Superfast Internet Lytchett MatraversMany properties to the west and north of Lytchett Matravers will soon be benefitting from Wessex Internet service.

Do you live in a part of Lytchett Matravers where you cannot currently get a fast Broadband connection (>24MB) from any of the major providers? Would you like to have Superfast Internet? If so, please fill in this form (BEFORE 31st August 2019) so we can identify geographically the areas needing improved coverage, and work with the potential providers (typically Wessex Internet and BT) to try to get a superfast internet service for you (no promises!).

NOTE: These details are needed to ensure we can confirm clearly what is/is not available for you currently, and so we can identify your location accurately. We will NOT use these details for any purpose other than that stated here. We will not contact any third party internet providers with your details without coming back to you first for your explicit permission. When you fill out the form, the details will be emailed to one of our councillors who will store your data, securely and in line with Parish Council policies, for the purposes set out above.

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    Would you like to have superfast internet?
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