Held on Monday December 21st 2015 at 7:00 in the Methodist Church, Lytchett Matravers.


PRESENT were Cllrs M Colvey, A Bush, D Bevan (from 7:40), A Huggins, K Norris, J Taylor, E Wilson, A Cottman, P Webb and Mr T Watton (Parish Clerk).

Dist Cllr W Meaden (from 7:30) and one member of the public were also present.


  1. REceipt of apologies for absence – Cllrs R Carswell, and C Wood.


  1. CHAIRMAN’S ANNOUNCEMENTS. There were none.





There was none.


  1. THE MINUTES of the Council meeting on November 16th 2015 were approved as a true record of the meeting, and signed by the Chairman.


  1. Minute 13, 18th August 2014. Establishment of Google Diary. Cllr Carswell had previously commented that he would develop and circulate some instructions to guide members in how to link their diaries to the online calendar on the Council’s website; and also how to add items to the website calendar. Action: Cllr Carswell to prepare and email this briefing – CARRIED FORWARD.
  1. Minute 22, 19th January 2015 – Venues for Council meetings. It had previously been discussed that Cllr Carswell would approach the nearby companies to see if it is possible for the Parish Council to have a similar arrangement. Action: Cllr Carswell to approach companies accordingly. CARRIED FORWARD.
  1. Minute 13, 16th February 2015 – Primrose donation to Village Hall toilets refurbishment project. It is anticipated that the work will start in the new year, but that the precise date will be agreed between the contractor and representative of the Village Hall Commmittee.
  2. Minute 19, 20th July 2015 – car park entrance, surface repair by DCC Highways. It was agreed that this should be DISCHARGED.
  3. Minute 11, 21st September 2015 – Village Appearance Project. Cllr Norris reported that PDC will not replace the finger posts. Cllr Taylor advised that a small team of Council members, assisted by a resident, will undertake this work in Spring of 2016. Cllr Norris also advised that he had received no response to his enquiry to PDC regarding by-laws related to any limitations on the use of the Memorial Green space. As agreed on 7th December, Cllr Colvey will remind Richard Conway that the Council has not heard from him. Action: Cllr Colvey to speak to Mr Conway. Minute 13, 21st September 2015 – request from food vendor for trading pitch. It was noted that the application for change of had been prepared and submitted by HLF Planning on the Council’s behalf. It is now listed by PDC and the fee was confirmed as £192. Cllr Bevan was thanked for his input and expertise in taking this on.
  4. Minute 14, 21st September 2015 – discussion / agreement of options for website training dates. It had previously agreed that Cllr Taylor would pick up the existing Cllr profiles from previous copies of the Lytchett Link and forward them to Cllr Colvey to check and forward to members for updating. Action: Cllr Taylor to collate and forward the profiles to Cllr Colvey accordingly. CARRIED FORWARD
  5. Minute 17, 21st September 2015 – Consultation on oil & gas fracking in Dorset.  Cllr Norris reported on a letter on this matter which had been received by Michael Tomlinson MP. It was agreed to attach the letter as Appendix 1 to these minutes. DISCHARGED
  6. Minute 11, 16th November 2015 – Proposed schedule for Lytchett Astro quarterly liaison meetings between representative of the Council, The Sports Club and the Primary School – Parish Clerk. The Parish Clerk reported that he had contacted Mrs. Dominey at Lytchett Matravers Primary school and had been referred to the headmaster who wish to take a personal interest by attending these meetings.  The Parish Clerk reported that he had emailed Mr. France, but that due to some confusion at the school it seems the message inviting him to decide on a date and time for the initial meeting had not reached him.  Action: Parish Clerk to telephone Mr France early in the new-year to discuss this with him and agree an initial date, time and venue which is convenient to him. 
  7. Minute 20, 16th November 2015 – ownership and responsibility for War memorial. Parish clerk reported that despite correspondence with the war Graves Commission it has not been possible to identify any public body which is responsible for the war memorial.  After a brief discussion it was agreed that in the light of this the Parish Council should progress with activity to get the memorial cleaned.  Action: Parish Clerk to identify suitable contractor to do this work.


  1. District Cllrs report.

District Cllr Webb reported on the following:

  • PDC will have £200,000 less funding from central government for the coming year.  It was noted that they are also capped on what they can raise through Council Tax.
  • The combined authority application has now been submitted. A study will be undertaken to consider all of the various options.
  • Dorset Waste Partnership are now operating more effectively. Purbeck District Council’s contributions will be less than in the previous year.
  • Regarding the Housing and Planning Bill, there is concern over the effects of the new Right To Buy scheme – particularly with regard to the potential depletion of the rental housing stock.


  1. County Councillor’s report

County Cllr Drane was unable to be present.



Neighbourhood Planning Group. The plan was submitted on the 26th November, and acknowledged receipt on the 30th of November by PDC.  It is hoped that the council will have an initial response from PDC by 24 December 2015.

Village Hall Toilets Refurbishment Working Group. Nothing to report.

Sports Club Governance Working Group. Cllr Webb commented on the development of the make-up of the Working Group, plans as to who will be invited to join it to represent the various sporting interests in the village. He also referred to the development of the terms of reference for the group which he had circulated to members.


  1. Recommendations from Committees:

Finance & Policy Cttee – meeting 7th December 2015:

  • Acceptance of the Bank Reconciliation and Accounts to date – unanimously agreed.
  • Acceptance of the proposed budget and precept for 2016/17 as detailed in Appendix 2 of the minutes of the Finance & Policy Committee meeting of 7th This was unanimously agreed and attached at Appendix 2 to these minutes.
  • The payment of a grant payment to Life Education Wessex, of the equivalent of two days of the funding shortfall identified in the covering letter from that organisation – i.e. £630 – to come from the Youth Grants element of the Grants budget. This was unanimously agreed.
  • The payment to the Village Fayre committee a grant of £750 towards the 2016 Village Fayre. This was unanimously approved. It was also noted that an arrangement had been made which would reduce the cost to the Village Fayre Committee of the Village Hall hire for the occasion.

It was RESOLVED to receive the minutes of this meeting.


  1. Consideration of a statutory resolution that the Council will participate in the Local Government Pension Scheme on behalf of the Parish Clerk. Cllr Norris provided a brief update on progress on this matter by outlining the investigation work undertake by himself and the Parish Clerk. Following a brief discussion it was RESOLVED that the Council would participate in the Local Government Pension Scheme on behalf of the Parish Clerk, Tim Watton (a required notice of this intention has been placed on the notice board).  It was also RESOLVED to commence the Scheme no later than the 1st August 2016’


  1. Review of points reported and action required arising from Football Foundation Support Visit – Lytchett Astro. The Parish Clerk made reference to the final version of the 2015 Support Day report from the Football Foundation. He referred to the three action points listed at the end of the report, as follows:
  • Management – following the recent formation of a sub committee at the Parish Council to review the governance of the Sports Club, report back to the football foundation on the outcomes of this investigation into the governance structure, agreements and finances of the Sports Club.
  • Finance – Review the accountability of the Sports Club in keeping, managing and production of accounts. Provide a copy of any recent returns to the Football Foundation.
  • Maintenance – Commission pitch condition report from technical services and replay, obtain quote to fix current defects in the pitch surface and for an ongoing maintenance programme to be established.

The Parish Clerk pointed out that the first two of these recommendations are subject to a deadline of the 15th February 2016, and progress towards them would be covered within the remit of the Sports Club Governance Investigation Working Group. He also pointed out that the third action point was due to be reported back to the Football Foundation by a deadline of the 15th January 2016. He reported that the condition reports and quotations had been received from both companies – and he suggested that the Council now consider commissioning the necessary work to be undertaken in order to both bring the facility back to a safe usable standard, and to preserve its life through a regular maintenance contract.  During a subsequent discussion Council members expressed the view that repair and maintenance had been made the responsibility of the Sports Club and funded from the income from bookings.  However, it was pointed out that in view of the current difficulties with the Sports Club, it seemed unlikely that this would be resolved in the near future sufficiently to secure early action on the repairs and the establishment of a maintenance contract.  The Parish Clerk therefore suggested that the Council consider commissioning and financing this work now – with a view to pursuing the costs later with the Sports Club.

The Parish Clerk was asked to clarify with the Football Foundation the interpretation of the third action point.  An argument was put forward that obtaining the pitch condition reports and quotations had in effect discharged the action point without actually commissioning the work.  Action: parish clerk to contact the football foundation for to clarify this point accordingly. 


  1. Report of any training activity undertaken in the past month.

Cllr Cottman reported that he had attended the PDC planning training seminar.


  1. Reports of Representatives (by exception):-
 Village Hall DAPTC Footpaths School Liaison
Youth Organisations Sports Club

Village hall – Cllr Wilson reported on a coffee morning held on the 13th December which raised £165.00.

DAPTC – the reduction in funding for youth work by DCC was noted. 

Footpaths – regarding Willow Walk, it was noted that three feather boards are still missing.  Cllr Colvey indicated that he would ask the contractors to supply these so that they can be fitted.  It was noted that Jubilee Walk undergrowth had been cut back, however the gorse still needs to be attended to.  It was reported that the surface of Church Walk is in very poor condition due to it becoming a waterway during the winter. Cllr Taylor indicated that he would ask DCC Rights Of Way Dept to attend to this again.

Youth organisations – Cllr Norris advised that he would ask Cllr Wood about her recent site visit to Club Hall.


  1. Council to approve the following payments already made
Inv To Whom For What Net VAT Total
3531 PDC Planning application for  car park change of use 192.50 0.00 192.50



  1. Council to approve the following payments due:-


Inv To Whom For What Net VAT Total
3532 T Watton Clerk’s salary –  Dec (12 equal monthly payments  by standing order) 905.05 0.00 905.05
3533 T Watton Reimbursement of expenses incurred on Council’s behalf 62.95 0.88 63.83
3534 HMRC Quarter 3 PAYE ENI 921.80 0.00 921.80
3535 T Homer Handyman duties and reimbursement for purchase of materials – Nov 271.98 2.19 274.17
3536 Continental Landscapes Grass Cutting, Southern end of Rec – Nov 20.00 4.00 24.00
3537 The Landscape Group Cemetery maintenance – Nov 303.49 60.70 364.19
3538 Swift Signs Recreation ground “dog” signage, phase 1. 342.21 68.44 410.65
3539 Village and Urban Noticeboards Replacement noticeboard – Wareham Rd 390.00 78.00 468.00
3540 BT payment services Ltd


Office phone and broadband charges 122.90 24.58 147.48
3541 E Wilson Reimbursement of mileage expenses on Council business 12.40 0.00 12.40
3542 DAPTC Good Councillors Guide x 4 copies 8.50 0.00 8.50
3543 D & P Warr Hedge trimming 105.00 21.00 126.00

The Council APPROVED the above payments


  1. “Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014”, Part 3, Paragraphs 6-10, Record of Decisions and Access to Documents –  record of decisions taken by Parish Clerk.

Nothing to report.



The Parish Clerk reported on three items of correspondence he had received:

An e-mail from David Fairbairn, Monitoring Officer at Purbeck District Council, offering Conduct Code training for Parish & Town Councils in the PDC If area.  Mr. Fairbairn has been booked to provide this training at the beginning of the Full Council meeting in January.

A letter from Santander Bank advising of a defunct account with no funds in it. The bank had invited the Council to confirm whether it wanted to retain this account (in addition to the other two active accounts – i.e. Communty Current account and the Community savings Account).

A letter from DCC Finance Department advising that they are implementing a “digital by default” strategy for future payments from 1st January 2016.



Dist Cllr Meaden reported on a presentation she had attended about Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue service. She passed a leaflet and information CD to the Parish Clerk and advised that it contained some very interesting material. She recommended this to Council members.


There being no other business the meeting closed at 20:35


Annotated by/on ……………………………..            Signed by……………………

FullMinutes151221 Appendix 1 (Letter to Michael Tomlinson MP)

FullMinutes151221 Appendix 2 (approved Budget and Precept 2016 2017)

Full Council minutes 21st Dec 2015