment to application to demolish existing southern extension and rebuild and for alterations to windows on south and west elevations and install set of french doors on east elevation. NO OBJECTION.


  1. TO RECEIVE AND CONSIDER THE CONTENT OF A “WORKING GROUP ROUND-UP” SUMMARY REPORT COVERING PROGRESS ON THE ON THE FOLLOWING WORKING GROUPS – NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN, YOUTH HALL, LIBRARY, HIGH STREET SHARED SPACE, REC. PATH, REC. PAVILIONS, ELDONS DROVE LANE, ASTRO EXPANSION AND NEW SPORTS FIELD. A report was prepared by Cllr Bush and circulated to all members in advance of the meeting. A copy is attached at Appendix 3 to these minutes. In addition, Cllr Bush commented that the Council members had scheduled a working meeting on 23rdAugust 2018 with an experienced local planner to begin the process of working-up a cohesive plan for these linked infrastructure projects and to enable enquiries to begin into any available support funding and grants which may be available.


Inv To Whom For What Net VAT Total
3972 T Watton Clerk’s salary – August (12 equal monthly payments by SO) 883.35 0.00 883.35
3973 DCC LGPS pension contrib August 350.56 0.00 350.56
3974 T Homer Handyman duties, July 2018 252.00 0.00 252.00
3975 Idverde Ltd Cemetery maintenance – July 2018 303.49 60.70 364.19
3976 Idverde Ltd 2 x fortnightly grass cutting of sports field area of rec ground – July 170.00 34.00 204.00
3977 Idverde Ltd 2 x fortnightly grass cutting, southern end of rec – July 46.50 9.30 55.80
3978 Idverde Ltd Clearance of soil heap, Lytchett Matravers Pre-school 454.30 90.86 545.16
3979 A Bush Reimbursement for purchase of replacement allotment vehicle gate lock from Ashley Security Ltd, and for payment of Sports Club electricity bill. 143.67 19.70 163.37
3980 T Watton Reimbursement for office expenses 81.79 1.25 83.04

It wasRESOLVED to approve all of the above payments.




  1. TO NOTE ANY DECISIONS AND / OR ACTION TAKEN BY PARISH CLERK UNDER “OPENNESS OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT BODIES REGULATIONS 2014”, PART 3, PARAGRAPHS 6-10, RECORD OF DECISIONS AND ACCESS TO DOCUMENTS.The Parish Clerk reported that he had arranged for urgent action to be taken, for safety reasons, to request Poole Business Services to attend the Foxhills Play area to repair a piece of children’s play equipment. This repair was completed within 24 hours of the fault being reported to the Parish Clerk.


Members reported on the following items of correspondence:

  • Cllr Taylor commented on the sad news of the death of former Parish Councillor Mr. S Witherden. The members recognised the contributions to the community of Mr. Witherden and expressed their sympathy at the sad news of his death.
  • Cllr Norris referred to enquiries about the next scheduled litter pick. It was RESOLVEDthat this would take place at the beginning of November and should be advertised in the Lytchett Link.
  • Cllr Watts noted that he and Cllr Norris had now been invited to attend the meetings of the DAPTC Town and Large Parish Committee – the next meeting of which is due to take place week commencing 27thAugust 2018.
  • Cllr Huggins reported that a second quote had been received for the proposed new ball court. It is anticipated that a third quotation will be received from Sutcliffe Play Southwest.



The next Full Council meeting is to be held in the Village Hall on Wednesday 26thSeptember 2018 at 7pm in the Village Hall.


The meeting closed at 8:15pm


Annotated by/on ……………………………..            Signed by……………………


FullMinutes180822v2 (PDF)
FullMinutes180822 Appendix1 (Dist Cllrs Report to LMPC August 2018) (PDF)
FullMinutes180822 Appendix 2 (DCC Report) (PDF)
FullMinutes180822 Appendix 3 (NP Summary Activity – 22082018) (PDF)

Minutes of the Meeting of Lytchett Matravers Parish Council, held on Wednesday August 22nd 2018