Poster giving instructions on disposal of dog waste - Bag It, Tie it, Bin itPlease don’t let your dog foul up our Recreation green.

As a dog owner or dog walker, you are required by law to collect and dispose of dog waste properly.

  • Waste bags should be tied so that they seal in the contents and its smell. – just tying the bunny ear handles together does not seal the bag so make sure you tie the top fully.
  • Please use the dog bin if supplied. It is also OK to put properly wrapped waste into a council litter bins.
  • Throwing a bag of dog waste into the local bushes is an offence of littering – and liable to a fine in excess of £1000.00

Please remember that the Dorset Council Dog related Public Spaces Protection Order came into effect on 1 January 2021 and will last 3 years. You can view the contents of the Dog related PSPO here. The Order states that:

  • owners are to pick up their dog’s poo in all public spaces and dispose of it appropriately
  • no dogs are allowed in enclosed children’s play areas or on marked sports pitches
  • dogs are to be put on a lead when instructed to do so by an authorised officer
  • Photo of dog mess on LM Recdogs are to be kept on a lead in signposted and identified areas, including:
    • cemeteries, churchyards or graveyards
    • council owned allotments
    • formal public gardens
    • within 5 metres of marked sports pitches
    • council owned car parks

If you experience any anti-social dog behaviour please report it by contacting the Dorset Dog warden services.

For more information on your responsibilities as a dog owner please read:

Tackling dog fouling on the football pitch!
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