"Struggling because of COVID-19" posterDorset Council and Dorset Citizens Advice have launched a new campaign encouraging residents financially affected by the COVID-19 pandemic to seek support before things become more difficult.

The key themes of the Reaching Out campaign, which will be running until 2021 are:

  • Work and skills – employment rights, careers advice, access to training
  • Money and home – rent or mortgage advice, managing debt, accessing benefits, finding somewhere to live, foodbanks, other financial help
  • Health and relationships – health & wellbeing advice including signposting to mental health and domestic abuse support

You can read more about the campaign in the press release here, and on the Reaching Out website.

The programme aims not just to support those financial affected from the working population, but also other members of our communities who are affected. Maybe it’s an older resident who hasn’t claimed Pension Credit before, or a family who need to claim free school meals or the Pupil Premium for the first time.

If anyone you know is experiencing financial difficulties please encourage them to visit the web pages at www.dorsetcouncil.gov.uk/reaching-out or telephone the Dorset Citizens Advice Adviceline on 0344 411 1444.

Reaching Out campaign launched to raise awareness of COVID-19 support
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