Superfast Dorset Broadband Voucher SchemeFibre isn’t the only way to get a better broadband connection. The Better Broadband Subsidy Scheme  from Dorset County Council’s Superfast Dorset project, helps those on the poorest speeds improve their service.

Residents and businesses that are not within fibre broadband plans, and are on less than 2Mbps, could be eligible for a subsidy towards the installation cost of a wireless, satellite, or 4G broadband connection.

These technologies are capable of reaching properties in the most rural parts of the county, offering a solution where rolling out fibre broadband would be more complex and expensive.

More than 400 voucher codes have already been issued in Dorset, helping individuals and entire communities. An example of the success of this scheme can be seen in Kimmeridge where broadband speeds were transformed thanks to a local wireless supplier.

For the full information about the scheme and the application form, visit:

Financial help for those on slowest broadband
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