Held on Wednesday 24th July 2019 at 7:00 in the Blanchard Room, Village Hall, High Street, Lytchett Matravers.

PRESENT were R Watts (Vice Chairman), M Attridge, B Barker, R Carswell, M Colvey, A Cottman, A Huggins, C Wood and Mr T Watton (Parish Clerk).

Also present: Dorset Councillors A Brenton and A Starr and eight members of the public.


A resident of Flowers Drove explained that she was attending the meeting to represent the views of herself and other residents of Flowers Drove regarding the behaviour of drivers on that road. She acknowledged that the Parish Council may already be aware of issues raised via correspondence with Dorset Council member Andrew Starr, and also with Susan Hetherington from the Dorset Council Highways Department. She explained that her intention in attending this Parish Council meeting is to add some detail to the problems highlighted in that correspondence. She also explained that she understood from correspondence with Susan Hetherington that it is the Parish Council’s responsibility to put forward any request to Dorset Council for alteration to speed limits within the village.

She remarked that Ms Hetherington had already commented that Flowers Drove does not meet the established criteria for a reduction in speed limit. In response the resident has pointed out to Dorset Council that Flowers Drove has no pavements or street lighting and the single carriageway road is shared with lorries, cars, farm vehicles, the weekly bin collection vehicle, horses, bicycles, pedestrians including parents with toddlers and pushchairs, skateboarders, mobility scooters, runners, and dog walkers. In addition the road is crossed by local wildlife including deer and foxes. The resident pointed out that six domestic cats have been killed in the first few months of this year due to an increase in volume and speed of traffic believed to have arisen from the diversion and / or restriction to normal flows caused by roadworks on the A350. She pointed out that such is the nature of the problem that residents are now increasingly anxious about using the road.

She went on to explain that the difficulties have evidently been exacerbated by the fact that weddings and vineyard tours are held at the English Oak vineyard – thereby causing a further increase in traffic. As an example, she commented on a wedding event on a recent weekend which included two double-decker buses ferrying guests. In addition she pointed out that commercial vehicles now regularly use Flowers Drove as part of the activity to set up a new Nursery and Petting Farm. She expressed concern that when this opens it is likely to cause even more traffic pressure on the road.

She observed that there is little room for one vehicle to pass another, let alone the large commercial vehicles; and in the event of encountering such vehicles, drivers tend to pull in to residents’ drives in order to get past. She referred to points where the road narrows – and observed that there is nowhere for pedestrians to find any safety refuge due to hedge overgrowth, the absence of any verge, or both. In pursuit of a request to the Parish Council to consider their support for an application to Dorset Council for the reduction in speed limit to 20 miles per hour and / or some sort of traffic calming measures, she also observed that there are no signs to warn drivers that Flowers Drove has no footpaths, includes blind bends and a blind summit, and is regularly used for pedestrian traffic and horse riders.

She explained that she has photographs which show how narrow the road is; and that she has obtained several letters from residents expressing similar concerns. She referred specifically to a letter from a neighbour who is a Chartered Surveyor. That letter is attached as an annexe to these minutes and includes some suggested actions intended to help address the problems she has referred to.

Finally, the resident confirmed that on the advice of Dorset Council Officers she has emailed dorsetroadsafe with the details of her concerns – and is advising other residents to do the same.

In response Cllr Wood, who is also a member of the local Speedwatch group, confirmed what she had separately explained in a recent telephone conversation with the resident – that due to the narrowness of the road and the absence of pavements it is neither safe nor permissible for the local Speedwatch group to operate in Flowers Drove. For similar reasons it is also not permissible to use a Speed Indicator Device (SID) on that road. In the light of awareness that Dorset Council funding for traffic calming measures is extremely limited and that there are many much higher priority locations within the county to address, she suggested that the Parish Council might like to explore raising the profile of speed awareness and driver consideration by introducing a voluntary “pledge” scheme. This would involve drivers displaying a sticker indicating their commitment to adhere to local speed limits.

A resident of the High Street remarked on concerns about speed control on this road also. Encouragement was given to report to the police any incidents residents witness. Dorset Cllr Brenton pointed out the opportunity to explore sharing the use of a Speed Indicator Device with another local council. Action: Parish Clerk to contact adjacent councils to check availability and their willingness to enter into any such arrangement.

The newly appointed manager of the Tesco shop commented on the remarks made by local residents on a social media platform regarding lorries delivering to the shop. She offered to take on any issues or concerns which council members or the public may have. In response, the thinking around options for redesign of the parking arrangements and island adjacent to the shop, and also the redesign and replacement of the steps connecting the pharmacy with Purbeck Parade, were summarised. It was explained that the previous store manager had been involved in discussions around these matters and so the new incumbent may also wish to also pick up on this.


Cllr Starr raised the matter of how Parish and Town Councils and the Dorset Council relate to one another. In particular he sought to obtain the Parish Council’s views on requirements to bridge gaps left by the removal of the former District Councils, and the extent to which it may be beneficial to replace the previous liaison forums. In response it was observed by Parish Council members that it is very early in the developing relationship between the two remaining tiers of local government, and that a mixture of topic-specific meetings at individual council level with Dorset Council officers together with collective meetings with subject specialists at sub-county level may be most appropriate.

Cllr Brenton commented on a perceived problem in the Dorset Council’s handling of communication with Parish and Town Councils through the available formal channels such as the Dorset Council website and also the telephone reception team at Dorset Council premises. It was noted that both of these access routes are set up with a focus on handling contacts with members of the general public rather than the more informed / specialist communications and enquiries emanating from Parish & Town Council clerks and members. It seems that some early consideration is being given to the notion of establishing a small dedicated team of trained and knowledgeable staff specifically to handle communication from Parish and Town Councils. This idea was welcomed by the Parish Clerk.

Cllr Brenton also reported on her attendance at the Dorset Farms Panel which caters for the tenants of farm facilities owned by the Dorset Council. Evidently there is some move towards selling off council owned farmland and facilities. Consideration is also being given to ways in which such owned estate could be used to achieve greater public and environmental benefits. Examples include actions to reduce nitrate leakage, ways in which carbon capture can be increased, community and small business uses for redundant farm buildings, and alternative uses for under-utilised farmland.

1. To receive and consider apologies for absence. Cllrs A Bush, C Maher, P Webb and Dorset Councillor B Pipe.

2. To receive any declarations of Pecunary interest, and consider any requests for Special Dispensations under Section 33 of the Localism Act 2011. There were none.

3. TO receive AND RESOLVE to APPROVE THE Minutes of The PARISH Council Meeting on 26th June 2019. It was RESOLVED to approve these as a true record of the meeting. The minutes were then duly signed by the meeting chairman.

4. TO RECEIVE and consider REPORTS OF PAST SUBJECT MATTERS (for purposes of report only).

It was RESOLVED to receive and note the contents of the following report, which had been prepared and circulated in advance of the meeting by the Parish Clerk. Italics below indicate additional comments made by members at the meeting.

  1. Minute 11, 22nd May 2019 – Repair of Lytchett Astro Fencing. The replacement fence panels have been delivered to PBS and the job to remove and replace the damaged panels is scheduled for a 3 day period commencing 19th August.
  2. Minute 13, 22nd May 2019 – Purchase and installation of 3 further benches. Two of these benches were installed in mid July. An error occurred regarding the replacement of the third bench. The specification was for the replacement of the bench on the High Street adjacent to the Library and the bus stop. However the bench near the posting box and Tescos was replaced instead. The contractors have apologised for this and have given assurances that they will rectify this.

5. CHAIRMAN’S ANNOUNCEMENTS (for purposes of report only) There were none.

6. To receive and note the content of the minutes of the finance & General purposes committee meeting on 10th July 2019 (for purposes of report only) It was RESOLVED to receive and note the content of these minutes.

7. To receive and consider reports of the following Working Groups:

(i) Village Centre: R Carswell. No formal report. Cllr Carswell reported that a meeting had taken place to discuss the options for the island adjacent to the Tesco shop, and regarding the steps connecting the pharmacy and Purbeck Parade.

(ii) Library: A Bush. Nothing to report.

(iii) Astro: A Huggins. A report from Cllr Huggins is attached at Appendix 1 to these minutes.

(iv) Village Hall: A Cottman. Cllr Cottman reported that no meeting of this group had yet taken place.

(v) Huntick Rd Cycle Path: A Huggins. A report from Cllr Huggins is attached at Appendix 1 to these minutes. It is understood that that the landowner has changed her position with regard to the path crossing Lees estate land. The options for alternative routes are being examined.

(vi) LM Trust structure: R Watts. A report from Cllr Huggins is attached at Appendix 2 to these minutes. Cllr Watts remarked that in response to feedback from Cllr Barker, adjustments made to include social housing in the scope of the proposed trust.

(vii) Parish Council communications: B Barker. The first meeting is due to take place on Wednesday 31st July 2019.

It was decided that the matter of the initiative to replace dolly posts on the Recreation Ground which is also covered in Cllr Huggins’ composite report at appendix 1 will now be considered through a dedicated agenda item on the Finance & General Purposes Committee meetings. Action: Parish Clerk to add this to the F&GP agenda accordingly, and Cllr Huggins to prepare reports for consideration at those meetings.

8. To consider A proposal prepared by Cllr Cottman regarding the purchase and installation of defibrillators in the village. A copy of the proposal for equipment purchase prepared by Cllr Cottman is attached at appendix 3 to these minutes. It was noted that the council received a grant award from the National Lottery for £7600 towards the cost of this initiative and a further £300 approx was raised through public donations. It was RESOLVED to accept this proposal and purchase 3 x Zoll 3 fully automatic AEDs and 3 x DS-210 DefiSign/ Aivia 210 Outdoor Cabinets. It was noted that the equipment to be installed at Abbotts Court will be installed by technicians employed by Aster Housing Association. Cllr Cottman hopes to be able to arrange for installation of the other two sets of equipment free of charge to the council. Similarly, he hopes to be able to arrange to make public training in the use of the equipment to also be free of charge.

It was also noted that the Sports Club is hoping to buy and install a defibrillator at the Sports Pavilion.

9. To receive the notes of a meeting on 8th July with representative of Dorset Council Planning department – Alan Davies, Colin Graham, and Andrew Collins: Cllrs A Bush and R Watts. It was RESOLVED to receive and note the content of this document. A copy is attached at Appendix 4 to these minutes.

10. To receive the notes of a meeting on 9th July with Turley and Wyatt Homes: Cllrs A Bush and R Watts. It was RESOLVED to receive and note the content of this document. A copy is attached at Appendix 5 to these minutes. It was acknowledged that a further meeting with Turley & Wayatt Homes was scheduled to take place on Friday 2nd August 2019. It was separately noted that the schedule for the Inspector’s public hearings on the Purbeck Local Plan have changed. The revised schedule is available on the Dorset Council website at www.dorsetcouncil.gov.uk/planning-buildings-land/planning-policy/purbeck/local-plan-review-purbeck.aspxurbeck.aspxeck.aspx

11. To receive the notes of a meeting on 9th July with Ms W Meaden on the subject of consultation exercises on the Skate Park: Cllr R Watts. It was RESOLVED to receive and note the content of this document. A copy is attached at Appendix 6 to these minutes.

12. To receive the notes of a meeting on 11th July with Mr S Mepham of Dorset Council Highways Dept: Cllrs R Carswell and R Watts. It was RESOLVED to receive and note the content of this document. A copy is attached at Appendix 7 to these minutes. Cllr Watts commented that a subsequent meeting is now to be set up with Ms Helen Jackson, Transport Policy Manager, Infrastructure, Dorset Council.

13. To receive the notes of a meeting on 16th July Ms Anna Lee of Dorset Council Planning Department: Cllr R Watts. It was RESOLVED to receive and note the content of this document. A copy is attached at Appendix 8 to these minutes.It is understood that Mr Andrew Collins will be the case officer at Dorset Council for proposals related to the three sites under consideration.

14. To consider, for approval, the detailed design of the steps between the pharmacy and Purbeck Parade (adjacent to Tesco store): Cllrs R Carswell and R Watts. The contents of these documents were reviewed and discussed and it was RESOLVED to give approval to proceed in obtaining 3 quotations for the necessary works specified in them. Action: Cllrs Carswell and Watts to progress this accordingly. A copy of the detailed design papers considered at this meeting are attached at appendix 9 to these minutes.

15. To receive the notes of a DCA Meeting on Lottery Funding in June: Cllrs R Carswell and R Watts. It was RESOLVED to receive and note the content of this document. A copy is attached at Appendix 10 to these minutes.

16. To resolve to approve the following payments already made:

Inv To Whom For What Net VAT Total
4138 First Fence Ltd Fence panels for Lytchett Astro 1191.26 238.25 1429.51
4139 E Jordan-Tubbs LMPC share of cost of printing June issue of village mag 797.00 0.00 797.00
4140 KMA Shot Blasting Ltd Repairs, shot blasting and re-coating 4 x benches for Sports Pavilion 300.00 60.00 360.00

It was RESOLVED to approve all of the above payments.


Inv To Whom For What Net VAT Total
4141 T Watton Clerk’s salary – July (12 equal monthly payments by SO) 910.53 0.00 910.53
4142 Dorset County Pension Fund LGPS pension contrib July 2019 361.70 0.00 361.70
4143 T Homer Handyman duties, June 2019 204.75 0.00 204.75
4144 K Watson Hang and paint new doors at Pavilion 385.00 0.00 385.00
4145 K Watson Unblock drains at Pavilion 120.00 0.00 120.00
4146 J P Management & Carpentry Ltd Studwork to form new shower cubicle. Fix new plasterboard. Lay new floor. Remove old door and fit new. 325.00 0.00 325.00
4147 Lytchett Matravers Village Hall Hire of Blanchard room for meetings July 2018 – July 2019 540.00 0.00 540.00
4148 Stackhouse Poland Ltd Sports Club annual insurance premium 2019/20 353.70 0.00 353.70
4149 Water2Business Allotment water supply 23/11/18-24/06/2019 205.23 0.00 205.23
4150 Mark Hinsley Arboricultural Consultants Ltd Survey rout of proposed footpath at LM recreation ground and produce arboricultural report to aid planning proposal submission (incl travel expenses) 511.00 102.20 613.20
4151 Idverde Ltd Cemetery maintenance – June 19 303.49 60.70 364.19
4152 Idverde Ltd 2 x grass cuts – sports playing area of rec : June 170.00 34.00 204.00
4153 Idverde Ltd 2 x grass cuts – southern area of rec : June 46.50 9.30 55.80
4154 SSE Car park lighting Quarter 1 2019/20 30.34 1.50 31.84
4155 T Watton Reimbursement for office stationery etc purchased by Parish Clerk 112.74 6.54 119.28
4156 J Peach Reimbursement for purchase of door, door furniture and carpentry materials for Sports Pavilion 227.45 0.00 227.45

It was RESOLVED to approve all of the above payments.

18. To note any training undertaken by members or the Clerk in the past month. Cllr M Attridge attended the New Councillors’ Training Seminar provided by DAPTC.

19. To note any decisions and / or action taken by Parish Clerk under “Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014”, Part 3, Paragraphs 6-10, Record of Decisions and Access to Documents.The Parish Clerk advised members that he had arranged for the following urgent repair works to be carried out – all of which are expected to be charged below the de-minimus limit:

  • Repair to Huck Rope Swinger at Rocket Parkurgent safety issue
  • Repair to a section of fence at Rocket Park – urgent safety issue.
  • Replacement of 2 drop bollards at end of recreation ground car park off Eldons Drove – security issue.

20. Correspondence.

The Parish Clerk reported that a letter of thanks had been received from the Lytchett Matravers Village Hall management committee for the grant towards the cost of their replacement curtains.

Cllr Barker drew members’ attention to activity on social media locally which she now monitors for opportunities to improve residents’ awareness of council initiatives and / or interventions.

Cllr Colvey reported on a conversation with a resident regarding matter of public safety. He and Cllr Bush plan to meet this resident to discuss the matter further.

Cllr Huggins reported on responses to an initiative also involving Mr Gracey in which the level of public interest in improved broadband service is being sought from those who do not currently receive the high speed service now provided by BT or Wessex Internet.

21. To note date of next meeting and items for future agendas.

The next full council meeting scheduled to take place in the village hall on Wednesday 28th August 2019 at 7pm.

The meeting closed at 21:25

Annotated by/on …………………………….. Signed by……………………

190724 Annex 1 (Letter from Resident of Flowers Drove).pdf (PDF)
FullMinutes190724 Appendix 1 (Project update 20 July 2019 Cllr Andrew Huggins) (Word)
FullMinutes190724 Appendix 2 (LM Trust Structure Working Group 2019 July) (Word)
FullMinutes 190724 Appendix 3 (AED PROJECT recommendations for purchase of equipment) (Word)
FullMinutes 190724 Appendix 4 (Notes of a Meeting on 8th July with Dorset Council Development Management Highways) (Word)
FullMinutes 190724 Appendix 5 (Notes of a Meeting on 9th July with Turley Wyatt Homes) (Word)
FullMinutes 190724 Apendix 6 (Notes of a Meeting on 9th July with Wendy Meaden) (Word)
FullMinutes 190724 Appendix 7 (Notes of a Meeting on 11th July with Stephen Mepham) (Word)
FullMinutes 190724 Appendix 8 (Notes of a Meeting on 16th July with Anna Lee) (Word)
FullMinutes 190724 Appendix 9 (detailed design of steps between pharmacy and Purbeck Parade).pdf (PDF)
FullMinutes 190724 Appendix 10 (Notes of a DCA Event on Lottery Funding on 26th June 2019) (Word)


Full Council minutes 24th July 2019