Held on Wednesday 22nd May 2019 at 7:00 in the Blanchard Room, Village Hall, High Street, Lytchett Matravers.

PRESENT were Cllrs A Bush (Chairman), M Attridge, B Barker, M Colvey, A Cottman (from 7:15), A Huggins, R Watts, P Webb, C Wood and Mr T Watton (Parish Clerk).

Also present: Dorset Councillors A Brenton and A Starr; and two members of the public (from 7:30).


The applicant of the planning proposal 6/2019/0269 considered under agenda item 8 below made some explanatory remarks in support of it. He urged the members to consider that whilst the area of his land which is the proposed site of the development is designated “greenbelt”, he felt there were circumstances which mitigate this.


It was noted that since the DC members are still going through induction and training no formal written report was submitted. D Cllr Brenton advised that she had been appointed as a member of the Planning Committee for the eastern part of the county. D Cllr Starr has been appointed as member of the Scrutiny Committee for the Place Directorate. D Cllr Brenton thanked the Chairman for the “hand on” brief provided to them which covers the local issues formerly being handled and / or monitored by Cllr Wharfe.

1. To receive and consider apologies for absence. Cllrs R Carswell and C Maher.

2. To receive any declarations of Pecunary interest, and consider any requests for Special Dispensations under Section 33 of the Localism Act 2011. There were none. Members were reminded by the Clerk that a fresh declaration is required to be completed and returned to him in time to deliver them to the Monitoring Officer, Dorset Council, within 28 days of this meeting (i.e. before 5th June 2019). It was noted that the following members had so far submitted their declarations: Cllrs Attridge, Bush, Carswell, Huggins, and Webb. Action: all remaining members to complete and return the hard copy of their declaration to the Clerk urgently.

3. TO receive AND RESOLVE to APPROVE THE Minutes of The ANNUAL PARISH Council Meeting on 8th MAY 2019. It was RESOLVED to approve these as a true record of the meeting. The minutes were then duly signed by the Council Chairman.

4. TO RECEIVE and consider REPORTS OF PAST SUBJECT MATTERS (for purposes of report only).

It was RESOLVED to receive and note the contents of the following report, which had been prepared and circulated in advance of the meeting by the Parish Clerk. The italics below indicates additional comments made by members at the meeting.

  1. Minute 10, 25th April 2018 – Security of fences at Jubilee Walk. The fallen tree blocking Jubilee Walk was being dismantled by Dorset Council staff during week commencing 20th May 2019.
  2. Minute 13, 24th April 2019 – future Agenda item for allocation of CIL money. This has been added to the draft agenda of the Finance & General Purposes Committee meeting on 10th July 2019. DISCHARGED.
  3. Minute 5, 8th May 2019 – Declarations of Interest (following May 2019 elections). As reported under minute 2 above, declarations from five members have so far been received by the Clerk. These are due to be submitted by the Clerk to the Dorset Council Monitoring Officer by 5th June 2019 at the latest.

5. CHAIRMAN’S ANNOUNCEMENTS (for purposes of report only) The Chairman raised the following matters:

(i) Consideration of whether it was the desire of the council to take the opportunity to speak at the hearings held by the Inspector examining the Purbeck Local Plan. It was RESOLVED to do so. Action: Cllr Bush indicated that he would make arrangements for this.

(ii) Concerns raised by residents about the high fence which has been put up on the land adjacent to Deans Drove which was the subject of the proposed Rural Exception Site (RES) development proposal. Cllr Wood observed that such a fence is contrary to the planning policy goal to maintain the “openness of the greenbelt”. Notice of the RBL site examiner’s comments had been provided to the residents.

(iii) He has followed-up with Sustrans to pursue the outstanding report on the Wareham Road crossing initiative.

(iv) He reported on the significant work done by Cllr Barker to prepare the special supplement to go in the June issue of the Parish Magazine; and the arrangements for its delivery to all dwellings in the parish.

6. To consider planning application 6/2019/0210 Mr Russell. Lyndale, Middle Road, Lytchett Matravers, Poole, BH16 6HJ. Erect front and rear extensions, create additional rooms in roof with roof lights and juliet balcony. NO OBJECTION

7. To consider planning application 6/2019/0275 Mr George Atkinson. 10 Foxhills Crescent, Lytchett Matravers, Poole, BH16 6BE. Single storey pitched roof extension to the rear of the property to provide enlarged kitchen and living room. NO OBJECTION.

8. To consider planning application 6/2019/0269 Mr Robert Holden. Hill House, Jennys Lane, Lytchett Matravers, Poole, BH16 6BP. Outline Planning application. Demolish existing workshop and stables. Remove 2 metal containers & erect a 2 storey detached dwelling.

The council did not make a decision on the merits of this proposal. Cllr Wood drew members’ attention to a ruling by the Planning Inspectorate within an appeal decision on the former RBL site in Lytchett Matravers on 13th February 2019 (appeal ref APP/B1225/W/18/3206919). She felt this was relevant because a main issue in the Planning Inspector’s decision concerned the adverse impact upon the “openness of the greenbelt” from the proposal relative to the site as it currently exists. As it would seem this argument also applies in this case, and the Local Planning Authority had indicated that they would draw on this decision in the consideration of other applications for development within greenbelt land, it was judged to be prudent not to respond to the consultation, but instead to seek the views of the Local Planning Authority on this aspect.

9. To consider planning application 6/2019/0265 Mrs Crawford. 17 Dillons Gardens Lytchett Matravers BH16 6DW. Single storey front extension. NO OBJECTION.

10. To receive and note the content of a report into the annual review of burial records. It was noted that reviews had been carried out by Cllrs Cottman and Wood and the Parish Clerk and the records found to be accurate. It was RESOLVED to accept this.

11. To receive and consider a report on Sports Club Governance. Cllr Webb provided a copy of his report to all members at the meeting, a copy of which is attached at Appendix 1 of these minutes. Cllr Webb added some comments regarding the condition of the fence at both goal ends of the Lytchett Astro. It was noted that this has been in a damaged condition for some time and a number of efforts have been made to obtain quotations for repair – but without success in identifying an adequate range of contractors able to provide comparative quotes or estimates necessary to make a sufficiently robust decision. After some discussion it was RESOLVED to:

(i) Seek the advice and support of the Dorset FA.

(ii) Approach Poole Business Services to see if they would be willing to quote for installation (only) if the council is able to obtain the materials from a company identified by the council chairman.

Action: Parish Clerk to approach Dorset FA and Poole Business Services accordingly.

12. To consider the service maintenance report and resultant proposal to replace the Clerk’s laptop computer. It was RESOLVED to approve the purchase of a replacement laptop within the de-minimus expenditure limit. Action: Parish Clerk to arrange for the purchase.

13. To consider a proposal for the replacement of three further benches as part of the ongoing programme.Cllr Huggins referred to a proposal he had prepared which had been circulated in advance of this meeting. This contained the following recommendations:

1) Replace the bench on the high street in front of the library. It is a unique (not pretty) metal style for the village, but the backrest has been bent back. It is usable, but ugly it is considered probably not economical to try to repair.

2) Replace the “Stan Witherden Seat” on the rec by the trees on the North side of Rocket Park. This is the old style of concrete ends and slats. Its condition is fair, but it is on the route of the proposed village centre path.

3) Replace the “Grace Evelyn Mary Belcher” bench, which is lost in an alcove of bushes opposite Rose and Crown. It is a wobbly Wooden Bench and is ready to be retired.

The three suppliers who quoted last year were contacted and their new quotes were identical to before. The cheapest, who we went with last year, (The Plastic Company in Totness) were £763.27 + VAT. It was proposed to use them again.

Similarly it was proposed that removal, disposal of old benches and installation of new was done by Poole Business Services. At the same time they will transfer the two plaques to the replacement benches.

It was RESOLVED to accept his recommendations for the three benches to be replaced and for the recommended supplier and installer. It was also RESOLVED to utilise CIL money for this initiative. Action: Parish Clerk to liaise with Poole Business Services and place the orders.

14. To undertake a “prioritisation of projects” exercise led by Cllr Watts. Cllr Watts let a questionnaire-based session to gather members’ views. He will collate the results and compile a report to present back to the council for further consideration. Action: Cllr Watts to report back accordingly.

15. To undertake a review of the Working Groups. This matter has been deferred to a future meeting.

16. To receive a report from Cllr Watts on a meeting with Dorset Council Planning. A copy of the report is attached at Appendix 2 to these minutes. Some discussion took place concerning the recommendations in section 3 of the report. The discussion included the option whether to review and revise the Neighbourhood plan – e.g. to include items which were taken out of the current version such as housing mix, parking provision for developments, and the protection of green spaces in the parish. Such revisions would require providing evidence to support the change and then holding a referendum. The general feeling was that the council had more pressing actions to pursue and to defer this for the current time.

A related discussion also took place concerning an option explore provision of social housing by the parish council through a Community Land Trust; and it was noted that a meeting is scheduled to take place with a representative from Dorset Community Action to talk about various trusts on 4th June 2019.Members were asked to reflect on the issues raised by this report and the issues discussed in this meeting and to respond with firmer ideas on how the council might progress. Action: all members to reflect on this and respond as appropriate.

17. To receive and consider reports from the leaders of the Working Groups as follows:

Topic Working Group Update
Village Centre High Street Shared Space Cllr Bush reported that a single planning application is to be developed to cover the full extent (end to end) of the path route and including all the related elements. It is intended that by assessing this holistically the bureaucracy involved in the process will be reduced. Mr Morgan is arranging for Arboricultural and Biodiversity reports in preparation for the application. A response from DC Highways is awaited concerning the matter of the High Street crossing.
Rec ground pathways See remarks in “Shared space” report above – nothing further to report.
Rec Ground ball court Cllr Huggins reported that he and Cllr Cottman had met to discuss this. He has also been in touch with Ms J Keats at DCA and she has highlighted the need to be able to demonstrate the level of public consultation which has taken place. An issue was also raised about the need to explore the matter of rainwater attenuation as a result of introducing this proposed new section of non-porous surface on the recreation ground. It is understood that the cost for this element may be in the order of £1200-£1500, although the feasibility can also be explored to link this in to the existing attenuation tank serving the football pitches area of the recreation ground, if sufficient max capacity exists within it.
Rec Ground bollards / dolly posts The replacement dolly posts for the Eldons Drove car park are due to be installed during the 1st week in July.
Eldons Drove Lane See remarks in “Shared space” report above – nothing further to report.
Village Facilities Defibrillators Cllr Cottman indicated that he would provide a report in 2 weeks.
DCC Transfers Youth Hall Nothing further to report.
Library Cllr Bush reported that a positive meeting had taken place on 2nd May with Mr Provan, DC Senior Estate Surveyor, Assets, Estates and Property, about this – and all remains positive.
New Sports Field At the meeting on 2nd May Mr Provan had indicated that whilst the DC wish to retain the field for possible future expansion of the school they may be willing to consider a long lease to the council, which would enable progression of this project.
Astro Expansion See comments under “New Sports Field” above.
Village communications Broadband improvement The connections phase of this project is continuing.
Neighbourhood plan Purbeck Local Plan See minute 16 above. Nothing further to report.
Transport Links Huntick Cycleway Cllr Bush indicated that he will be writing to Mr Collins requesting the section of the path fronting the proposed Huntick development.

Cllr Huggins reported that he has received a response from Ms Jackson, DC, concerning the section of path from Race Farm to Lytchett Minster school. Ms Jackson had indicated that to enable its use as a cycleway the path may need to be re-designated as a “cycle path” and recorded as such on the definitive map. D Cllr Brenton suggested however that the parish council could consider approaching the landowner to establish a “permissive cycleway” using a private agreement.

Village gateways Cllr Wood referred to a report which had been circulated to member ahead of this meeting. A copy is associated at Appendix 3 to these minutes. She commented on some interesting statistics on the positive effect of gateways on the behaviour of young male drivers which had been gathered by Somerset County Council. She commented on possible locations forth gateways, utilising and retaining the existing 30mph signage. She also advised that the cost (purchase only) is around £4.5K.

18. To resolve to approve the following payments due:

Inv To Whom For What Net VAT Total
4099 T Watton Clerk’s salary – May (12 equal monthly payments by SO), pay increase to SCP 25, CILCA bonus 1925.13 0.00 1925.13
4099 Dorset County Pension Fund LGPS pension contrib May 2019 806.84 0.00 806.84
4100 T Homer Handyman duties, April 2019 247.50 0.00 247.50
4101 Idverde Ltd Cemetery maintenance – April 2019 303.49 60.70 364.19
4102 Idverde Ltd Sports field grass cuts 28th March, 9th April, 23rd April 2019 255.00 51.00 306.00
4103 Idverde Ltd Grass cuts southern area of rec – 28th March, 9th April, 23rd April 2019 69.75 13.95 83.70
4104 Hillier Recycling Ltd Waste skip for Pavilion refurb project 180.00 36.00 216.00
4105 Information Commissioners Office Data Protection Registration fee 2019/20 40.00 0.00 40.00
4106 DAPTC Annual membership subscription 2019/20 847.35 0.00 847.35
4107 British Telecommunications Adjustment to quarterly charges for office phone and broadband 3.38 0.67 4.05
4108 Jurassic Computers Laptop service 90.00 0.00 90.00
4109 Zurich Municipal Council insurance cover 2019/20 2208.00 0.00 2208.00
4110 Hillier Recycling Ltd Skip overloading charge – sports pavilion refurbishment 60.00 12.00 72.00
4111 K Watson (Plush Plumbing & Heating 3rd stage payment – pavilion refurbishment 1200.00 0.00 1200.00
4112 BCP Council (Poole Business Services) Annual charges for Foxhills Open Space maintenance and ROSPA play area inspections 2018/19.

Tree reduction ref 37 Landers Reach

2766.06 553.21 3319.27

It was RESOLVED to approve all of the above payments.

19. To note any training undertaken by members or the Clerk in the past month. There was none.

20. To note any decisions and / or action taken by Parish Clerk under “Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014”, Part 3, Paragraphs 6-10, Record of Decisions and Access to Documents.

The Parish Clerk reported on the following:

– Arranged for a replacement bearing on “Record” roundabout and Rocket Park play area. Installed by Poole Business Services and back in working order within 48 hours of being reported.

– Arranged for replacement of a section of rotten arris rails on the fence around Rocket Park play area.

Both of these items were achieved within the de-minimus expenditure limit.

21. Correspondence.

The Parish Clerk reported on the following items of correspondence:

– An email from a resident of Ballard Close expressing concerns about the standard of grass verge cutting, weed spraying & gutter clearance and road sweeping. In response the clerk explained that the responsibilities for all of these currently lie with DC. He advised the resident how to report such issues using the online reporting system on the dorsetforyou website. He also explained the long established standard for grass verge cutting – which does not include collecting and disposal of the cuttings.

– An email from a resident of Wareham Rd reporting an incident in which her child was subject to a near miss by a vehicle whilst walking to school along Wareham Rd. This matter had already been reported to DC road safety and highways staff but had been referred back by them to the parish council, despite awareness of the existing Sustrans initiative which seeks to address such matters in a holistic way. DC staff have now indicated that they will examine this specific situation to see if any action would be appropriate ahead of the publication of the report by Sustrans, and which would avoid any compromise of its wider approach to the safety of that area. In the meantime, and in the light of the report from the resident indicating that this case was a matter of dangerous driver behaviour, the clerk has encouraged the resident to report the matter to the police.

– A letter from a local historian and representative of St Marys Church requesting a letter from the council to the Dorset Records Office giving permission for them to loan the 19th Century Lytchett Matravers Enclosure Awards Map to a local group for use as part of a Village Heritage Exhibition to take place in St Mary’s in June. A letter was duly prepared and signed by the council Chairman.

Dorset Councillor Starr reported on correspondence he had received from a resident of Flowers Drove expressing concerns about traffic on that road. Members explained to D Cllr Starr that Flowers Drove has seen some increase in traffic due to the temporary traffic lights on the A350 which have been there since December 2018.

22. To note date of next meeting and items for future agendas.

The next full council meeting scheduled to take place in the village hall on Wednesday 26th June 2019 at 7pm.

The meeting closed at 21:29

Annotated by/on …………………………….. Signed by……………………

FullMinutes190522 Appendix 1 (Sports Club Governance report May 19).pdf (PDF)
FullMinutes 190522 Appendix 2 (Notes of a Meeting with Dorset Council Planning 2019 05 06) (Word)
FullMinutes 190522 Appendix 3 (Village Gates Project report) (Word)

Full Council minutes 22nd May 2019