Photo of the Sports Pavilion with the solar arrayEarlier this year the PC Climate & Ecological Emergency Working Group put together a plan for upgrading the Sports Pavilion. It is an important community facility, but also the largest emitter of CO2 owned by the PC.

The Sports Pavilion building itself is leased to the Sports Club, who in turn rent the space to a number of clubs and organisations including Youth & Adult Football, Table Tennis, Bridge Club, Boogie Bounce.

The list of work needed was extensive and we were delighted to gain a grant from Low Carbon Dorset (LCD), part of the European Regional Development Fund to assist with this. The ‘whole building’ upgrade includes

  • Air-to-air heat pump (to provide instant heat in main user space).
  • Solar array (26 PV panels)
  • PV diverter unit to directly heat hot water from PV-generated energy
  • Replacement of old, inefficient radiators & pipework
  • New thermally efficient doors, including fire door to comply with Building Regulations
  • Replacement of gas boiler with ASHP (Air Source Heat Pump)
  • Installing loft and cavity wall insulation Fitting thermostats & controls + cage around ASHP unit

Photo of the Sports Pavilion with the solar array

The 9kW Solar PV array will generate electricity for self-consumption as well as being exported to the electricity grid

With its central location, is now a showcase of the technologies available to help reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions and we encourage you to come and see these technologies first-hand and perhaps consider adopting them.

Sports Pavilion upgrade to low carbon
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