Held on Wednesday November 28th 2018 at 7:00 in the Blanchard Room, Village Hall, High St, Lytchett Matravers.

PRESENT were Cllrs A Bush (Chairman), R Carswell, M Colvey, A Cottman, A Huggins, R Watts, P Webb, C Wood (left the meeting at 9pm), and Mr T Watton (Parish Clerk).

Also present: County Cllr P Wharf, Dist Cllr W Meaden, Mr R Conway (Environment Manager, PDC), Mrs J Jackson (Environmental Enforcement Team Leader, PDC) and 2 members of the public.


Mr Conway introduced himself and Mrs Jackson. He then went on to explain that the District Council Environment team deals with matters of environment crime; and includes the activities of the dog wardens and dog control, abandoned vehicles, fly tipping etc. He explained that two years ago the previous contractor arrangement of Dog Wardens was brought in house. Additional spending was been approved and there are now two part time Environment Enforcement Officers, line managed by Mrs. Jackson, whose duties include that of the former Dog Wardens. Both of these officers are very experienced in dealing with dogs, as both are renowned dog handlers.

Mrs. Jackson explained that the activities of these two officers is recorded through daily log sheets. Their normal working day is from 10am – 5.00pm; and when necessary their activities include home visits to discuss a dog issues with owners, as well as the dog control patrols and other forms of on-site investigation or patrol work related to other environment matters. In response to a question from a member of the council Mrs. Jackson commented that the officers visit Lytchett Matravers weekly on average; and the inspection of their log sheets shows that they have visited the village 14 times in the past two months – during which they had also taken some annual leave. The officers use a white van with the words “Dog warden” clearly displayed on it. She also went on to explain that the officers are uniformed and are thus very visible. They seek to engage dog walkers in conversation and to encourage positive behaviours.

Members reported that they often see dogs let off leads us as soon as they arrive at the recreation ground. Some owners are also observed sitting on benches using mobile phones and paying little attention to their dogs. It was also reported that a considerable amount of time is spent some by parents and junior football club officials on Saturday mornings clearing dog mess from the recreation ground to ensure it is safe for the children to use.

In an effort to increase public awareness of the problem it was suggested that an article is prepared to go in the Lytchett Link. Mr Conway agreed supply some suitable text; which it was felt could be added to by something from children from the primary school and members of the junior football club. In addition, Mr Conway suggested that he could supply some “dog warden patrolling” signs to use around recreation ground. He also offered to examine budgets to see what scope there might be for some out of normal working hours visits by the officers to areas around the village where there is a persistent problem of failures to pick up after dogs. Mr Conway was requested to advise us as soon as he has determined whether it will be possible to do such visits, so that we can co-ordinate by letting him know the most problematic locations to focus on.

Mr. Conway also explained that they cover fly-tipping as well. He did advise that while no one had been convicted of dog-fouling, several convictions had been successful in the case of fly-tipping.

The Chairman thanked Mr Conway and Mrs Jackson for attending.

A member of the public referred to a meeting of the Village History Group at which the group considered approaching an owner of land adjacent to Church Walk to seek their views on installing the George VI coronation commemoration plaque close to its original location.

District Councillor’s Report

Cllr Meaden’s and Cllr Webb’s joint report is attached at appendix 1 to these minutes. Dist Cllr Meaden announced that a Christmas tree has been put up outside the Tesco store. The lights on it will be switched on during an event at 5pm on Thursday 6th December. This will be attended by choirs from the church and the primary school. Refreshments will also be provided.

County Councillor’s Report

Cllr Wharf‘s report is attached at appendix 2 to these minutes. He added that interviews are taking place for the positions in the new unitary authority at Director level immediately below Chief Executive. Once appointed, these Directors will then be involved in the selection process for the level immediately below them. Cllr Wharf then went on to outline three issues which are currently a focus of attention: (i) Stranded costs, (ii) Convergence, and (iii) Transformation activity. He also drew attention to the fact that a hiatus will arise due to the new authority coming into effect from 1st April 2019, but that elections of members do not take place until 2nd May 2019.

1. To receive and consider apologies for absence – Cllrs K Norris and J Taylor.


3. TO receive AND RESOLVE to APPROVE THE Minutes of The Full Council Meeting on 24th OCTOBER 2018. It was RESOLVED to approve these as a true record of the meeting; and they were duly signed by the Council Chairman.


It was RESOLVED to receive and note the contents of the following report, which had been prepared and circulated in advance of the meeting by the Parish Clerk. The italics below indicates additional comments made by members at the meeting.

i. Minute 7, 17th January 2018 – research of grant funding for defibrillator by Cllr Cottman. The cost breakdown information needed for the grant forms has now been supplied to the Parish Clerk to enable him to complete the relevant sections of the application. Planned further public consultation activity has been discussed and agreed for Cllr Cottman to carry out with other members of the Working Group, in order to strengthen the grant application case. The results of this are awaited.

ii. Minute 10, 25th April 2018 – Security of fences at Jubilee Walk. As reported at last month’s meeting, DCC has had to get legal advice, and were expecting some follow up with the landowner as the tree and land are not owned by Dorset County Council, and to clear a route through the tree. Once DCC has the go ahead they will get the section across the right of way cleared. An update has been requested from the DCC ROW Ranger concerned. In the meantime Cllr Wharf requested that the Parish Clerk forward to him a summary of the problem and a supporting photograph. Action: Parish Clerk to send the details to Cllr Wharf accordingly.

iii. Public Participation, 25th July 2018 – condition of Church Walk. As resolved at the October meeting the Parish Clerk contacted Mr Selby requesting him to undertake this work in liaison with St Marys Church volunteers, via contact with Cllr Barker. It was reported that it is understood some work on this has started.

iv. Public Participation, 26th September 2018 – coronation memorial plaque. Subject to a separate agenda item at the Full Council meeting on 28th November.

v. Minute 7, 26th September 2018 – paper from David Bevan to develop proposals for the protection of open space in the village. Subject to a separate agenda item at the Full Council meeting on 28th November.

vi. Minute 9, 26th September 2018 – proposal to reduce the hedge along the High Street. The work has been completed. DISCHARGED

vii. Minute 10, 26th September 2018 – Recreation Ground ball court. As agreed at the October Full Council meeting, this matter was progressed at the November F&GP Cttee meeting, where the next steps were agreed – see F&GP Cttee minutes.

viii. Minute 12, 26th September 2018 – Response to Pre-Submission Local Plan. This matter was progressed at the November F&GP Cttee meeting, where a response was agreed – see F&GP Cttee minutes.

ix. Minute 9, 24th October 2018 – Centenary Fields plaque at Old School Green. The plaque was ordered and has been put on display. DISCHARGED

5. CHAIRMAN’S ANNOUNCEMENTS The Chairman drew attention to the fact that the deadline for responses to the consultation on the draft Purbeck Local Plan is Monday 3rd December. He remarked that he had circulated to all members a copy of his own personal response to the consultation. He encouraged all members to examine this and to let him have their thoughts by 3rd December for inclusion into a council response to the consultation.

6. To receive and note the content of the minutes of the Finance & General Purposes Committee meeting on 14th November 2018. It was RESOLVED to receive and note these. A summary was given of the decisions made at that meeting and included in its minutes. It was also noted that it is now understood that the planning application for the Huntick development may be considered by the PDC Planning Committee at its December meeting, and that there may be some movement on the number of affordable homes within it. In the light of that it was agreed that it may be an appropriate time to seek a meeting with the relevant Senior Planning Manager, Mr A Nichols, regarding the proposed Huntick Cycleway. Action: Cllr Huggins to approach Mr Nichols accordingly. The findings of the communication with DCC Highways regarding ownership of the grass verge was summarised. In response Dist Cllr Meaden reported that she understood that recent change mean that responsibility for maintaining roadside verges will revert from Highway Authorities to the relevant landowners. Cllr Webb agreed to seek verification of this with the NFU – Action: Cllr Webb to contact the NFU accordingly. In the meantime, the Parish Clerk agreed to contact DCC Highways Dept to ask what they know of this change, and also to ascertain how they would react if the Parish Council were to attempt to register the grass verge land fronting the proposed Huntick Development. Action: Parish Clerk to contact DCC Highways accordingly.

7. Consider a paper covering proposed revisions to the Neighbourhood Plan. Cllr Watts referred to the paper (attached at appendix 3 to these minutes) which had been circulated to all members in advance of the meeting. After some discussion, it was RESOLVED (i) that the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group should progress the points proposed in this paper, and (ii) that Cllr Norris would take forward with Fields in Trust the matter of possible trade off of the Foxhills Open Space for the Recreation Ground car park and other areas to be finalised which are included within the current FIT protected land.

8. Consider a proposal for a Lytchett Matravers Development Trust. Cllr Watts referred to the paper (attached at appendix 4 to these minutes) which had been circulated to all members in advance of the meeting. Some concern was expressed about the word “development” in the title, since that may be incorrectly interpreted by residents as concerning housing matters. Members noted that the matters requiring further consideration included who the first trustees might be, given that a trust must be independent from the Parish Council. It was RESOLVED to progress this to the next stage.

9. To reach a decision on a location for the George VI coronation commemoration plaque, and whether a commemorative tree should be re-planted. It was noted that, as reported above, the Village History Group are approaching the owners of the land adjacent to Church Walk to accommodate the plaque. A decision on this historical artefact is therefore awaited before further council discussion (if any is required) takes place. Once it is known if the adjacent landowner is amenable, the Council may explore the cost of establishing the plaque at that location.

10. To revisit the 2019/20 proposed budget and precept working paper – including sinking fund allocations. Cllr Bush made reference to his paper, circulated to all members before the meeting, which suggested sinking fund allocations. A copy of the paper is associated at appendix 5 to these minutes. It was suggested that sinking funds could be funded by the investment with Prudential International to the end of 2020, and therefore effectively “self-funded. A point was made about consideration of whether there is a need to allocate any new earmarked reserves. It was noted that the council budgeting / precept process would need to include coverage of the increase in day to day expenses. It was agreed to continue the discussion and development of the 2019/20 budget & precept requirement at the December F&GP Committee meeting, and if necessary also at the December Full Council meeting.

11. Consideration of renewal of annual membership of Fields In Trust (cost £50pa) It was RESOLVED to approve this.

12. To consider Parish Council financial commitment to support Recreation Ground Pavilion refurbishment. Members’ attention was drawn to the content of the LMSC report prepared by Cllr Webb and circulated to all members in advance of the meeting (copy attached at appendix 6 to these minutes). Discussion focused on the programme of refurbishment work and the need to undertake this to ensure the pavilion and facilities are fit for general use and also to meet Dorset FA requirement to permit adult league competition. The crowdfunding initiative, and the future opportunities for grant funding requests based on evidence provided through the work by the KKP consultants across Purbeck and Dorset as a whole, were also acknowledged by members. The request for a loan from the Council to support the refurbishment work in advance of the crowdfunding and grant application initiatives was noted. Whilst the most suitable way of the council providing this funding provision was to be considered further, it was RESOLVED to provide up to £24,000 for this purpose.

13. To receive and consider the content of reports from the leader of the Working Groups (by exception) as follows:

Working Group Update
Neighbourhood Plan Covered under item 7 above.
Youth Hall This matter is still with the DCC Solicitor.
Library Cllr Carswell’s report “High Street Shared Space” contains relevant comment and is associated at appendix 7 to these minutes.
High Street Shared Space See Cllr Carswell’s report at appendix 7 to these minutes.
Rec Path See Cllr Carswell’s report at appendix 7 to these minutes.
Rec Pavilions Covered under item 12 above.
Eldons Drove Lane See Cllr Carswell’s report at appendix 7 to these minutes.
Astro Expansion A third quote for the work to clear the shrubs / scrub is awaited.
New Sports Field No report
Huntick Road Cycleway Cllr Huggins’s report, included at appendix 8 to these minutes, contains relevant comment.
Sports Club Governance A report from Cllr Webb is associated at appendix 4 to these minutes. He commented that the key issue is to get the pavilion and its facilities into a fit state so that the Dorset FA can sign it off for competitive use for DFA affiliated matches. It was noted that around £15k is needed for pavilion refurbishment, and fundraising activity is to take place.
Progress towards CiLCA The Clerk referred to his report which was circulated to all members ahead of the meeting.

The outstanding evidence for the one remaining leaning outcome, related to grant applications, is awaited from a council member.

Bollards / Dolly posts See Cllr Huggins report at appendix 8 to these minutes.
Recreation ground ball court See Cllr Huggins report at appendix 8 to these minutes.
Broadband improvement See Cllr Huggins report at appendix 8 to these minutes. No report
Mobile Signal See Cllr Huggins report at appendix 8 to these minutes.

14. To resolve to approve the following payments due:

Inv To Whom For What Net VAT Total
4010 T Watton Clerk’s salary – November (12 equal monthly payments by SO) 883.15 0.00 883.15
4011 DCC LGPS pension contrib November 2018 350.56 0.00 350.56
4012 T Homer Handyman duties, October 2018 258.75 0.00 258.75
4013 Idverde Ltd Cemetery maintenance – October 2018 303.49 60.70 364.19
4014 Idverde Ltd 1 x grass cutting of sports field area of rec ground – Oct 170.00 34.00 204.00
4015 Idverde Ltd 2 x fortnightly grass cutting, southern end of rec – Oct 46.50 9.30 55.80
4016 S P Mills General grass cutting contract for 2018, plus grass cuts at Turbetts Green and trimming at Astro. 4570.00 0.00 4570.00
4017 M J Gracey (Flavourfy Digital) Annual website hosting plus website updates retainer 18/19 570.00 114.00 684.00
4018 Borough of Poole (Poole Business services) Refurbishment of Landers Reach Roundabouts (£1370 + £274 VAT)

Eldons Drove Lane, vegetation cut back (£265.00 + £53 VAT)

Recreation Ground hedge (£390.00 +£78.00 VAT)

2025.00 405.00 2430.00
4019 Sutcliffe Play South West Repairs to Zip wire / cable way at Rocket Park 479.73 95.95 575.68
4020 Sutcliffe Play South West Repairs to trampoline at Rocket Park 127.69 25.53 153.22
4021 A Bush Reimbursement for cost of copying material for Sustrans meeting on 22nd November 2018 62.50 12.50 75.00
4023 K Norris Reimbursement of travelling cost for DAPTC Purbeck Area meeting. 7.20 0.00 7.20
4024 K Watson (Plush Plumbing & Heating) Reinstate boiler and gas supply and flush out system at Sports Club Pavilion 300.00 0.00 300.00
4025 A Cottman Reimbursement for cost of purchase of painting materials for Sports Club Pavilion doors. 139.46 33.62 173.08
4026 Hillier Recycling Ltd Hire of waste skip for Sports Pavilion 240.00 48.00 288.00

It was RESOLVED to approve all of the above payments.

15. To note any training undertaken by members or the Clerk in the past month. The Cllr Norris reported that he and Cllr Colvey had attended the meeting of the DAPTC Purbeck area committee. Two items to note from this were (i) some discussion of the potential devolution of work from DCC to parishes (ii) the DAPTC training programme.

16. To note any decisions and / or action taken by Parish Clerk under “Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014”, Part 3, Paragraphs 6-10, Record of Decisions and Access to Documents.

There were none.

17. Correspondence.

The Parish Clerk reported that a resident had asked for a copy of the council’s response to the consultation on the draft Purbeck Local Plan.

18. To note date of next meeting and items for future agendas.

The next Full Council meeting is to be held in the Village Hall on Wednesday 19th December 2018 at 7pm in the Village Hall.

The meeting closed at 9:50pm

Annotated by/on …………………………….. Signed by……………………

FullCouncil 181128 Appendix 1 (Dist Cllrs Report to Parish Council November 2018) (Word)
FullMinutes181128 Appendix2 (Dorset County Council report December 2018) (Word)
FullMinutes181128 Appendix 3 (Proposed Revisions to the Neighbourhood Plan 2018 11 190 (Word)
FullMinutes181128 Appendix 4(LMPC Proposal for a Development Trust rev1) (Word)
FullMinutes181128Appendix5 (proposed Earmarked Reserves Budget 2019 v2) (Excel)
FullMinutes181128 Appendix6 (Sports Club WG Report to LMPC for 28.11.2018) (Word)
FullMinutes 181128 Appendix7 ( High Street Shared Space WG Nov 2018 (PDF)
FullMinutes 181128 Appendix 7a (LM Centre-Project Summary) (PDF)
FullMinutes 181128 Appendix7b (High Street Shared Space – scheme) (PDF)
FullMinutes181128 Appendix 8 (Project update 25 Nov 2018 Cllr Andrew Huggins) (Word)

Full Council minutes 28th November 2018