The bus shelter on the corner of Lime Kiln Road and High Street was demolished by the Guerrilla Gardener’s team on 28th June.

This bus shelter has always been a bit of a talking point in the village. Firstly, it has always been a mystery as to why this bus shelter was not accessible from the road side. Secondly, there were no windows at either end to see if a bus was coming. Therefore, you could sit in there to shelter from the rain, but the bus would have driven past without seeing you. Thirdly, the new one-way bus route that is in operation through the village means that no buses stop there now. In fact, the bus stop that is in use now is directly opposite from this shelter.

In addition, the structure has been deteriorating rapidly. In fact, the roof had started to disintegrate badly, and, as it was made with asbestos, it had to be removed by a specialist firm a few weeks ago.

So the decision was taken at the lasts council meeting to demolish and remove it altogether.

The question now is: What should we do now with that space? The current plan is to install a raised bed planter and a bench on the concrete plinth. But if you have any other ideas, please let us know.

Removal of Lime Kiln Bus Shelter
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