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Meeting of Full Council, Weds 29th November 2023 at 7.00 p.m. in the Blanchard Room, Village Hall.

PRESENT were Cllrs A Bush (Council Chair), M Attridge, H Khanna A Huggins , R Aspray, B Barker, K Morgan, P Webb, and Mrs A Clothier (Locum Parish Clerk / RFO).

Also present: Dorset Cllrs A Brenton and A Starr.

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION SESSION (Standing orders suspended)

There were no members of the public present.


The Dorset Councillors’ report is attached at Appendix 1. The Dorset Council budget was discussed and Dorset Council are taking a cautious approach in order to future proof services.

1. To receive and consider apologies for absence.

Cllrs V Abbott and K Korenevsky. Dorset Cllr B Pipe also sent his apologies.

2. To receive any declarations of interest, and consider any requests for Special Dispensations under Section 33 of the Localism Act 2011.

None declared in relation to matters on the agenda of this meeting.

3. To receive and resolve to approve minutes of Council meeting held on 25th October 2023.

It was RESOLVED to approve the minutes of this meeting as true records of it. The minutes were duly signed by the Council Chair.

4. To receive and consider reports of past subject matters on the minutes of the Full Council meetings (for purposes of report only).

It was RESOLVED to receive and note the contents of the following report, which had been prepared and circulated in advance of the meeting by the Parish Clerk. Italics below indicate additional comments made during the meeting.

Minute Action Point Progress
Minute 6, Extraordinary Full Council meeting, 12th April 2023 To open account with Charity Bank. Cllr Morgan to arrange to pass the verified documents to the Parish Clerk to send off. This was completed and the bank account opened.


Minute 29, Full Council 26th July 2023 Continued failure of Aster Housing to maintain their children’s play area between Lockyers Way and The Spinney, or the pathways around it and the pathway connecting Abbotts Court and Wareham Rd. Cllr Abbott to monitor this and liaise with the Clerk accordingly.

Cllr Abbott to continue to monitor

Minute 17, Full Council 27th September 2023 Actions arising from consideration of the summary report on and recommendations arising from the annual play equipment inspection reports Cllr Bush to arrange to visit to examine the section of high fence which is reported as loose and requiring a nut/bolt to be replaced.

This work has been completed. Discharged.

Minute 24, Full Council 27th September 2023 Cllr Bush to visit Foxhills Open Space in response to correspondence from a resident of Gibbs Green who had requested the removal of some shrubs and scrub on the Open Space adjacent to her rear garden which she suggested may be harbouring rats she has seen in her garden. Cllr Bush to visit accordingly.


Minute 14, Full Council 25th October 2023

LMYH Ground Maintenance – contractor to increase frequency and scope for grass cutting, clearing brambles/hedge line, stripping ivy etc. Arrange contractor visit asap.

Car in car park – LMPC to confirm current arrangements and agree approach to future parking

Cllr Bush to speak to Mr Mills

On hold – to be discussed again in 3 months.

Cllr Bush to visit Gables Garage to discuss this matter with them.

Discussion held with Gables Garage. The car is still in the car park. Cllr Bush to follow up.

Minute 16, Full Council 25th October 2023

Parish Clerk to inform Purbeck CAB of permission to allow them to park their advice bus in the High St lower car park on a Monday afternoons in order to provide CAB advice sessions there in place of the session currently offered in the Library on Fridays

This was completed.


Minute 17, Full Council 25th October 2023

Parish Clerk to instruct the preferred contractor for the repairs to the Churchyard / cemetery wall.

Awaiting reply regarding the quote for the Churchyard Wall. Ongoing.

Minute 16, Full Council 25th October 2023 i) Members to consider / suggest locations for a memorial bench on the Recreation Ground.

(ii) Cllr Abbott to speak to the resident concerned about possible locations.

The suggested location from the resident is under the oak tree by the pharmacy.

It was concluded that if the bench is to be located near the pharmacy then it would be better for it to be part of the proposed new noticeboard/seating area. Cllr Abbott to ask resident if they would be willing to contribute towards this bespoke bench.

5. Chair’s announcements (for the purposes of report only).

The Council Chair announced the following:

<![if !supportLists]>· <![endif]>The Council hosted an evening on Friday November 25th to mark Tim Watton’s 18 years as Parish Clerk. – Tim was very appreciative of those who came along..

<![if !supportLists]>· <![endif]>Tree Survey – the basic report has been circulated for information and the consequent PC action is being finalised. The emerging priority tasks are trees on Eldons Drove and Foxhills. A full list of actions will be put together for F&GP.

<![if !supportLists]>· <![endif]>Willow Walk – correspondence was received from residents of Landers Reach regarding issues with the trees on Willow Walk. The residents have been responded and told that the trees were not identified as requiring any action.

6. To receive and note the content of the minutes of the Finance & General Purposes Committee Meeting on 8th November (for purposes of report only)

It was RESOLVED to receive and note the contents of these draft minutes.

7. To consider planning application P/HOU/2023/06540 Two Trees, 40 Wareham Road, Lytchett Matravers. Construction of rear extension.


8.To consider planning application P/PAPA/2023/06671 Race Farm, Huntick Road, Lytchett Matravers. Alterations to farm track leading off Huntick Road.


9. To consider planning application P/HOU/2023/05971 Oakhurst, Huntick Road, Lytchett Matravers. Erect side and rear single storey extensions.

NO OBJECTION however the Parish Council has concerns about dispersal of storm water run off.

10. To consider planning application P/FUL/2022/05152 15 Dillons Gardens, Lytchett Matravers Demolish existing dwelling and erect 6no 4-bedroom detached houses with associated parking and access.

OBJECTION. The Council wished to OBJECT to this proposal on the following grounds:

<![if !supportLists]>· <![endif]>The Parish Council have continuing concerns regarding the disposal of stormwater from the proposed development. This site already suffers from frequent flooding including by stormwater along Dillons Gardens, and the site is within 20 metres of a natural watercourse. In addition it is already on record that the local Wessex Water pumping station regularly overflows. The development is likely to add nutrient deposits into the Poole Harbour catchment.

<![if !supportLists]>· <![endif]>The proposed development is out of keeping with the surrounding properties – both in terms of dwelling design / height / size and the density of buildings on the site.

<![if !supportLists]>· <![endif]>Loss of the rich biodiversity on this site. It is not clear from the plans or report what the biodiversity net gain of the proposal will be.

<![if !supportLists]>· <![endif]>Inadequate highway access. The development site is beyond the end of a very narrow residential road and a section of unadopted and privately owned track. There is significant concern that emergency vehicles, waste vehicles etc will have insufficient access.

<![if !supportLists]>· <![endif]>Effects on an already serious local traffic congestion problem arising from the insertion of more dwellings on this road. The Parish Council requests an embargo on any further development within the Lytchett Matravers settlement until the initiatives to alleviate parking and congestion problems on Wareham Road and around the primary school have been fully addressed. Proposals to address these well publicised problems have been in progress with Dorset Council now for several years.

<![if !supportLists]>· <![endif]>In addition, the Parish Council wishes to comment that if the proposals were to be approved by the Local Planning Authority the Parish Council would, in line with the declarations by the Dorset Council and Lytchett Matravers Parish Council of a Climate Emergency, expect the development proposals to indicate the anticipated net carbon contribution – and to include emphasis on use of high efficiency insulation, the installation of heat pumps, and electric vehicle charging points, etc. The Parish Council would also expect separate drainage systems for foul and surface water and that any hard standing areas be permeable.

11. To receive a report on 2024 Events

The Summer event was discussed and it was noted, with disappointment, that only one member of the public had attended the initial planning meeting on November 8th. It was felt that it might be better to approach likely participant groups individually to try and engage with them and increase the interest in the event. It was noted that these events take a lot of organisation and more volunteers would be needed. The name ‘Lytchett Matravers Midsummer Festival’ was suggested as a theme to build around and Councillors agreed that this was an appropriate name for the event. It was also agreed that at this stage it would be better to launch the new initiative in early 2024 as an upcoming event for the new year.

Action: RA to make a list of groups in the village for the Parish Council to contact in January.

The D Day Event was discussed which will take place on the 6th June, 2024. The Village Hall is booked for the afternoon and evening and Cllr Asprey has been in touch with the Purbeck Film Festival to show ‘The Longest Day’. The price of this will be £150 for the screening and £100 donation to the Film Festival. Tickets will be sold and profits will go to the Royal British Legion. It was agreed that the lighting of the beacon would be better after dusk; to be coordinated with the national guidelines. It was asked that perhaps the Army Cadets and/or the Scouts could be involved in the event.

12. To receive an update on dropped kerb plans and consider revised proposal

Cllr Huggins outlined that the preferred contractor had informed that Parish Council that Dorset Council were not happy with their specification. As a result, a quote from Dorset Council has been sought.

13. To receive a report from the Village Environment Working Group (VEWG).

A summary report had been made available to all members ahead of this meeting. A copy of the report is associated at Appendix 2 to these minutes.

14. VEWG Recommendation 1: to install a storage unit between the Sports Pavilion and Scout Hut (as VWEG report) and to obtain quotations.

Cllr Morgan outlined that the proposal is to tender a design and build project. It will be a light steel frame with metal cladding. The building will accommodate the goal posts and no adaptations will be needed to the buildings either side. The building will also house the road signage which will allow the Parish Office to be redecorated and used as a meeting room. The building does not need planning permission. The building will be locked and secure.

Action: It was RESOLVED to APPROVE the obtaining of quotations for the project.

15. VEWG Recommendation 2: to install an extended terrace area at the Sports Pavilion (as VEWG report) and to obtain quotations.

Cllr Morgan referred to the plans shown to the Parish Council is July 2023. The plan is for the existing terrace on the south side of the Pavilion to be widened with central steps down to the grass. There was a discussion around the steps and disabled access and it was concluded that the principle of extending the terrace was agreed in principle but more details were needed for the access.

Action: VEWG to review terrace area/access plan.

16. VEWG Recommendation 3; to install a protective barrier around the heat pump to prevent collision damage and to obtain quotations.

The proposed protective barrier was discussed and it was asked that safety distances were checked when the quotes were sought. Cllr Morgan offered to make the barrier for cost however the surface by the door would need to be quoted for. Cllrs raised whether there would be insurance issues that would need to be considered with a Councillor carrying out the work. Cllr Morgan will produce a method statement for approval and the Parish Council insurance will be checked.

Action: Cllr Morgan to produce a method statement for the protective barrier. Clerk to check insurance implications.

17. VEWG Recommendation 4: to purchase 8 sacks of play-grade bark chips for the Rocket Park and gateways to the Dog Exercise area – cost £919.39 + VAT.

RESOLVED to APPROVE. A plan is needed for the spreading. It was concluded that Mr Gould could be asked to move and spread the bark.

Action: Clerk to order bark. Cllr Bush to contact Mr Gould regarding spreading the bark.

18. To receive a report from the Highways Working Group (for purposes of report only)

A summary report had been made available to all members ahead of this meeting. A copy of the report is associated at Appendix 3 to these minutes.

19. Receive a report from the Neighbourhood Plan 2 Working Group (for purposes of report only).

The group had met with local residents and discussed that Purbeck Local Plan consultation. The discussion had focussed on those points regarding the plan’s soundness and legality.

20. To review the proposed Parish Council response to the Purbeck Local Plan consultation.

The deadline for the consultation response is 22nd December. The previous response to the Local Plan was circulated, this is still relevant but will be worked on. The question is whether it is sound and legal and the earlier Parish Council response concluded that it was not, based on issues with Green Belt and sustainability. The Parish Council have previously agreed in principle to pay a barrister to assist with a possible judicial review.

Action: NP2WG to prepare draft response to each relevant Supplementary Proposed Main Modification.

21. To receive a report from the Lytchett Matravers Youth Hall Working Group

A summary report had been made available to all members ahead of this meeting. A copy of the report is associated at Appendix 4 to these minutes. The selected builder was unable to start but O’Sullivan’s are going to take on the work.

22. YHWG Recommendation 1: Approval of financial support model for LMYH: The PC to consider agreeing to underwrite financial costs of YH as a start-up initiative up to March 31st 2026; to be reviewed thereafter (as YHWG report).

The Parish Council approved the financial support model up to March 31, 2026. Due to a donation obtained from the St. Adhelm’s Trust of £6k p.a., the PC subsidy is estimated at £9k p.a. To be reviewed quarterly through LMYH WG report.


23.YHWG Recommendation 2: Charitable entity to be established as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation [CIO] with PC nominated trustee. PC to request quarterly reporting, to include financial summaries against forecast (as YHWG report).

It was outlined that the CIO provides a level of limited liability for trustees. The initial committee have been agreed and it was agreed that the Parish Council will have a trustee rather than a representative. RESOLVED to APPROVE.

24.To approve the National Pay Award and associated back pay from April 2023.


25.To receive a report on 2024-25 budget assumptions.

A budget assumptions report was circulated in advance of the meeting. The tax base spreadsheet from Dorset Council is due to be received on 8th December. The Bank of England forecast 2024 midpoint inflation rate is 3.4%. It was agreed that this figure be used as a general increase level for expenses. With respect to a precept increase, it was noted that the Parish Council has healthy reserves and the cost of living is still high. This matter will be discussed further in December.

Burial and allotment fees will also need to be discussed as they have not been reviewed for a number of years.

26.To receive the current CIL report to 31st October 2023.

The CIL report was circulated in advance of the meeting. It was noted that it is now difficult to predict how much CIL will be received. The estimate for the end of March 2023 is £33,000 which will leave around £130,000 in unspent CIL.

27. To receive a copy of the Earmarked Reserves to 31st October 2023

The Earmarked Reserves were covered in the budget assumptions report above. The reserves are largely set against sinking funds for the replacement of current assets.

28.To receive a copy of the Staffing Committee minutes from 21st November 2023.

One application for the Parsh Clerk vacancy was received and the Interview will take place on 7th December.

29.To consider action regarding an unpaid invoice for removal of a branch from the Churchyard.


Action: Cllr Bush to liaise with the PC’s solicitor.

30. To resolve to approve the following payments already made:

To Whom For What Net VAT Total
The Play Company Supply of bench for Middle Road 448.00 89.60 537.60
Sally-Anne’s Professional Cleaning Service Cleaning of Lytchett Matravers Youth Club 112.00 0.00 112.00
BT Office phone and broadband fee 55.95 11.19 67.17
Homestyle Glazing Ltd Supply and fit doors for Youth Hall, trim all windows 2780.00 556.00 3336.00
SSE Youth Hall Jul-Oct 2023 80.31 4.01 84.32
Darkin Miller Limited Interim Internal Audit 220.16 44.03 264.19
O2 Parish Clerk Mobile Phone – October 11.92 2.38 14.30
Octopus Energy Electricity Lytchett Matravers Sports Club – October 14.15 0.71 14.86
SSE Car Park Lighting – Youth Hall 20/09-30/9 1.59 0.13 1.72
Propel Finance Plc Monthly repayment for LMPC Clerk’s mobile phone – 7.42 1.48 8.90
HSBC Bank account fee 5.00 0 5.00
Charity Bank Transfer to new Parish Council account (for information) 25,000 0 25,000

It was RESOLVED to approve the above payments already made.

31. To resolve to approve the following payments due:

To Whom For What Net VAT Total
T Watton Back Pay from April 2023 574.56 0.00 574.56
HMRC PAYE & ENI – Nov 2023. 143.60 0.00 143.60
Dorset County Pension Fund LGPS pension contribution Nov 2023 209.00 0.00 209.00
T Homer Handyman duties, Oct 2023 356.89 0.00 356.89
Alison Clothier Clerk’s Cover 31/10/23-24/11/23 1175.25 0 1175.25
Sutcliffe Play South West Pendulum Seat Full Assembly 355.36 71.07 426.43
Jurassic Computers Clean up of Parish Council PC 60.00 0 60.00
NB Tree Management Tree Survey and Risk Assessment for LMPC trees 1450.00 0 1450.00
Cllr Bush Mileage and Chairman’s Allowance 262.60 0 262.60
Idverde Cemetery Maintenance and Grass cut end of playing field 449.81 89.96 539.77

It was RESOLVED to approve all of the above payments.

22. To note any training undertaken by members or the Clerk in the past month (for purposes of report only).


23. To note any decisions and / or action taken by Parish Clerk under “Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014”, Part 3, Paragraphs 6-10, Record of Decisions and Access to Documents (for purposes of report only).


24. To notecorrespondence received (for purposes of report only).

Cllr Attridge had attended the DAPTC AGM and will report back in F&GP

Cllr Bush had received a complaint about speeding on the Wareham Road; Cllr Huggins will reply.

The meeting closed at 21:04 Annotated by/on ……………………………..Signed by……………………


Dorset Cllrs Report

Round up of Dorset Activity

The latest round of Community and Culture Project grants (round 6) is now open for applications. This grant fund offers not for profit groups the opportunity to apply for a small grant of between £1,000 – £5,000. We welcome applications for projects and events for community, arts, accredited museums, heritage, sport, play, youth and physical activity. Newly established groups who have been in existence for 12 months or less can also apply but can only apply for up to a maximum of £1,500. Applicants will need to provide a minimum of 20% match funding towards their project.

The latest round of the council’s Organisational Support Revenue Fund Round 4 for SVCS sector groups who are looking for core revenue funding to cover some of their running costs and or strategic work can apply for a grant of between £5,000 – £10,000 per annum for up to two years. Grants if successful will commence April 2024 and end April 2026. For more details, including fund criteria, closing dates, how to apply and what you need to consider before applying please visit the webpages below.

Organisational Support Revenue Fund Round 4 – Dorset Council (please note that this round is not open to arts, heritage, museums, sport, physical activity and play organisations).

Finally, if your organisation is planning a capital project to improve, refurbish or undertake adaptions to an existing community building or space you can apply for up to 20% of your total capital project costs up to a maximum of £25,000 through Dorset Council’s Capital Leverage Fund. Successful applicants must be able to demonstrate how they intend to raise the remaining 80% of their projects costs when applying, and have up to two years to secure the funding to enable the grant to be released. Full details of the fund, closing dates, and its priorities can be found on the council’s webpages below.

Community applications : communities

Cultural applications: leisureWDWP

Purbeck Plan consultation opens. Purbeck Local Plan – main modifications – Dorset Council The scope of this consultation is expressly limited to the novel Main Modifications (which have been described as Proposed Supplementary Main Modifications), and for this reason officers will be encouraging interested parties to focus on these changes and emphasising that when the responses are processed no weight will be attached to issues falling outside this scope (i.e. issues that have already been raised in earlier responses or at the local plan hearing sessions). The novel changes in the Main Modifications primarily relate to the following issues:

<![if !supportLists]>1. <![endif]>Nutrient pollution in Poole Harbour – Planning policies and supporting text have been updated to take account of Natural England’s announcement on this issue.

<![if !supportLists]>2. <![endif]>Strategic SANG at Morden – The drafting of planning policies and supporting text have been tweaked to address issues discussed at the examination hearing held in July 2022.

<![if !supportLists]>3. <![endif]>Updates on housing land supply and local housing need – The drafting of planning policies and supporting text now reflect the latest updates on the supply of land for new homes and local housing need assessment.

<![if !supportLists]>4. <![endif]>Minor issues/errors – A number of minor issues and errors have been identified through the examination, the drafting of planning policy and text has been adjusted to respond to these issues.

The latest Main Modifications do not materially change any of the overarching aims, objectives or strategies in the local plan. As example of this, the approach to supporting delivering homes through key allocations around Upton, Lytchett Matravers, Wool and Moreton Station/Redbridge Pitt have not changed (the numbers of homes referred to in the policies and the sites are the same as in earlier iterations of the local plan). The schedule of Main Modifications and other consultation documents will be available to view when the consultation opens on the 10 November. I will answer as Ward Member as well as Morden councillor.

Dorset doing well.? According to a council report published this week, carbon emissions from council owned buildings have reduced by over 20 per cent in just one year thanks to a major retrofit programme. Councillor Star and I are on the Climate Change Panel.

Overall, the council has reduced its carbon footprint by 27% since it declared a climate and ecological emergency in 2019. In the past year progress has been slower than previous years, but according to the report this was to be expected and reflects the significant drop in carbon emissions recorded globally during the pandemic. Stronger measures are needed on transport issues.

Dorset Council can lead by example but does not have powers to force developers or private individuals to change their behaviour it can only influence. Some measures planned for reduction in emissions will be expensive and at a time of budget scrutiny may not be popular with voters if they lead to Council Tax rises possibly into double digits.

Winter resilience Electricity.

Customers are encouraged to be prepared for the possibility of disruption to supplies by:

  • Saving the emergency power cut number – ‘105‘ – to your phone to report any loss of supply or damage to the electricity network
  • Visiting SSEN’s Power Track Website to give you details of power cuts and restoration times. You can also report power cuts and network damage through the Power Track app
  • Going to SSEN’s website where there is a wealth of advice and information on how to deal with a power cut, or to chat live to one of SSEN’s advisors via its webchat service

Food resilience.

Dorset Council and Help and Kindness jointly hosted Feeding Dorset 2, the second event of its kind celebrating the outstanding food projects that have made a significant impact on communities across Dorset. The event was held at The Old Power House in Blandford Forum and was attended by over 75 people from various organisations.

Feeding Dorset 2 brought together a wide range of initiatives, from community gardens and food banks to educational programmes and sustainable horticulture projects. The event showcased the tremendous efforts undertaken by individuals, groups, and organisations to support people in need to access affordable and emergency food, and to build Dorset’s local food resilience.

DCAN had a webinar just before the meeting on the 29th. I will check the recording later.

Adult Care

People in Dorset spent tens of millions of pounds of their own money to care for friends and relatives last year, new figures show.

Spending for adult social care has rocketed across England, but health think tank the Nuffield Trust warned patchy data means the amount paid privately is likely underestimated.

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced a further £4.7 billion in funding for adult social care up to 2024-25 in last year’s autumn budget, but the Local Government Association wrote to him ahead of this year’s budget calling for "substantial new investment to help tackle unmet and under-met" needs.

NHS Digital figures show people in Dorset paid £31.4 million for adult social care services in 2022-23 – up from £29.3 million the year before.

In total, Dorset council spent £218 million providing services last year.

It can offset the amount it spends on providing care through various income and funding streams, such as investment from the NHS and contributions from patients.

Last year, it received £63.9 million. It means the council’s net spend on providing adult social care sat at £155 million – up from £138 million in 2021-22.

"Means testing thresholds haven’t changed since 2010, so fewer people qualify for public funding, and those who pay for their own care are finding it to be more expensive due to inflation.

North Dorset. Dorset Council’s Northern Area Planning Committee voted in favour of the plans by Dorset-based Wyatt Homes.

The new plans sought full planning consent for 150 homes and have outlined permission for a further 340 on a site adjoining the A354 and the A350.

Wyatt Homes also plan to deliver new pedestrian and cycle connections as well as 2,000 new trees across the site.

The Examination by inspector on the Portland Incinerator will probably start on 6th Dec at Portland .

The Examination by Inspector on Surf Reef West Moors will be in Westport house probably 11 December.

Our casework has been mainly problems with parking near Aster Housing.

Disruption over roadworks and making good after gas or internet providers have not made good.

Some issues over leasehold property have been raised, although Leasehold is being phased out in legislation. Blocks of Flats in varied ownership will be a continuing problem.

Appendix 2

Lytchett Matravers Parish Council



Working Group Objective:

<![if !supportLists]>· <![endif]>Development and improvement of village amenities, principally within PC control

<![if !supportLists]>· <![endif]>Particular focus on Recreation Ground + Library Green areas + School Car Park/Sports Project.

Working Group Participants:

Ken Morgan, Alf Bush, Andrew Huggins , Karen Korenevsky, Vicky Abbot, Hannah Khanna

<![if !supportLists]>· <![endif]>Details:- Hannams Gate, Pond, Sports Pav/Scout/TT works, Boules, Rocket Park, School C Pk/SpProject.

<![if !supportLists]>1. <![endif]>Hannams Gate. Design approved by PC. Details worked up for costing.

<![if !supportLists]>2. <![endif]>Sports/Scout Bldgs Entrances, Stores, Terrace + T Tennis. Design approved by PC. Phase construction with priorities to guard replacement heat pump, sports store then terraces to pavilion + TT areas.

<![if !supportLists]>3. <![endif]>Pond – Survey measurements + levels + detailed design required.

<![if !supportLists]>4. <![endif]>Boules/Petanque Pitches – Layout/positions agreed. Prepare tender docs.

<![if !supportLists]>5. <![endif]>Village Notice Board Replacement – Design approved by PC. Complete detailed design + tender.

<![if !supportLists]>6. <![endif]>Rocket Park – Surface – Order and place bark.

<![if !supportLists]>7. <![endif]>Finger Post Renovations – Progress on Upper X with discounted parts available. Assemble volunteer team for training + seek sponsorship. CPRE grant possibility.

<![if !supportLists]>8. <![endif]>School Parking/Sports Project. Car park/School drop off layout issued and on hold pending zebra crossing.


Sports/Football Club. DC Highways. School. Funding/Grants. Heat Pump reinstatement.

Status/Next Steps:

<![if !supportLists]>· <![endif]>Rocket Park bark.

<![if !supportLists]>· <![endif]>Agree bench locations and order – Library Green +

<![if !supportLists]>· <![endif]>Fabricate Heat Pump enclosure ready for Ht pump repairs./replacement (See Appendix A)

<![if !supportLists]>· <![endif]>Invite Design + Build tenders for Sports Store (See Appendix B)

<![if !supportLists]>· <![endif]>Invite Tenders for Terrace + Table Tennis (See Dropbox July 23 PC Sports Pav/Scout Hut proposals)

<![if !supportLists]>· <![endif]>Notice Board + Hannams Gate Boules/Petanque Pitches + invite tenders.

<![if !supportLists]>· <![endif]>Pond– Clear vegetation, survey levels dims, develop + agree designs and invite tenders.

Financial Forecast:

(£000’s, excluding VAT)

2023-24 2024-25 2025-26
Expense to date
Forecast Sp/Pav /TT/Terrace 55

Topo survey 1

Hannams Gate 5

Pond 15

Notice Board 5

Contingencies 20

Rocket Park Surface 80

Fingerposts 5

Contingencies 30

Total 101 115 ?

Appendix 3

Lytchett Matravers Parish Council

Summary Report – Dorset Council Highways WG

November 2023

Working Group Objective:

Review of all Highways related projects and establishing close liaison with Dorset Council Highways.

Working Group Participants:

Andrew Huggins (Chair), Ken Morgan, Alf Bush, Peter Webb, Beverly Barker, Rob Aspray


PC projects that require Dorset Council Highways interaction and agreement. To set up a more formal working arrangement with DC Highways to progress those projects.


DC Highways approval and partial funding

Status/Next Steps:

<![if !supportLists]>1. <![endif]>School Crossing – Highways have been given the green light to proceed with the Zebra crossing proposal, subject to various checks. Consultation has started – Statutory consultees first.

<![if !supportLists]>2. <![endif]>Huntick Road Cycleway – apply for approval for next section – Rozalia Meadows to Jubilee Walk

<![if !supportLists]>3. <![endif]>High Street Crossing – apply for permission to install as a ‘place’ project.

<![if !supportLists]>4. <![endif]>Tesco Island – Create formal notice to Tesco of intentions with DCH approval. AH to write to Tesco CEO office again and CC Southampton Distribution centre and local store manager – not done yet.

<![if !supportLists]>5. <![endif]>20 MPH Zones – Apply for central village area to be set to 20 mph. Traffic speed survey should take place before Christmas.

<![if !supportLists]>6. <![endif]>Drop kerbs – proposal deferred to Sept 2023 F&GP meeting for installation of dropped kerbs on the Spinney, Burbidge Close and Vineyard Close. Cost Approx £13.5K. Budgeted £15K- This was awarded to Fletchermoore but there is a query with DC over spec. Re-quoting by DC and will probably award works to DC.

<![if !supportLists]>7. <![endif]>WG held a meeting to discuss the above. Survey designed and to be launched online soon.

Financial Forecast:

(£000’s, excluding VAT)

2023-24 2024-25 2025-26
Expense to date
Forecast 2551 802 1,0003
Total 255 80 1,000


<![if !supportLists]>1. <![endif]>School crossing – 80 (revised estimate from DC July 2023), High St crossing 75, 20MPH – 30, Drop kerbs – 15, Huntick cycleway stage 2 – 35

<![if !supportLists]>2. <![endif]>Tesco forecourt – 80

<![if !supportLists]>3. <![endif]>Huntick cycleway stage 3 – 1,000



Appendix 4

Lytchett Matravers Parish Council

Lytchett Matravers Youth Hall Working Group (LMYH WG) November 2023

Working Group Objective:

Research, propose and implement options for renovation of the LM Youth Hall and regenerate it as a place for community use and the LM Youth Club. Develop a business plan for ongoing use. Fundraise to enable full replacement with a modern, purpose-built, energy-efficient building.

Working Group Participants:

Council members: Beverly Barker (Chair), Ken Morgan, Alf Bush,

Community members: Clare Duran, Chris Wilson, Roger Ong, Kris Knudsen, Ben Cross, Alex Brenton


The Youth Hall (LMYH) is owned by LMPC. The land is leased from DC until 19/12/2056 and covenanted to be primarily for youth-oriented purposes. LMPC has applied to DC for land-transfer.

The LMYH building is to be renovated to provide a multi-purpose public community space with a youth focus. Qualified inspection indicated it is structurally sound but old, and in need of repair and general improvements to ensure accessibility and sustainability, etc. The biggest issue is the presence of asbestos in the roof. The renovation plans are divided into two stages:

<![if !supportLists]>· <![endif]>Stage 1: bring building back into immediate use with minimum necessary spending.

<![if !supportLists]>· <![endif]>Stage 2: work on design plans and funding options for a full rebuild within 24-months. All approvals debated at Full Council. See minutes for further details https://lytchettmatraverspc.org/full-council/.

Dependencies on long-term ownership:

DC – land transfer

Status and Stage 1 progress

<![if !supportLists]>· <![endif]>Sept ‘22: Electrical inspection and certification completed. Fire inspection and certification completed.

<![if !supportLists]>· <![endif]>June ‘23: Building insurance, PI, etc., updated.

<![if !supportLists]>· <![endif]>Jan ’23: Tenders approved for replacement windows & doors

<![if !supportLists]>o <![endif]>New double-glazed windows installed April ’23. New front door & fire door fitted Oct ’23

<![if !supportLists]>· <![endif]>May ’23: Building Regulation agencies appointed. JHAI approved

<![if !supportLists]>· <![endif]>July ’23: Stage 1: Minor internal work approved. Est. £15k. [WCs: improve accessibility. Kitchen: refit sink, repair water heater, install fridge, cooker, coffee machine, etc. Partition wall: improve accessibility. Repaint throughout with volunteer help.

Current requirements:

<![if !supportLists]>· <![endif]>LMYH ground maintenance: contractor to increase frequency and scope for gardening around building & walls. Recommendation: LMPC R&M budget to be increased for 2023-24. Contractor to undertake asap.

<![if !supportLists]>· <![endif]>Car park: Tenders underway for groundwork to attempt to resolve flooding. Cars in car park: LMPC to confirm current agreements and agree approach to future parking.

<![if !supportLists]>· <![endif]>Exterior window finish/external window trim: LMYH WG to get quotes

<![if !supportLists]>· <![endif]>Gutters: adjustment/replacement needed to address spillage & wall damage. LMYH WG to get quotes.

<![if !supportLists]>· <![endif]>Outside lighting: lighting needed for car park to LMYH. PI & time delay mechanisms to be researched

<![if !supportLists]>· <![endif]>Interior lighting: Upgrade centre lights to LED & check fire exit requirements. AEC (SW) to quote


<![if !supportLists]>· <![endif]>Approval of financial support model for LMYH: PC to consider agreeing to underwrite financial costs of YH up to March 31st 2026. To be reviewed thereafter. Copy of the financial forecast attached.

<![if !supportLists]>· <![endif]>Following October FC: Charitable entity to be established as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation [CIO] with PC nominated trustee. PC to request quarterly reporting, to include financial summaries against forecast.


<![if !supportLists]>· <![endif]>Lord Rockley has agreed to grant the LMYH&YC £6,000 for 2024 and 2025.

Immediate next steps

<![if !supportLists]>· <![endif]>w/c 20/11/23: Painting prep complete and main painting underway

<![if !supportLists]>· <![endif]>w/c 20/11/23: Coffee machine: bought for £1 with 1k coffee pods utilising in part, donation from Village Show and sale of pool table

LMPC Financial Forecast:

Excluding VAT Detail 2023-24 2024-25 2025-26
Budget 75,000

Stage 1

TBC Stage 2
Expense to date

<![if !supportLists]>- <![endif]>£10k window budget

<![if !supportLists]>- <![endif]>£15k minor internal work budget (reduction from original £65k for major internal work)

Replacement windows

<![if !supportLists]>- <![endif]>18/04/23 £4075

<![if !supportLists]>- <![endif]>26/05/23 £4075

<![if !supportLists]>- <![endif]>19/10/23 £2780

Front/Fire Doors + internal window trim

<![if !supportLists]>- <![endif]>2/11/23 £2,400

<![if !supportLists]>- <![endif]>6/11/23 Cleaning: £112

<![if !supportLists]>- <![endif]>29/11/23 Coffee machine & 1000 coffee pods £488.97 (estimate to generate income of £2k over the year)

13,930.97 TBC TBC
Forecast estimates Minor internal work:

<![if !supportLists]>- <![endif]>Additional cleaning £258

<![if !supportLists]>- <![endif]>Carpentry to WC and partition: £1700

<![if !supportLists]>- <![endif]>WC/Doc-M installation: £1600

<![if !supportLists]>- <![endif]>External window trim: £700

<![if !supportLists]>- <![endif]>Unallocated £6,811

11,069.03 TBC
Reserve 50,000
Total 75,000 TBC

Appendices: LMYH Training report as at 23/11/23

Training / Certificate

Dates Candidates
Introduction to Youth Work [Level 2 Certificate] 18/3/23 BB, CD
YW Training: C-Card 25/3/23 CD
YW Training: Facilitating Music Tech 25/3/23 BB, CW
YW Training: Facilitating Song Writing 25/3/23 BB, CW
YW Training: Talking about Alcohol 25/3/23 CD
YW Training: 101 session ideas workshop 25/3/23 BB, CD
Safeguarding with Children [Level 2 Certificate] 9/9/23 BB, CD, RO
Emergency First Aid in the workplace Certificate 14/10/23 BB, CD
YW Training: Suicide Awareness 11/11/23 BB
YW Training: Art Therapy 11/11/23 BB, CD, BC
YW Training: Contextual (out of home) Safeguarding 11/11/23 CD, BC
Dorset Youth community vehicle driving assessment w/c/ 20/11/23 CD
DBS application training 7/12/23 BB
Safeguarding Level 3 Dec 2023 CD, BB
Youth Worker L2 & L3 Apr 2024 CD, BB

Full Minutes 231129v2.docx

Full Council minutes 29th November 2023