Photograph of the Youth HallWorking Group Participants:

Beverly Barker (Chair), Ken Morgan, Chris Wilson, Alf Bush

Current WG Objectives:

  • To review the status & condition of the Youth Hall
  • To commission required building work to bring the YH back into full use for principally youth activities
  • To set out a new business plan for use


Stage 2 development is dependent upon receiving grants and funding to support full renovation

Status/Next Steps:

Condition report: identified severe degeneration of walls, windows and internal facilities with water and weed ingress into the building.  As a result the required programme of renovation is divided into two stages:

  • Stage 1 2023-24: Getting the building back into use with a solid business plan.
  • Stage 2 2024-25: Renovating the building to ensures sustainability and energy efficiency

Stage 1 – status:

  • Replacement windows and external doors: new windows fitted throughout. Replacement external doors awaiting completion of other internal work as dependent on new floor levels.
  • Internal work: improved amenities and accessibility with new toilets, kitchen, office/meeting room and store room. Installing wall insulation to front section, LED lighting and floor insulation to improve heat efficiency. Statement of work available on request. This included a full set of latest design drawings and complete list of job specifications, with particular note of the asbestos risk and all H&S requirements.
  • Builders: Fairways appointed following LMPC three quote procedure. Detailed briefing undertaking in April. Tentative start of main building work – mid July 2023
  • Building Regulation agencies: 3 quotes obtained. JHAI approved at May Full Council meeting.


Financial Forecast:

(£000’s, excluding VAT)

2023-24 2024-25 2025-26
Expense to date 10    
Forecast 50 75  
Total 60 75  
LMYH Working Group June 23 Update
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