Dorset Council logoSocial care in Dorset is facing problems in fulfilling its commitments to adults in need of social care.

There are many vacancies and plenty of job opportunities available in this sector, and Dorset Council has said that there will be problems in the system of Adult Care unless they are able to recruit more workers.

This might include having to wait to see a specific carer, change the times of carer visits and face the situation where they have little choice over who actually cares for them. In addition, there will be delays in convalescents being able to leave hospital due to delays in setting up their care packages. This itself has a knock-on effect to bed availability and the care of those attending accident and emergency.

There are 20+ social care vacancies advertised on the Dorset Council Recruitment site currently. There may also be a role here for individuals, families and volunteer groups to help during this problem period.  If you have any ideas as to how the community could help, please let us know.

Social Care problems across Dorset
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