Held on Monday August 21st 2017 at 7:00 in the Methodist Church, Lytchett Matravers.

PRESENT were Cllrs A Bush, K Norris, P Webb, B Barker, A Huggins, J Taylor, and Mr T Watton (Parish Clerk).

Also present: District Councillor W. Meaden and three members of the public.

Cllr Bush took the chair for this meeting.


  1. A resident drew attention to two areas of vegetation overgrowing footpaths / walkways, and thus requiring attention: (i) Brambles, etc to one side of the entrance / exit of Willow Walk onto Deans Drove and (ii) on the junction of Huntick Rd with Wareham Rd, opposite the Rose & Crown PH. Action: Parish Clerk to arrange for these areas to be cut back.

District Councillor’s Report

Cllr Meaden’s report is attached at appendix 1 to these minutes. There were no questions by members.

County Councillor’s Report

Cllr Wharf was unable to send a report ahead of the meeting, and had given his apologies for absence.

1. To receive and consider apologies for absence – Cllrs M Colvey, R Carswell, A Cottman, C Wood. Also County Cllr P Wharf.


There were none.

3. TO receive AND RESOLVE to APPROVE THE Minutes of The Full Council Meeting on 17th JUly 2017.

RESOLVED to approve as a true record of the meeting and signed by the meeting Chairman.


It was RESOLVED to receive and note the contents of the following report, which had been prepared and circulated in advance of the meeting by the Parish Clerk. The italics below indicates additional comments by members at the meeting.

  1. Minute 14, 21st September 2015 – website updating. At the April Full Council meeting it had been agreed that all members would send their personal profiles to Cllr Colvey again. There has been no report on any increase on the 3 members who have forwarded their profiles to Cllr Colvey. Action: Cllr Colvey to send a chaser to all members who have not so far responded, requesting them to do so before the September Full Council Meeting.
  2. Minute 13, 19th September 2016 – replacement of Wareham Rd bus stop adjacent to the primary school (also minute 10, 19th June 2017 – Morebus action to re-route their services within the village) The Bus stop has now been replaced. A new waste bin is on order and will be delivered direct to the Handyman’s address ready for installation. Morebus have agreed to restore the bus routing, as reported at the last meeting.
  3. Minute 20, 17th October 2016 Decommissioning of Telephone Kiosks: A definitive response from BT is awaited. Dist Cllr Meaden reported that having spoken to the PDC Conservation officer on this matter she could confirm that the matter is now directly between the Parish Council and BT.
  4. Minute 20, 16th January 2017 – steps in front of the pharmacy premises. As reported at the August Finance & policy committee meeting, the owner of the pharmacy premises has agreed to join the Working Group which will be looking at this area. DISCHARGED.
  5. Minute 18 15th May 2017 – PDC Naming procedure for new roads. Noted that the Parish Council has given its view on this matter to PDC and the developer. At the July meeting Cllr Colvey indicated that he would write to David Fairbairn (Legal Officer, PDC) to ask whether the process has changed, and if so what consultation took place.

vi. Minute 23, 15th May 2017 – Ball Court proposals. This matter has now been incorporated into the brief for the “Rec Path” Working Group. Members may perhaps wish to consider re-titling this “Recreation Ground upgrade” whilst noting the specific elements (only) to which the brief refers. DISCHARGED from this meeting and incorporated into the remit of the relevant Working Group. Action: Cllr Huggins to consider a more appropriate name for the working group.

vii. Minute 3, 19th June 2017 – recognising the service of County Cllr Fred Drane. Cllr Colvey has prepared a letter of thanks from the Lytchett Matravers Parish Council members to County Cllr Fred Drane for his years of service representing DCC at LMPC meetings and Lytchett Matravers interests to DCC. DISCHARGED.

viii. Minute 11, 19thJune 2017 – traffic calming / traffic survey request to DCC. It had been clarified that in order for DCC to respond they require traffic survey requests to come formally from the Parish Council. Subsequently it was clarified by Cllr Cottman that the location in question was the area of the High Street at a point adjacent to the end of Library Walk and the path on the eastern side of the recreation ground. Consequently the Parish Clerk wrote to Rob Camp at DCC on 7th July on the Council’s behalf. Following advice from Mr Camp the matter was referred on to Mr Danny Allen on 10th July, and as no response was received a chaser was send on 17th July. Still no response was received, so the matter has now been referred to Mr Allen’s line manager, Steve Mepham.

Subsequent to the initial request it was lateralso clarified that the intention had been to raise with DCC two matters related to road crossings: High Street as detailed above, plus options for safe crossing adjacent to the school in Wareham Rd. Both of these were discussed with DCC representatives when they visited the village on 18th July 2017. This list was first circulated to all members on 4th August and more recently again on 18th August 2017. It will also be attached as an appendix to the August Full Council minutes. As agreed at the Finance & Policy Cttee meeting on 14th August, these matters are now incorporated into the brief for each of the new Working Groups which were reviewed at that Committee meeting. It was RESOLVED by 5 in favour and 1 abstention for the Parish Clerk to prepare and send to DCC Highways department a letter expressing Parish Council support for the installation of bollards on the kerb edges of the corners at both sides of the junction of Deans Drove with Wareham Rd. The intention is to prevent the current practice of drivers parking their vehicles on the pavement / verge at these points and thereby worsening visibility and safety risk in an already congested area.

There then followed a review of issues which had been raised with DCC on their visit to the village on 18th July. Key decisions arising from this were:

Cllr Bush to approach Helen Cardell concerning her input on the matters of road crossing options at the Wareham Rd SCP point as part of his school representative remit. The Village Centre Shared Space Working Group are expected to approach Helen Cardell separately regarding her advice on the Library / Rec intended crossing point (High St).

Parish Clerk to obtain a copy of the Agency Agreement offered by DCC Highways and review it ready for consideration of the Council regarding sign up.


There were none.

6. To resolve to approve a vote of thanks to former Council member Liz Wilson for her contributions to the work of the council. The meeting chairman remarked that Cllr Wilson had been a member of the Council for many years and had undertaken sterling work on its behalf throughout that time. The vote of thanks was RESOLVED and it was further RESOLVED to send a letter to Cllr Wilson to personally thank her for her service accordingly.

7. To resolve to approve a vote of thanks to County Councillor Fred Drane for his efforts in representing the interests of Lytchett Matravers Parish at Dorset County Council and his contributions to the work of the council. It was noted that Cllr Colvey had already prepared and sent a letter to this effect.

8. To consider and note the membership and scope of the Parish Council’s working groups as listed in Appendix 2 to the minutes of the Finance & Policy Committee meeting held on 14th August 2017. It was RESOLVED to note and accept these. For ease of reference, a copy of the document is also attached at Appendix 2 to these minutes.


(a) Sports Club Governance Working Group – Cllr Webb expressed appreciation, on behalf of the Council, to Cllr Bush for his efforts in successfully establishing a much higher level of accountability within the Sports Club and re-establishing governance procedures.

(b) Huntick Cycle Way Working Group – Cllr Huggins forwarded a written report which is attached at appendix 3 to these minutes. It was noted that contact is to be made with Helen Jackson to get her to acknowledge the flaws with the existing route to Lytchett Minster School, and also to understand her thoughts regarding the proposed topographical survey.

(c) Other Working Group projects as required – Cllr Bush reported that he had contacted DCC with a request to further discuss Club Hall and the land adjacent to the Lytchett Astro. He is hoping from a response from DCC officers shortly.


· Finance & Policy Committee meeting on 14th August 2017

Cllr Norris refereed to three significant issues:

– A recommendation to note and accept the bank reconciliation and accounts update. RESOLVED.

– That the Council add a further £13,800 top up to its investment with Prudential, for a fee of £500. RESOLVED

– That the Council notes that feedback from the external auditors, BDO, indicates that subject to one minor adjustment to the Council’s list of assets, it will award an unqualified approval to its annual return for 2016/17. RESOLVED.

– It was also noted that the letter from the Sports Club regarding a request to consider writing off an outstanding debt to the Council for Lytchett Astro repairs be considered at the next Environment & Amenities Committee meeting. Action: Parish Clerk to add the matter to the draft agenda accordingly.

· Planning Committee meeting on 3rd August 2017

Members noted that there were no recommendations to bring forward.

It was RESOLVED to receive the minutes of both of these meetings and note their content.

11. To approve the following payments already made:-

Inv To Whom For What Net VAT Total
3803 DCC LGPS Pension contribution – July (to include effects of approved pay award) 389.94 0.00 389.94
3804 M J Gracey CALM Website construction and maintenance (part of 2017 grant award to CALM) 480.00 0.00 480.00

RESOLVED to approve.

12. To approve the following payments due:-

Inv To Whom For What Net VAT Total
3805 T Watton Clerk’s salary – August (12 equal monthly payments by SO) 864.83 0.00 864.83
3806 T Watton Adjustment for backdating of pay increases, 2016 and 2017. 140.05 0.00 140.05
3807 DCC LGPS pension contrib August 343.62 0.00 343.62
3808 T Homer Handyman duties, July. 265.50 0.00 265.50
3809 Idverde Ltd Cemetery maintenance – July 2017 303.49 60.70 364.19
3810 Idverde Ltd Grass cutting, Southern end of Rec x 2, July 2017 43.00 8.60 51.60
3811 Kieran Boyland Treecare Ltd Fell and remove Ash tree, Library Walk 220.00 44.00 264.00
3812 RP & SA Ball Standpipe facility for cemetery 105.00 0.00 105.00
3813 A Bush Reimbursement of expenditure for copying & binding of NPlan. 18.48 3.70 22.17
3814 A Cottman Reimbursement of expenditure for key cutting 22.09 5.11 27.20
3815 DAPTC Annual subscription 805.06 0.00 805.06
3816 Open Spaces Society Annual subscription 45.00 0.00 45.00
3817 Replay Maintenance Ltd Half yearly Maintenance visit – Lytchett Astro 470.25 94.05 564.30
3818 A Young Best kept allotment 1st prize 15.00 0.00 15.00
3819 J Watson Best kept allotment 2nd prize 10.00 0.00 10.00
3820 S Cullen Best kept allotment 3rd prize 5.00 0.00 5.00

RESOLVED to approve.

13. to note any training undertaken by members or the Clerk in the past month The Parish Clerk had attended the second and third of four CiLCA training days, and is due to attend the final one on Thursday 24th August 2017. There was no training attended by Council members the past month.

14. To note any decisions and / or action taken by Parish Clerk under “Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014”, Part 3, Paragraphs 6-10, Record of Decisions and Access to Documents. Purchase, within the de-minimus limit, of a bin to replace the old & damaged one to be removed from adjacent to the new Wareham Rd bus stop.


(a) Lytchett Matravers Village Hall: A letter thanking the Council for the grant of up to £500 as a contribution towards the installation of LED lighting – to be paid upon sight of receipted invoices.

16. To note date of next meeting and items for future agendas.

The next meeting is due on Monday 18th September 2017. Items requested for future agendas:

· Review of meeting process and agendas – October Full Council

· To review the legal requirements, guidance and good practice for Annual Parish meetings and consider how this meeting can be best utilised as part of the communication strategy for Lytchett Matravers Parish Council.


The meeting closed at 8.02pm

Annotated by/on …………………………….. Signed by……………………

FullMinutes 170821 Appendix 3 (Huntick Cycleway Working Group update Aug 2017).docx
FullMinutes 170821 Appendix 2 (Working Groups scope membership leaders).docx
FullMinutes 170821 Appendix 1 (Dist Cllrs Report to Full Council August 2017).doc

Full Council minutes 21st August 2017