Image of new big dog waste bin in Middle RoadIt is great to see the litter bins being used around the village and we have recently put in a request for some more. However, the Guerrilla Gardener’s team have had to clear a lot of rubbish from around the bins recently, especially by the Rec. car park.

Please can we remind you that if you are visiting the Rec, such as on a Saturday morning for the football tournaments, you need to take your cups, food wrappers and other general litter home with you if possible as the local bins do not have the capacity to cope. Similarly, just a reminder, that dogs must be on a lead and any mess they must be cleaned up immediately and placed in a dog bin. There are 5 dog bins around the Rec and other parts of the village and they are regularly emptied by Dorset Council.

This is not a task that the Guerrilla Gardener’s should be expected to do, and if you have any suggestions about how we can tackle the issue of litter on and around the Rec please get in touch.

Bins and litter on the Recreation Ground
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