On the 2nd May, local elections will be held for all seats on Dorset Council and all seats on all of Dorset’s Town and Parish Councils.

Whether Parish Council elections will be “contested” or “uncontested” will depend on the number of nominated candidates. An uncontested election is an election in which the number of candidates is the same as or fewer than the number of places available for election, so that there would be no vote involved as all candidates are guaranteed to be elected.

Lytchett Matravers Parish Council

If you are interested in becoming a Parish Council member you might find the following videos helpful:

  1. What do parish and town councils do in your community? https://vimeo.com/907832696?share=copy
  2. What do parish and town councils do across Dorset? https://vimeo.com/907833217?share=copy
  3. Why becoming a parish or town councillor in Dorset matters https://vimeo.com/907833081?share=copy

You can also contact the Parish Clerk on lytchettmatravers@dorset-aptc.gov.uk for more information.

Election Timetables

Election Timetable for Nominees

Nomination Packs are available now, from the Electorial Commission here.

11 March – Publication of Notice of Election
12 March – 5 April – Nomination papers to be delivered to Dorset Council
5 April – Deadline for withdrawal of Nomination papers
8 April – Publication of list of nominees
2 May – Election Day
4 May – Votes counted

Election Timetable for Voters

16 April – Deadline for registering as a voter
17 April – Deadline for applications for postal votes
24 April – Deadline for applications for proxy votes
2 May – Election Day

Please note the following

Voter ID – voters in England are now required to show photo ID to vote at polling stations. There is currently a list of acceptable forms of photo ID which includes passports (these may have expired but can be used as an acceptable form of ID provided the photograph is a true likeness of the voter), driving licence, a Blue Badge and an older person’s bus pass ….and many more.

Anyone who doesn’t have photo ID can apply for a Voter Authority Certificate that will be provided free of charge. Applications can be made online, use this link, (Apply for photo ID to vote (called a ‘Voter Authority Certificate’) – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)) or by completing a paper application with a photograph attached. We will be able to take photographs for applicants that don’t have the facility to do so, but any resident who wishes to use this service should make an appointment to see the Team.

If you are aware of any residents that do not have appropriate ID, please do encourage them to apply in plenty of time for a Voter Authority Certificate using the link to the online portal above, or, alternatively ask them to contact the Elections Team on 01305 838299 or elections@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk when a member of the Team can assist them with the options available.

Local Elections – 2nd May 2024
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