Meeting of Finance & General Purposes Committee – Weds 9th February 2022 at 7.00 p.m. in the Village Hall.

Tim Watton, Parish Clerk. Council Office, Vineyard Close, Lytchett Matravers BH16 6DD.

Email: lytchettmatravers or call 07824 829491.


All Council decisions must give due consideration to their impact on the community’s carbon footprint.

Public Participation – (standing orders suspended).

1. To receive and consider apologies for absence.

2. To receive any declarations of interest, and consider any requests for Special Dispensations under Section 33 of the Localism Act 2011

3. To receive and approve minutes of the Finance & Gen Purposes Committee meeting held on 12th January 2022.

4. To receive and consider reports of past subject matters on the minutes of the Finance & General Purposes Committee (for purposes of report only).

5. To receive and note the 2021-22 YTD bank reconciliation (for purposes of report only).

6. To receive and consider a report covering 2021-22 YTD income and expenditure (for purposes of report only).

7. To consider planning application P/FUL/2021/05598. Owls Farm Dolmans Hill Lytchett Matravers BH16 6HP. Temporary retention of 2no. storage containers. Permission needed until 31st December 2022.

8. To consider planning application P/FUL/2022/00454. Abbots Court Huntick Estate Lytchett Matravers BH16 6LH. Relocation of a bin store and installation of a scooter store.

9. To consider planning application P/HOU/2021/04771 Hawthorns Deans Drove Lytchett Matravers Poole BH16 6EQ. Proposed First Floor Extension to form Dressing Room & EnSuite bathroom.

10. To undertake an annual review of Council’s Risk Register.

11. To undertake an annual review of the schedule of Governance / Internal Controls responsibilities.

12. Annual review of burial records – nomination of reviewers.

13. Annual review of insurance cover – nomination of reviewers.

14. To consider a proposal to link the hourly rate for handyman work to the National Living Wage rate on an ongoing basis.

15. To consider items for an article in the next Parish Magazine.

16. To note correspondence received.

Members are reminded that the Parish Council has a general duty to consider the following matters in the exercise of any of its functions: Equal Opportunities (race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status and any disability); Crime & Disorder; Health & Safety; and Human Rights.

Signed: T Watton Date: February 2022

FinanceGenPurposesAgenda 220209.docx

Finance & General Purposes Committee agenda 9th February 2022 – 7pm in the Village Hall