Held on Wednesday June 27th 2018 at 7:00 in the Village Hall, High St, Lytchett Matravers.

PRESENT were Cllrs A Bush (Chairman), B Barker, R Carswell, A Cottman, M Colvey, A Huggins, R Watts, P Webb (from 7:25pm), C Wood and Mr T Watton (Parish Clerk).

Also present: County Cllr P Wharf, two officers from Dorset County Council, and 43 members of the public.


The Council Chairman introduced the two members of the local community who, as reported in the minutes of the Full Council meeting on 23rd May 2018, had initiated a petition regarding a safe crossing point over Wareham Road for schoolchildren. They then delivered a presentation on this topic with supporting slides. A copy of the presentation is attached at Appendix 1 to these minutes.

County Cllr Wharf responded to the presentation by acknowledging the superb job which the presenters had done, and offered the thanks of all those present. He explained that the role of the Dorset County Council Petitions Panel, and suggested that it might be a valuable next step for the community to consider and develop some ideas for a solution to the complex problems underpinning achievement of a safer crossing of Wareham Rd before submitting this matter to the Petitions Panel. He summarised the situation and acknowledged that a variety of actions had already been taken including efforts to retain and recruit school crossing patrol persons, refreshing the existing white line road markings, replacement of the bus shelter and relocating it to provide greater pavement width, etc. He stressed that it is evident that there is no single, simple solution to this complex problem. He then referred to a similar – but not identical – problem in Beaminster, which was being tackled by a community group representing a cross section of stakeholder interests in that location. He suggested that the Lytchett Matravers community may wish to take a similar “stakeholder” approach – involving all interest groups in firstly coming to a full understanding all of the contributing factors to the problem, and then to jointly working-up a range of possible solutions to address these. He suggested that this stakeholder group would include (not exhaustive) school parents, children, head teacher, teaching staff, residents, Parish Council representatives, specialist DCC officers, local businesses, members of the local speed watch group, and the police.

Members of the public present at the meeting helped to illustrate the range of issues involved. One resident spoke about the difficulties caused to local residents on Wareham Rd by people parking across driveways and / or blocking vehicles in – and then being offensive when asked to move; and also by commenting on the likely consequences for local residents of any form of parking regulation being introduced. Another resident noted that in the case of much of the poor parking behaviour, whilst it is very inconsiderate and represents risks to driver and pedestrian safety, it actually remains within the law. She concluded that the issue is therefore not about vehicle speed but about attitudes and behaviours.

Cllr Wharf then handed over to the two officers from Dorset County Council, Mr. Wayne Sayers, Transport Planner, and Mr Paul Paul Hutton, Parking Services Team Leader. They also stressed that it is clear that there is no single simple solution to such a complex problem, but that they could assist the group in exploring the range of part solutions which may be available. By way of illustrating the complex nature of the underlying issues, Mr. Sayers pointed out that whilst poor parking behaviour by parents and carers dropping off / picking up the children from the school contributes to the difficulties, if the parking congestion problems were eliminated it is very likely that the speed of traffic travelling along Wareham Road would increase and thus further heighten the danger to those crossing the road.

Mr. Sayers went on to speak about the way in which the community group at Beaminster had operated. He explained that they had employed an individual with engineering expertise as well as skill & experience in the facilitation of group problem solving.

Mr Hutton spoke about the specific matter of parking as a contributory factor to the problem. He explained that his parking enforcement team for the entire county consisted of 12 people – and the team has responsibility for 2500 roads across the county with some form of parking restriction or control upon them. He explained that he is willing to arrange to work with the Lytchett Matravers community to explore and address relevant issues, but that any enforcement visits by members this team will, of necessity, be random and infrequent due to their commitments across the county as a whole. In response to a question he accepted that it might be worthwhile for the community to try putting people in the vicinity of the school wearing fluorescent jackets and carrying notebooks as some form of deterrent to poor parking behaviour. However he expressed the view that this is likely to have only a short term effect once hardened offenders realise that these individuals have no power to take action.

In response to a question from a Parish Council member Mr Hutton explained that parking enforcement action including issuing of tickets could only be taken where Traffic Regulation Orders (e.g. yellow lines) are actually in force. This means that even parking right on a junction or across the driveway or access point does not constitute an offence which can be enforced with a parking ticket.

In response to a question from the floor about the length of time the Beaminster group had taken to reach its current point, Cllr Wharf explained that whilst the community group there had officially started work in November of 2017, the genesis of the ideas and approach to the problem was considerably earlier than that date. He stressed that a learning point to take from this is that it is worthwhile taking the time to fully explore all the contributory strands of the problem and the range of possible solutions in order to “get it right” by ensuring ownership by all those involved and to arrive at a consensus amongst the community.

The Parish Council Chairman summed up and closed the session on this topic by stressing the need to begin work now by starting to get a community group together to explore the underlying issues and potential solutions as indicated in the discussion above. He asked anyone present who wished to be involved to give their name and contact details to the Parish Clerk. Several people did as they left the meeting.

A member of the public commented on the recent incident of three vehicles being burnt in the lay by on the High Street near the junction with Wareham Road. She noted that this has left a large amount of burnt debris in the lay by, which is part of the public highway, as well as some damage to the metalled surface. She wondered what action was being taken to have it removed. The general view was that since this debris is on a section of metalled road surface it is a matter for the DCC Highways Department. It was therefore agreed that this matter should be reported both to Dorset County Council Highways and to the Dorset Waste Partnership in order to arrange for the clean-up.

A resident of Peatons Lane wished to speak about his objection to planning application 6/2018/0194 Plough Point Farm, Dolmans Hill, Lytchett Matravers. He referred to two previous applications for the erection of 2 barns for agricultural purposes, one of which has already been erected. He commented that in his view there was no agricultural activity on the site and therefore he could not see the justification for additional buildings.

Residents present at the meeting wished to raise further concerns and ask questions about planning application 6/2018/0287 put forward by Nest Homes concerning the land adjacent to Wessex Water Reservoir, Purbeck Road, Lytchett Matravers. One resident observed that the latest proposal appeared to position some three-storey dwellings opposite her home; which he felt would be overbearing. Members of the Parish Council commented on the history of applications for this site and the adjustments that had been made in response to the two previous planning application refusals. They also noted that this site is within the settlement boundary and explained that since Wessex Water no longer use the reservoir on the site they were able to sell the ancillary land alongside it for development. The Parish Council members noted and commented on possible grounds for objection which nearby residents may wish to draw on in their consultation responses to Purbeck District Council. The Parish Council also provided a general information sheet which includes guidance on how to identify material planning considerations which residents and might find useful when considering the responses to any planning application consultation they may receive at any time. With regard to this particular application Cllr Wood made the point that the Parish Council has not yet considered this latest application, but was scheduled to do so within the agenda of this meeting. It was also explained that the Parish Council has the same opportunity as individual residents to raise their objections – and thus the Parish Council is one voice amongst others. The members the Council advised any members of the public intending to speak in support of an objection to this application at the Purbeck District Council Planning meeting that they should make the most of their allocated 3 minutes each by working together and coordinating their input by each dealing with the separate topic each, rather than reiterating one another’s points. Finally, County Cllr Wharf encouraged those members the public who are considering attending the Purbeck District Council planning meeting and speaking at it – by reassuring them that they will be made welcome and listened to. He advised them that in preparing a contribution at such a meeting members the public may find it helpful to read the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the Purbeck District Council planning policies – all of which are available on the Internet.

District Councillor’s Report

Cllr Meaden’s and Cllr Webb’s joint report is attached at appendix 2 to these minutes.

County Councillor’s Report

Cllr Wharf‘s report is attached at appendix 3 to these minutes.

1. To receive and consider apologies for absence – Cllrs K Norris and J Taylor, and Dist Cllr W Meaden.

2. TO RECEIVE ANY DECLARATIONS OF PECUNIARY INTEREST; AND CONSIDER REQUESTS FOR SPECIAL DISPENSATIONS UNDER SECTION 33 OF THE LOCALISM ACT 2011. As a near neighbour of the applicant, Cllr Webb declared an interest in item 7 below. As a member of the Twinning Association, Cllr Watts declared an interest in item 12 below. It was noted that in both cases the members concerned have no personal pecuniary interest in the outcome of these items. However, Cllrs Webb and Watts took no part in deciding the outcome of their respective declared items of interest.

3. TO receive AND RESOLVE to APPROVE THE Minutes of The Full Council Meeting on 23rd May 2018.

It was RESOLVED to approve these as a true record of the meeting; and they were duly signed by the Council Chairman.


It was RESOLVED to receive and note the contents of the following report, which had been prepared and circulated in advance of the meeting by the Parish Clerk. The italics below indicates additional comments made by members at the meeting.

  1. Minute 7, 17th January 2018 – research of grant funding for defibrillator by Cllr Cottman. At the Full Council meeting held on 25th April Cllr Cottman had reported that he considered one of the Aster Housing Association properties as a good potential location for a third defibrillator. It had been resolved that he would consider specific properties belonging to the local Housing Association and then make a considered proposal to them. Since then it was established that control of these properties had been moved to the Sovereign Housing Association and Cllr Cottman had subsequently contacted them. He advised the meeting that there was no response yet from his contact with Sovereign Housing Association.
  2. Minute 13, 28th March 2018 – members to seek public opinion on uses for the redundant telephone kiosk opposite the Rose & Crown PH. At a previous meeting it had been put forward to make a bid to purchase the kiosk from BT and use it to display local information and community notices – to include details of footpaths and walking & cycling routes around the village and other useful information for visitors and the Parish Clerk was asked to formally approach BT regarding the purchase of the kiosk for this purpose. Subsequently the Parish Clerk discovered that BT has a policy BT’s kiosk “Adopt” scheme is aimed at the traditional red kiosk type only – the intention of the scheme being to allow the iconic red kiosk structures to be retained where there is a desire to do so for heritage reasons. Whilst they do occasionally allow adoption of modern style kiosks in rural areas, this is exclusively where the intended use for the kiosk is to house a defibrillator. The members of the council noted this information about BT’s policy in this regard, but wished the Parish Clerk to contact BT anyway to see if they might be persuaded to make an exception. Action: Parish Clerk to contact BT accordingly.
  3. Minute 10, 25th April 2018 – Security of fences at Jubilee Walk. As resolved, this was reported to the local DCC Rights of Way Ranger for attention. Members noted that subsequently to this report to DCC, a second report had to be made in May about Jubilee Walk due to a tree falling down and also damaging the fence. The Parish Clerk has received an update from the senior Rights of Way Ranger, who advised that the matter of removal of the tree has had to involve solicitors. Members of the Council noted this information.
  4. Minute 11 iv, 23rd May 2018 – invitation to tender letter to 5 solicitors. Cllr Watts reported that of the five firms of solicitors who were originally approached there had been a positive response so far from one. Another local company had withdrawn an initial offer to undertake the work Pro Bono; a further one had been in touch to say that this work was not something very were interested undertaking, and another has asked for a further copy of the briefing letter. There had been no reply at all from the remaining company.


There were none.

6. To receive and note the content of the minutes of the Finance & General Purposes Committee meeting on 13th June 2018. It was RESOLVED to receive and note these. In response to minute 4 (iv) of these minutes, the Parish Clerk was asked to obtain a quote or estimate for contractor removal and disposal of the earth blocking this car parking space.

7. To consider planning application 6/2018/0194 Miss Wendy Meaden. Plough Point Farm, Dolmans Hill, Lytchett Matravers, Poole, BH16 6HP. Erection of agricultural barn and adjacent farm building. The Council voted (with one abstention) to register an OBJECTION to this proposal on the grounds that it is considered inappropriate development on greenbelt land.

8. To consider planning application 6/2018/0287. Nest Homes. Land adjacent to Wessex Water Reservoir, Purbeck Road, Lytchett Matravers. Construction of 25 dwellings and associated access, car parking and landscaping. The Parish Council wished to register an OBJECTION to this proposal on the grounds that it is an intensification of development which is out of keeping and character with the surrounding roads leading to & from it – i.e. chalet style bungalows and open green spaces. In addition it is noted that this proposal misses the opportunity to meet the criterion in the Lytchett Matravers neighbourhood Plan to address a key identified need – namely the provision of property suitable for older local residents looking to downsize (Lytchett Matravers Neighbourhood Plan page 10: Section B, subsection 2, bullet point 3). The Council also had concerns over the level of provision of car parking spaces in that there are inadequate spaces for visitors and no spaces for disabled vehicle users at all.

9. To receive and approve the 2017/18 year end internal audit.

The Parish Clerk explained that this item was formally covered by the Internal Auditor’s signed statement against the listed 10 specific objectives on page 3 of the Annual Return form. The Parish Clerk read out this in full at the meeting.

10. To receive and approve the 2017/18 year end accounting statements.

The Parish Clerk referred to the distinction between the Council’s accounting statements required for the Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) 2017/18 which is required to be sent to the external auditor, and the year-end accounting statements which are prepared for internal use only. He explained that due to some personal circumstances experienced by the Council’s Internal Auditor as reported at previous meetings, it had not been possible to complete the year end internal accounting statements expected by the Parish Council in time for this meeting. Also, in view of the requirement to have the AGAR prepared and submitted so that it is with the external auditors on or before 3rd July 2018, he had worked extensively with Mrs White to give priority to this – noting that the Council’s internal accounting statements should be produced and presented to the Council as soon as possible.

11. To receive and approve the 2018 Annual Return to the external auditors.

The Parish Clerk presented a written report containing the detailed numbers for the 2017/18 Annual Governance and Accountability Return to the external auditors, together with a draft of the commentary which he is required to submit with it. He explained how the numbers relate to one another and how section two of the return is constructed. He also explained the focus of the commentary report – the purpose of which is to demonstrate to the external auditors that the Council is aware of and understands the underlying reasons for the movements in each of the numbers included in section 2 when comparing 2017 with 2018. The Council resolved to accept and approve section two of the AGAR and the Parish Clerk and the Council Chairman completed and signed section 2 accordingly ready for submission. A copy of the completed report is attached at Appendix 4 to these minutes.

12. To consider applications for Parish Council grants 2018/19.

The applications considered, and the decisions made on them, are included in Appendix 5 to these minutes.

13. To consider a proposal to establish a Working Group dealing with improved broadband provision in the parish; and to then receive paper which gives a progress update on the initiative so far, and proposes hire of premises for a public meeting on rollout plans.

Cllr Huggins referred to the paper which had been circulated to all members as pre-reading for this meeting – copy attached at Appendix 6 to these minutes. It was noted that a community group led by a member of the public and Cllr Huggins has set up a public meeting scheduled for 18th July 2018, which the preferred supplier Wessex Internet will attend and make a presentation. The Parish Council RESOLVED to recognise this group as a Community Working Group and to meet the hire charge for the Village Hall for this specific meeting.

14. To approve emergency funding for the Sports Club and Astro for the next 3 months.

Cllr Webb referred to a recent Sports Club meeting and also to a paper which had been circulated to all members by Cllr Bush on the subject of funding. Both acknowledged that if the Sports Club is to generate revenue then the pavilion and other facilities need to be restored to acceptable condition for use. It was noted that there has been much positive support and action amongst the existing and potential component member clubs and that everyone seems to be moving in the same direction. It was RESOLVED to allocate £4,000 as drawdown funding for purposes of club facility renovation to enable the revitalised Lytchett Matravers Sports Club to become more firmly established. Council members were assured that such expenditure against this would be closely controlled and monitored. It was also anticipated that once the charging structure was in place, the utility type costs would be covered and repaid in time.

15. To resolve to approve the following payments already made:

Inv To Whom For What Net VAT Total
3929 Travers Service Ltd Clearance of fly tipped rubbish at Foxhills Open Space 432.50 0.00 432.50
3930 British Telecomms PLC Office phone and broadband: June – Sept 2018 133.73 26.74 160.47

It was RESOLVED to approve the above payments.

16. To resolve to approve the following payments due:

Inv To Whom For What Net VAT Total
3931 T Watton Clerk’s salary – June (12 equal monthly payments by SO) 883.35 0.00 883.35
3932 DCC LGPS pension contrib June 350.56 0.00 350.56
3933 T Homer Handyman duties, May 2018 213.75 0.00 213.75
3934 Idverde Ltd Cemetery maintenance – May 2018 303.49 60.70 364.19
3935 Idverde Ltd 2 x fortnightly grass cutting of sports field area of rec ground – May 170.00 34.00 204.00
3936 Idverde Ltd 2 x fortnightly grass cutting, southern end of rec – May 46.50 9.30 55.80
3937 Lytchett Matravers Methodist Church Hire for meetings: Jan-April 2018 175.00 0.00 175.00
3938 Poole Business Services Annual Play area inspections 2018 231.75 46.35 278.10
3939 Information Commissioner Annual Data Protection registration fee 40.00 0.00 40.00
3940 Full Circle Leisure Ltd Repairs to skatepark ramps 120.00 24.00 144.00
3941 S P Mills Fencing behind bus shelter, Wareham Rd £160.00

Removing brambles, Huntick estate corner £15.00

Tree & shrub removal, Turbetts Close open space £350.00

Trimming Wareham Rd Hedge £180.00

705.00 0.00 705.00
3942 K Bradbury Parish Clerk absence cover, plus travelling. May 2018 95.62 0.00 95.62
3943 DAPTC Annual Subscription 2018 820.00 0.00 820.00
3944 Replay Maintenance Ltd Regular maintenance visit – Lytchett Astro, June 2018 470.25 94.05 564.30
3945 HMRC Q1 PAYE & ENI 2018/19 915.51 0.00 915.51

It was RESOLVED to approve all of the above payments.

17. To note any training undertaken by members or the Clerk in the past month. There was none.

18. To note any decisions and / or action taken by Parish Clerk under “Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014”, Part 3, Paragraphs 6-10, Record of Decisions and Access to Documents.There were none.

19. Correspondence.There was none

20. To note date of next meeting and items for future agendas.

The next Full Council meeting is to be held in the Village Hall on Wednesday 25th July 2018 at 7pm in the Village Hall.

Issues for consideration at subsequent meetings:

· To consider a proposal to demolish and remove the bus shelter at Lime Kiln Road opposite the war memorial.

The meeting closed at 10:27pm

Annotated by/on …………………………….. Signed by……………………

FullMinutes 180627a Appendix1 (Presentation – safer school crossing).pptx (Powerpoint)
FullMinutes 180627 Appendix 6 (Report – broadband and mobile coverage in Lytchett June 2018).pdf (PDF)
FullMinutes 180627 Appendix 4 (Annual Return numbers and commentary June 2018).docx (Word)
FullMinutes 180627 Appendix 3(DCC Cllrs report).doc (Word)
FullMinutes 180627 Appendix 2 (Dist Cllrs Report June 2018).docx
FullMinutes 180627 Appendix 5 (Grants control form -June 2018).doc (Word)

Full Council minutes 27th June 2018