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Many properties in Lytchett Matravers are eligible for the government’s current Rural Gigabit Voucher scheme, which will install fibre to the premises.  We are looking to run a project to offer Fibre to the Premises for properties North of the High Street/Huntick Road plus certain other roads specified by Openreach, who wish to participate.   If you live elsewhere and have a slow connection, feel free to respond in case we have other opportunities for you.

If you are interested, please fill in the form below by 28th February 2021.

About the scheme

There are 2 tiers to the Government scheme:

  1. If your current maximum download speed is <30mb, you have to commit to take a service of 30mb or more for 12 months.  BT* contracts are around £30 month for this
  2. if your current max download speed is >30 mb then you have to commit to a service for at least DOUBLE your current Maximum, for 12 months. BT* contracts are £40/month upwards for this.

( You can check your speed at )

*there is no compulsion to go with BT. Other carriers such as Talk Talk, Plusnet and others are allowable with the scheme.

The reality is that if you get an upgrade connection speed through this scheme, you will be compelled, for 12 months, to subscribe to a service which costs a few pounds more than you paid previously.

To run a Community rollout project, there needs to be a single application submitted to Openreach on behalf of the interested properties.  The Parish Council is prepared to coordinate and submit this application.  The good news is that each household can easily apply for a gigabit voucher worth £2500 and any property where a business resided can apply for a voucher worth £6000.  We can provide more information when the time comes, on how to apply for the voucher.

Openreach will then provide a cost for the project.  The likelihood is that if enough people sign up, once the vouchers are pooled, their cumulative value should cover the cost. (We are told these projects tend to cost tens of thousands, but if 30 houses sign up and 4 home run businesses, that gives a voucher pool of £99000 which should cover install cost needed for people to have to actually ‘pay’ (note: when taking a new service there may still be one off charges for postage and supply of new router) for the install.

Timescale: Openreach commit to get projects completed within 12 months of contract signing. The current voucher scheme expires end March 2021, but as long as the contract is signed by then, vouchers are valid. But we do need to move on with it.

If you are interested, please fill in the form below by 28th February 2021.

Register your interest

GDPR:  The data collected in this form will be held on Parish councillor’s computers for the sole purpose of this Broadband improvement project, and data will only be shared with Openreach as required in order to submit the application.  You will be kept informed as and when your data is being used and you will have the ultimate control as to whether or not you apply for the voucher and commit to any new broadband service.  Data will be deleted from our computers once the project is complete or you chose to withdraw.

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